September 18, 2005

Getting Started

Getting Started:
Knowing Where to Holldum

Come see Strangetown in a whole new way as we follow Texas Holldum and the rest of her brood through all the drama and hijinks of what might someday be a 10 generation legacy (we'll take it as far as the drama will let us go).

Since this is the first post listed in the archive, I figured it might be nice to add a link to all the chapters and add-ons (Glossary, outtakes, etc.) for quick and easy navigation. Let me know if any of these don't work. So scroll down for the table of contents and other related Holldum links or read on as I yabber on a bit. =D

When I first created Texas back in Summer 2005, I had intended her to be a placeholder sim in the dorms for my legacy family. But Texas turned out to have a quirky personality of her own that I fell in love with, and when Waylon defied the odds (as well as his personality and aspiration) to woo her, well, I couldn't let these two moulder in the dorms. So with their diplomas in hand, I packed them up and moved them over to Strangetown for their own legacy. Hoo Boy, if I'd only know the sort of stories that would spring up from these two. *grin*

As you read through, you'll notice a change in things starting in Chapter 8. Just after I'd posted chapter 7, the Holldums went on extended hiatus due to a host of reasons (among them simply being unable to run TS2) After a long break, I returned to simming and to writing with new plans, schemes, and motivations for the Holldum clan. I thought about editing and tidying up some of my earlier chapters, but decided to leave them as is for now. So if some of the beginning chapters seem kind of rough or start out with things that aren't really sim-related, well, just keep reading and chalk it up to the learning curve and the evolution of the Holldum storyline. *grin* I like to think that my later chapters are better than my early ones.

Oh, and lest I forget, Frank and Ed Texas and her family thank you for your support.

The Guide to (somewhat) Understanding the Holldums (or at least all the acronyms):
The Glossary of All Things Holldum

Now the chapters of Texas' Legacy:

Chapter 1: Texas Twosome
Chapter 2: Green Babies, Noodlesoothers, and Nannies!
Chapter 3: Heir and a Clone... er Spare!
Chapter 4: The Turbulent Teenhood of Cleveland A. Holldum
Chapter 5: Tail-end Teenhood
Chapter 6a: Dorm Life
Chapter 6b: More College
Chapter 6c: 3 Dates for Brother Cleveland
Chapter 6d: Carla
Chapter 7: The Boys are Back in Town
Chapter 8: Let me explain...No there is too much. Let me sum up.
Chapter 9: A Holldum Wedding (Baby did a Bad Bad Thing)
Chapter 10: No no drama. We don't want no drama
Chapter 11: Send Me an Angel
Chapter 11b: Send Me an Angel (12" Remix)
Chapter 12: The Plot Thicks
Chatper 13: a.k.a. Chapter (12 + 1)
Chapter 14: Orrin's Chapter
Chapter 15: The Die Rolls...
Chapter 16: Freshman Fumbling
Chapter 16b: Part Deux
Chapter 16c: A Grim Visit
Chapter 17: Out of the Dorms
Chapter 17: Annex
Chapter 18: Unannounced Visitors
Chapter 18b: MBiBs Bearing Gifts
Chapter 19: Welcome to Seasons... and Finals
Chapter 19b: That Call
Chapter 20: Cleveland Talks
Chapter 20b: Cement Mixer Mishaps
Chapter 21: Omaha Talks
Chapter 22: Graduation Day
Chapter 22b: Graduation Day, part II
Chapter 22c: The Post Graduation Follow Up
Chapter 23: Salina's Homecoming
Chapter 23b: Thank You for Calling the SSSS
Chapter 23c: Not Your Ordinary Tour
Chapter 23d: Aftermath
Chapter 24: SK Grills Cleveland
Chapter 25: Picking Up
Chapter 26: On the Home Front
Chapter 27: A Night of Firsts
Chapter 28: Pre-Wedding Chaos
Chapter 28b: Salina's Wedding, Act I
Chapter 28c: Salina's Wedding, Act II
Chapter 28d: Salina's Wedding, Act III
An Orrin Deviation: Take a Turn on the Catwalk
Chapter 29: After the Honeymoon
Chapter 30: Strangetown Stories
Chapter 30b: Strangetown Stories, part 2
Chapter 30c: Strangetown Stories, part 3
Chapter 30d: Strangetown Stories, part 4
Chapter 31: In the House of the Spangled One
Chapter 31b: Viva Las Simgas
Chapter 31c: Would you like to sleep in a star?
Chapter 32: Time Flies...
Chapter 33: A Qwikkii Twikkii Honeymoon
Chapter 34: We Join this Honeymoon Already in Progress

Not Forgotten
Happy Holidays!
Happy Birthday (Hold a Holldum -- downloads!)

Saving Time (chapter 35?)

Out-takes, Interviews, and any other things Holldum:

During my time as Simmer of the Week in the LegacyLand group, I posted 2 Holldum related goodies. These take place between chapters 16c and 17a

First, a tour of Grill of the Golden West
Second, an interview with the Holldums

For my SOTW time, I also posted Texas' predecessor, a population explosion challenge family named the Floyds, on my alternate (a.k.a. test) blog.


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