March 30, 2007

Chapter 22: Graduation Day

Graduation Day

It's that time of year finally. Finals are over and graduation parties are springing up all over. Cham Annya Hoh is no exception with 3 members graduating this year. So come along and let's watch Euphemia, Cirrus, and Salina make the transition back into the Real World.

The gang decided they wanted to add a little something or two to Hoh House before they left. Maybe it'll become a tradition for future generations.

First, they tore out one of the upstairs bathrooms and remodeled it into a rec room. They're not sure what will go in there yet, but Orrin likes it. He says it feels 'cheddary'.

Just off the rec room they took off the roof and created a desk. It's just large enough for the used hot tub Salina scored. Too bad they're not going to be here long enough to get a lot of use out of it.

So lets join the CAH members for breakfast as they start their whirlwind of graduation parties.

Orrin, you're looking a little disconcerted there. You've got your grilled cheese and other people are eating your grilled cheese. What's wrong?

"Do we have a dress code? A uniform policy?"

A dress code? I don't think so. If we did I don't think you'd have been running around shirtless for the past couple updates.

"Perhaps we need to think about enforcing one."


Oh, that might be why. Well Orrin, that's what happens when you call everyone to breakfast while woohoo is going on.

At least the llama is being polite and trying to avert his eyes. Not like he can see much in that head anyway (how can people sing in them?)

And the cheerleader had to rush in to join the llama in the school cheer. I'm not sure if Euphemia is joining in the cheer, however, or cheering on her nakee housemates. I'm not sure I want to know.

Salina at least realized she was parading around in her birthday suit when Orrin offered to clean up her plate.

"Aw geez, I done thought it was kinda cold at the table."

Yes Cirrus, I think everyone has figured out what you and Salina were up to before you rushed down for breakfast. Now realize you're nakee and spin up some clothes, would ya?

As night falls, Euphemia kicks off the avalanche of graduation parties by calling up her friends, family, and house members.

"I just know I forgot someone."

Did you remember to invite Vasyl?

"Of course. He was first on the list."

He's all that matters.

And so the party guests begin to slowly trickle in to Hoh house. Looks like we woke Brandi up.

Yep, it's another hopping party at Cham Annya Hoh. *yawn*

Hey Vasyl, don't wander off too far...

Euphemia's got a big question for you.

"Oh... wow... Pheems... I never... gosh..."

"Just say 'yes', you doof."

"Like I'd say anything else."

No pansy heel kicking and flinging himself into Euphemia's arms for Vasyl. He's too manly for that.

Yep, that's the smile of a happy wealth sim. These two are just too cute together.

Cleveland, the party's at the other end of the room. Why are you dancing clear down here?

"Shake yer groove thang..."

Okay... I think we'll just leave you down here... *edges away carefully*

Orrin discovers that not everyone is keen to hear about the latest discoveries in the science of grilled cheese.

"But you're my sibling! You've heard about the Grilled Cheese Unification Theory from Mother for years. How can you not be interested."

"Because I've like heard about it from the Mom-babe fer years. You are so starting to sound as nutty as she is."

Kasson, is that any way to speak about your mother?

Oh my, it looks like the nakee in the house continues, this time in the hot tub. Brandi's got a 10 outgoing, so I'm not surprised at her lack of a suit. Her beau Kent was nakee before she ever got in, however. I guess I know why they're such a good match (that outgoing hookup)

"Hey, guys... over here. There's more than one gal in the tub. Yoohoo."

I think Brittany is feeling a little ignored.

Hey Kasson, what's wrong?

"Like, how come the door's locked? Babe, you so totally need to unlock this door for me."

I do? Hmm... I wonder why that might be. Let's drop the walls and see...

That might be because Kasson's beloved bubbleblower is safely stored away behind the sealed portal.

Nope, the door stays locked.

"But Babe... for old time's sake!"

Sorry, no can do. Besides, it's almost time for Euphemia's cinematic.

I was a little disappointed that Vasyl or Salina or Cirrus didn't rush over to be in Phemey's snapshot, but since Euclid didn't get a graduation party I suppose he's just celebrating vicariously through his sister (he hustled to an off campus house and graduated on the fast track)

I also just realized that the boy is seriously addicted to wife beaters/tank tops. That red one is his 3rd one (he had one as a teen, then scored a blue when he moved to college) Considering his past actions, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

Hmm... basic brown. Well I suppose you could've done worse for a graduation suit. Time to move back to the big scary world of Strangetown.

And Cirrus rushes out to see Euphemia off just as the spring rain begins to fall.

Normally I get a little annoyed by everybody constantly running over to the windows to watch the rain (although it is funny when you forget to put a roof on the house and it starts to rain). Once in a while, however, their reactions will be cute. Like watching Salina watch the rain through the bay window as if it was the first time she'd ever seen it.

Orrin, however, had to get right out in the middle of it. It must have been a cool spring night. He's pulled his cheese-coloured parka out.

"Cirrus hun, do ya think Orry'll be okay here all by his lonesome once we's done graduated and moved home?"

"He'll be fine Lina. He's a big boy. A big boy fixated on cheese, but a big boy nonetheless. He's able to handle himself. I don't think he'll have any problems."

::Oh gods, I can't believe the cow showed up for breakfast. It's not even dawn yet. Does the thing never sleep? Even Lina can't believe it. Orrin... He's just chatting away with it like nothing's wrong. I'll be so glad to be out of here.::

Cheating seems to be a pretty popular topic for conversation at any Hoh gathering. Of course, considering the relationship history of most of the members, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.

The cow managed to stick around all day. I'm not sure how he didn't manage to irk me off earlier but somehow he did. The rest of the house did eventually get a little peeved with him. First he accosted Cirrus post-woohoo...

Then he got Salina lectured. She didn't clog the biffy *points to cow* but since she was the last one to walk out of the stall Cirrus assumed she did.

Finally Orrin had to explain to the cow that he's "not that kind of boy". I died laughing watching Orrin do the little "uh-uh-uh" finger waggle with hand-on-hip animation.

"Well I'm not. How dare that bovine get fresh with me."

Anything you say, Mrs. Crumplebottom. We'll start the next party in Chapter 22b: Graduation Day, part II.


At 3/30/2007 3:16 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

There seems to be an awful lot of artfully positioned nakkie pixels in this chapter *wriggles eyebrows* and I love the cheddary wallpaper. LOL at the locked room, that's just mean :)

At 4/04/2007 9:13 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

What Oydie said about hiding the essential nakkie pixels. LMBO at Orrin and the cow.

At 4/04/2007 6:04 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Oh MY! Nakee time at the HoH house table! WOO! Now ... I have a question. If Salina and Cirrus got interrupted during woohoo to come down for breakfast ... why is it that we can't see Cirrus' "little cirrus" when he's sitting at the table. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

Now ... that cow ... looks like he's doing a LOT more than accosting Cirrus post-woohoo. Looks to me like the cow is giving Cirrus a little "hoof job". HAHAHAHAAA!!!

Cow mascot is gay. For sure. :O))

At 6/06/2007 7:00 AM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Getting caught up again Keth. I hope you get your muse back soon and return to writing. Anyway, I love all the naked sims. There sure were a lot of them running around huh? I LOVE it! Hehe.

At 8/10/2007 1:15 PM, Anonymous jenntsg said...

Wonderful update...I'm behind can't you tell?

I liked the little butterflies at breakfast...wonder how they managed to stay there!!


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