February 05, 2007

Chapter 16: Freshman Fumbling

Freshman Fumbling

And this, loyal readers, is what the littlest overlord turned into when he went to college. *sigh* He reminds me of his father. The human one that is, not the alien one. Gods know what his alien parent was like in college. Hopefully not as geeky as Waylon was during his time in the dorms.

At least Orrin's not wearing socks with his sandals. Or bowling shoes. Waylon had bowling shoes.

He doesn't grow up too bad, does he? Orrin looks a lot like his brothers, so I guess we now know that the "Holldum look" is actually from the Seavey side of the family. Oh, and you can't tell it from here, but the nose is scary. Seriously scary. I think it's worse than anything Cleveland or Kasson have.

Another angle shot to hide the nose. Maybe a change in hairstyle will help hide it. Certainly a change of clo...

"Would you cease speaking of me as if I could not hear you!"

Er, sorry about that Orrin.

"I do agree with you that a change of apparel is overdue."

Well call up the taxi and we'll head over the mall. It'll be nice to go there with someone who doesn't gravitate to the bubbleblower display right away.

After browsing through and seeing what Orrin was assigned for YA togs *shudder* we just went and bought him a whole new wardrobe. We also had him pick up some clothes for his high school squeeze Brandi, who followed him to college.

Halfway through his makeover, Orrin had to run off to class. Someone forgot to have him call and change his major. *whistles innocently* We'll just consider this class his freshman orientation. At least this is better than that sandal outfit. Oy.


There is something seriously messed with the front of my dorm. Everyone who walks up to the dorm or exits it screams like that. WTF? It's the same dorm that Cleveland and Kasson lived in but it doesn't appear that it reset when they moved out (there were still dirty dishes on the tables when Orrin arrived) Something must have borked up somewhere on the lot when that happened. I don't see anything that should be freaking people out and the Stuck Object Remover didn't burninate anything. I guess we'll just have to live with people constantly screaming like little girls for a couple semesters.

It is kinda funny on occasion. *snicker*

While Orrin is at class, we'll give Brandi a little once over. She's not a bad looking co-ed (you didn't want to see her before the makeover or new clothes) She is the epitome of a popularity sim: a Leo with 10 outgoing (she has 4s in everything else except Niceness where she has 3) So I don't think she'll be hooking up with Orrin for any long term action.

"Of course not. He's not good enough for me."

Excuse me?

"Oh, he's a riot to be around. I love his little delusions of world power. But he's just... ew..."

Ah, I understand now. Brandi is a Leo. Orrin is a Capricorn. Their star signs are incompatible so they view each other as high in the "ew" factor. Very well. Carry on primping Brandi.

And finally Orrin tottered back so I finish working him over.

"I do not totter. I am not child anymore."

No, no you're not. *purrs* I do need to find better hair for you though.

Well now, what have we here? This is unexpected. I didn't think you could get abducted the first day you were at college. Admittedly Orrin is friends with the three main Hohs, who are all secret society members, but I figured the Society would at least wait until he was settled in.

"Ow! Who are you, to be poking me like this? I am an evil overlord..."


"What was that Keth?

Nothing. Nothing at all. Officer, please resume poking.



"That's good. Come with me and don't cause any trouble."

"You can't just randomly arrest me. I have rights. There are laws against acts such as this."

"You didn't know the secret chicken dance, so I've got to take you in. Quit complaining and come with me quietly."

"Secret Chicken Dance? What the.."


"Ow! That's too tight! You cannot do this. I am an evil overlord! You will pay when I reign over this land"

"And I'm the Easter Bunny. Now shut up or I'll duct tape your mouth."

"Keth, do something. This is police brutality!"

Hold on officer, I'll get the duct tape.

Welcome to the La Fiesta Tech Secret Society, Orrin. Your father would be so proud; he never got in while he was in school.

"You relished that over-use of duct tape on the drive here far too much."

We won't talk about that, mmmKay?

"Why is there a cow with a cake fenced off out front?"

That's the cow plant. Laganaphyllis simnovorii. Careful. They're a bit... voracious.

"So it is a carnivorous species, then?"

I'm not saying anything of the sort. You're annoyed enough by the duct tape that who knows who or what you'd try to feed to it.

Orrin, I wouldn't go in there if I were you. It's not safe in there for unsuspecting sims.

"Nonsense. I know exactly what I am doing. I have spoken at length with my new society siblings and am now quite familiar with the workings of this beast."

Ack! What the frell do you think you're doing? Don't taunt the cow plant, especially when it's hungry. It's a good way to get eaten.

"I am merely showing it who is in command. How many times must I remind you that I am an evil overlord?"

At least a half dozen times per chapter. It's starting to get old.

"Yes, well, anyway. Having such a creature... or plant... or whatever at my disposal will be very useful during my reign over this planet."

As long as you don't get eaten in the process. There are folks who might be upset by that.

Now that he's back in the dorms, Orrin can settle in and get to work on his classes. He switched over to a physics major...

