March 03, 2007

Chapter 18: Unannounced Visitors

Unannounced Visitors

Seasons is here now, so there may be a slight delay on the chapters as I mess around with the new EP. But in the meanwhile, please sit back and enjoy your in-blog episode: Chapter 18 - Unannounced Visitors

When we left the Hoh house last chapter, Orrin had just arrived at his new home. Luckily he'd stopped bitching about it by the time everyone came out to greet him.

"It's great to have another guy in the house again. Especially one who doesn't want to kill me."

Well at least not yet, Cirrus. Orrin does have these delusions of grandeur. Hopefully in the remaining time before you graduate, you won't set him off.

"Hi Orry. Welcome to Hoh House."

"Who are you, and stop using my diminutive."

"I'm Phemey. I used to date your brother, remember?"

"Ah yes. You're the one who terminated the relationship with him during Cleveland's nuptials to that shrew Shelby."

"Er, right. Hey, how's Kasson doing?"


"Just like usual then, eh?"

In celebration of Orrin moving in, the gang decided to throw a toga party. Sadly, it appears that Cleveland and Kasson were the true party animals of Hoh House. This was the peak of the excitement for the first half of the party *sigh*

So they decided to liven things up a bit and hauled in a keg. Orrin, I don't think you're of age yet. You'd better put that tap down.

"It never stopped you at college *hic*"

Since I actually had a car on campus, I was usually elected to be the DD. So no heavy drinking for me.

*belch* "You're a double... *hiccup*

Gah! No! That's 'designated driver' Sheesh. Go sober up.

Of course, it can't be a drunken college party without someone getting in a fight. This fight, actually, would've happened with our without the keg. Cirrus has it out for Phemey's man Vasyl. I'd cancelled several poke, shove, and slap actions out of Cirrus' queue already. I guess I missed one.

This one is a drunken party brawl. I can't remember who it is though. Michelle Kearney and someone else. After this the party began to wind down and ended on a 'not bad' foot.

Does this happen often in your home? No? Be thankful. This is a common sight around the Hoh House, unfortunately, and it can only mean one thing: Euphemia was trying to cook again.

Phemey has this tendency to wander off when she puts things in the oven. In this particular case, post party she wandered off to campus to get a pizza after sticking something in the stove. Her hunger bar was over half full, so I'm not sure why she felt the need to cook, much less get take out.

"You done done it this time. It's all yer fault Phemey!"

"My fault? What'd I do?"

"What did you leave in the oven now?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry Cirrus. I guess I did leave something in there. Toaster pastry maybe? I don't remember. But I got us a sauerkraut and pineapple pizza."

"Does this happen often here? Can someone remind me why I moved here? Is it too late to transfer?"

Luckily, the shower didn't break until after everyone had cleaned up from the fire. As the newbie in the house, Orrin got 'elected' to repair it.

"I was not 'elected' to do anything. I had no choice in the matter. Do they not know that evil overlords do not do their own maintenance?"

Didn't I warn you about that evil overlord stuff last chapter? Keep it up and you never know what'll happen.

"I will not... Aaaaa... stop it stop it stop it."

Heh. It's fun to watch the mechanically inept flail wildly at the shower when it 'blows up' on them like that. *evilgrin*

While Orrin was upstairs fighting the impossible fight with the shower, Cirrus made everyone a nice (unburned) breakfast of scrambled eggs. Hmm... the keg isn't tapped out yet, so I guess this is "Kegs and Eggs"?

Hey, it's our friendly neighborhood exterminator. Hmm... you look familiar.

"It's the uniform. Everyone in the chain wears 'em. They were plastered all over the TV a couple seasons ago during one of those reality shows."

Nah, I don't think that's it. Do you have a cousin a couple hoods over from here?

"Yeah, real family guy. He heads the Manly Maids Anonymous branch over there."

I thought so.

Gah! You guys really need to buy curtains for this place. That reflection is blinding. And why are you sitting at the computer, in front of the window, without a shirt on anyway?! I sure hope you're at least wearing pants. I read this thread on Fark about a guy who didn't and who had a chair with a slat seat and...

"Ahhh! Stop Interrupting! I'm writing my manifesto."

What do you need a manifesto for?

"To outline and define my plans for this world, to dictate the various stages of its conquest. Important overlordly things. You wouldn't understand."

I am still your sim-deity. Don't underestimate me.

"I have surpassed you."

*sigh* Just remember, publicizing all your plans and schemes is bound to come back and bite you in the butt. Someone is going to catch wind of it and do something about it.

"Ha. As if I had anything to fear."

You're not the only overlord floating about. Heck, you're barely an apprentice overlord.

"Cease mocking me woman. I am trying to concentrate."

All right all right, I'll move on to something different Like the mascot trophy the Hohs have hanging on the wall back there.