"Much more fitting to one such as I. Think of the cunning devices I can create with such knowledge."

Just no cunning plans Baldrick, please. At least not till you've got a degree under your belt.

To watch him trudge up the stairs like that, all dejected and such, you'd think I was sending him to his doom. All I did was direct him to go work out on the treadmill.

*heavy sigh*

Stop it Orrin. I'm trying to head off your pudge before it starts.

"Shouldn't I be bonding with my siblings so I can become one with their Greek establishment?"

Whoop. I probably should do that, so I can finally graduate them. It'll be a breeze, since you know everyone there.

Okay, maybe not everyone. I forgot Euclid had moved in and Orrin was barely acquainted with him. Luckily they're both members of the secret society and despite getting off on the wrong foot, a little shop talk was all that was needed to get Orrin into Cham Annya Hoh.

Oh, and that's Brandi's natural position. I had Orrin pick her up a handheld, and the girl's glued to it more than he is. At least it keeps her out of trouble.

While Orrin was buttering up Euclid, the other members of CAH were getting up close and personal with... each other.

What's with the face Salina?

"Have ya done seen the face she's amakin' at me?"

Oh yeah, the scary Phemey face. I forgot about that. Well, your brother has finally convinced Euclid that he's a good egg, despite all those overlord claims, so you guys can head back to Hoh House.

Salina, you're cheering the wrong person. Orrin's over here.

"That's Orrin?"

I know you haven't seen him since he was a pup but he hasn't changed that much.

"Where'd he done put his handheld?"

Huh wha?

"He was always playin' his handheld back home, so I just done assumed since this here gal was playin' a handheld it was Orrin. I heard he'd done bin sucked up inta one of them flyin' saucers and I figgered they mighta done some changin' and rearrangin' on him."

*giggles madly*

"Psst... Keth. You're certain I'm related to this female?"

On your father's side, yes.

"I guess we can tell what sort of affect Mother's genes have on the family, then."

*smakchead* Oy

Why don't we go see how things have been shaping up at Cham Annya Hoh and let Orrin finish out his freshman year.

Now isn't really a good time to be visiting Vidcund. The Hoh House is still a very hatefilled place. And you had nothing to do with it this time.

Since he moved in, Euclid and Cirrus have just a hairsbreadth away from fisticuffs. Somehow they've always managed to avoid a brawl, but eventually something is going to come to blows.

Salina and Euphemia, however, will scrap at the drop of a hat. Salina may be heartbroken, and furious at both Cirrus and Phemey...

But the truth is, she can't get Cirrus out of her head, or her heart. Even when it's her current squeeze she's getting all romantic with.

Unfortunately for Salina, it seems that Cirrus has had no problems moving on with his life.

"But why? We wuz perfekt tagither. Euclid's okay for a snuggle, but he kin be kinda creepy like Orrin is. Cirrus was jes the best, but I guess that's all done over with now. It's all Phemey's fault."

Aw, come on now Salina. Technically it's your brother Kasson's fault. He couldn't keep his attraction bolts in his thought bubbles (what, you thought I was going to say 'pants'?)

Besides, time has a way of changing things.

Especially since what Salina doesn't know is that Cirrus is still just as crazy about her as he's always been. And it's killing him to watch Euclid with her.

Euclid, however, swears he'll kill Cirrus before he'll let him have Salina back. He's a little creepy and obsessive like that.

Hey, no one ever said the Holldums lacked for drama. But, you're going to have to wait until the next chapter to see where this drama is going.


At 2/05/2007 9:56 PM, Blogger Evil said...

Ah, the aspiring Overlord goes to college. How very impressive to have the SS show up the first day, and his siblings are a hoot, but what Holldum isn't? Loved his expression walking up the stairs to the treadmill. Something about it feels so familiar. Ah yes. Overlords don't like treadmills. Something about the repetition bores us. That and all the effort to go nowhere. That's not really our thing. I'm most anxious to know. What will Orrin be majoring in? Torture or World Domination? Or will he follow in my footsteps and have a double major with a minor in Merciless Taunting?

At 2/05/2007 11:25 PM, Anonymous JennTSG said...

The screaming thing...happened in my Legacy too. Everyone in the backyard would scream and put a cell phone in their thought bubble. Nothing was stuck there...it just was.

Don't you love it when sims pout like that? Zoe my black widow pouts when I make her flirt...HA and she's romance.

At 2/06/2007 9:29 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I've had that happen in a dorm, too. Only the thought in the bubble was of something stinky!

Orrin is awesome.

At 2/17/2007 9:37 AM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Must be really interesting playing the Hoh house. All the hate. How can anyone get any studying done if they're expecting to have knock-down, drag-out fights all over the furniture? Yes, Orrin does grow up quite nicely. Why oh WHY do they transition into such geeky outfits at times? It's so ... UGH! So the drama ...

At 3/10/2007 6:04 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Orrin is a blast! He grew up well, he looks great after the make over!! I can't wait to see where all the drama is taking us.


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