TwoJeff's wonderful little creation brings sanity back to any residence where it hangs. No more does bovine inflicted harassment run rampant and unchecked. Oh sure, they still show up, but after a little bit of (trophy triggered) harassment from the residents, the cow flees for its life... until the next time it drops by, when it happens all over again. *evilgrin*

Of course, some people get far too much enjoyment out of giving the cow a little payback. *shudder*

Orrin's room seem to be the hub of activity in the house since he moved in. He's never in it, but everyone else is. The pizza always seems to gravitate up here.

"So Salina, I was thinking that after graduation me and Vasyl might fly out to Simmywood. He's convinced that I can be a star. He's from there ya know; he's got connections."

"Ya'll sure he's not jes pullin' yer leg Phemey?"

"You don't think I can make it in Simmywood?"

"Naw, I was wondering about the connections. He doesn't seem like a big Simmywood mogul type."

"Oh, just give him time."

As the pizza moves out, the boys move in to take their turn in the gravity well that is Orrin's room. Careful with that pillow Cirrus. Breaking Orrin's nose is only apt to make it worse, not better.

The guys were so busy beating each other up with poofy objects, they didn't notice a dark SUV pull up to Hoh House.

I mean, how could anyone miss the arrival of five dark-suited guys in a dark SUV?

I'm sure if I searched I could find a black helicopter for them somewhere. *chuckle*


"Yes Papa?"

"Explain to me, please, why every team has to have a fruitcake on it?"

"I don't follow you, P."

"Well, you have Whiskey and Tango over on the Alpha Team, then HQ saddled you with that rookie Foxtrot. He's not cut from the same cloth as the rest of us; he doesn't take this job seriously. HQ assigned me Wilcox and November as Beta Team, and, frankly, Wilcox is a little too trigger happy. He's downright scary at times. Now they have us evaluating Gamma Team for them. Oscar and Golf seem to have their heads on straight, but Mango? I don't think he's all there."

"I think you're just exaggerating things."

"I'm not Roger, and you know it."

"Quiet. Someone is coming."

"Hey, who are y'all and what're y'all doin' here?"

"Good afternoon Miss. We are..."

"Oh gawd. I done know you guys... or I's done seen ya afore. Weren't y'all at that interview with Mamma? "

"That wasn't us Miss."

"Um, Roger. I was there."

"Quiet Papa."

"An' weren't y'all in some sort of movie or somethin' or other?"

"Miss, I'm not certain whom you think we are, but we are here with a very specific purpose. We were directed to speak with a Mr. Orrin Seavey, who is a student here at La Fiesta Tech. University records show he moved to this location earlier in the semester."

"Oh, ya done wants ta speak ta Orry? He's inside."

"What's going on Salina?"

"Dunno. Like I'm gonna try ta in-terror-gate a bunch of guys in black suits. But they done say they're here ta see Orry."

"I knew he was going to get in trouble one of these days."

"Salina said there were people here to see me."

"Mr. Orrin Seavey?"

"Who are you and what do you want? You're interrupting my recreation time."

And since someone will probably be curious at some point, from left to right the visitors are: Oscar, Mango, Roger, Papa, and Golf.

"We understand you are making some rather substantial claims of authority and conquest of this region. You should be aware that there are other individuals who also hold dominion here and some are a tad concerned about your claims. Others doubt someone as young as you has the making to be any sort of conquerer or supreme ruler, but feel that with training and encouragement you could manifest such traits."

Before someone asks, yes, Papa and Oscar changed places. I crashed and had to rebuild the scene.

"What do you mean 'claims'. I am an evil overlord. Or I will be as soon as some one rerolls me to rid me of these... family urges... I keep having. It is my destiny to be overlord of this planet, or at least this region. Someone has to stand against the robot horde that will be unleashed on us."

"Ah, is this more of that 'Mr. Noodle' talk that is mentioned in your manifesto?"

"You've read my manifesto? But it isn't finished! I haven't published it yet!"

"We have our ways."

"As I mentioned, though, there are those who feel you have potential and would like to see this spark fueled."

"Does this have anything to do with why Keth keeps annoyingly calling me 'apprentice'?"

"Mango, Golf, if you would please..."

Hmm.. This would appear to be a good place to break and gear up the next chapter.


At 3/03/2007 10:44 PM, Blogger Mao said...

HA! I LOVED the MIBs... that's too much. :D Okay, off to the next update!

At 3/03/2007 11:03 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Loved it, LOVED It ... LOVED IT!!!

Orrin is in for it now. I wonder what the Men In Dark will do to him. And they are GORGEOUS!


At 3/04/2007 9:15 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

Oscar is hawt *swoon*

At 3/10/2007 8:13 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Oooo, love the MBiB!!!


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