January 14, 2007

Ch 11b: Send Me an Angel - 12" Remix

Send Me an Angel (12" Remix)

Orry, I see you managed to make it back without getting caught by your parents or by the curfew police.

"For an evil overlord such as myself, it was simple. And must you invade my privacy to torment me with that diminutive?"

Well, normally I'd let you do your business in peace, but I got forwarded this security tape from earlier in the evening...

Care to explain to me what you were doing in the Pussycat club?

"Where did you... ah...obtain that?"

I have my sources. That's not exactly a proper date location for teens.

"They have quite an exciting dance floor, and they were not checking identification at the entrance, so..."

Right. I think I'll just have a word with the management, and we'll talk about this later. *goes to look for her "Lady who hates teens" painting* Meanwhile, lets get back to the action.

The hatin' is still goin' down at Cham Annya Hoh. No one is moving out until Orrin has moved to college and has pledged, so this may go on for a while.

"Aaaahhhh!! That woman!"


"That Shelby accosted me in the bath!"

She walk in while you were in the tub? *chuckle*

"This is not humourous. She will be among the first imprisoned when I come to rule."

Oh just put your clothes on and go make breakfast. It's almost morning.

Omaha was up early that morning, groovin' to the radio that someone left on when he staggered in late last night.

"I resent the insinuation that I am to blame for the device remaining on throughout the night. Am I the keeper of this house?"

You were the last one to go upstairs Orrin. You forgot to turn the lights off too.

*hits the 3 key* *zips through the day* *hits 1 to slow back down*

It seems the new look paid off for Shelby; she's been promoted again. I think she's a senior manager now. All she cares about are the simoleons though, as you can tell.

As you can't tell, however, is that Kasson pulled a chance card at work today and landed a big bonus. He's in politics as fitting his poli-sci degree (assemblyman or congressman, I disrecall at the moment) but he's not happy about it. He no sooner got home than he spun up the want to quit his job. Poor guy. He's just not happy. So I sent him inside to...

...scold Felicia for piddling on the floor again. Hey, if he's going to be grumpy I might as well make use of it. *evilgrin*

"Are you like done now?"

Yeah. Go change clothes. Today's a big day. Oh, and you're keeping the job; you've got a locked want to become Mayor.

There's a party goin' down and it's all for Omaha. Yep, our little girl is growing up tonight.

"I done called the set an' tole mah crew over on Grill of the Golden West I weren't gonna be there tanite cuz I was goin' to the burfday of mah only granchile."

Take that up with Cleveland.

"Hain't Cleveland's fault. That there wife of his needs ta git the simoleons outta her eyes an' start tendin' her family."

Speaking of spouses and families...

The resident family sim seems to be getting along well with his future mate.

"Excuse me! I am not 'getting along' with a 'future mate', although I admit she might be quite nice in that role. *facepalm* What am I saying?!"

It's those Family Sim tendencies again. They'll get you yet. *evilgrin*

"Brandi and I are conspiring, as is befiting an evil overlord and his devoted right hand general."

Sure you are. Right hand general huh? Just move aside. Cleveland and Omaha are heading for the cake.

One last picture of an adorable toddler and her loving daddy. No Cleveland, you cannot fang your daughter as a birthday present.

"Okay honey. Blow out the candles just like Daddy showed you."

"Oooo... purdy!"

Ta Da! One child sized Omaha Holldum. And she's wearing Bananajammies! *chuckles* She reminds me a lot of Salina at that age but alas, I don't have a good picture of Salina as a kiddo.

Let's check that nose. As a toddler it sure looked like she had Waylon's Seavey nose, but it's hard to tell at that age.

Oh yes, that's definitely the Seavey nose. But where the heck did that chin come from? Must be Shelby's genes. *grumble*

"Where's mah cake?"

Your cake? Ah... it was right here.

Well, it would seem the Holldum clan cleaning disorder (new term: HCCD) has struck again. Just as Texas did to him, Orrin is cleaning up Omaha's cake before anyone has had a chance to have a slice. Sheesh. (actually the extreme neatness seems to come from the Seavey side of the founding couple, along with the Nose. Texas only has 3 neat points. Waylon, 9.)

Yeah, I can't believe it either Omaha.

"He done took mah cake!"

Yeah, but you have cool pajamas with bananas on them and monster feet slippers to wear with them. We'll all look back at this in a few years and...

Hold on a minute. My Simmy Sense is tingling. Who the frell is up to what now?

"Bro! Yo, I see you like invited Salina's friend again. I'd go over and try ta like talk to her, but The Babe would probably yell at me again."

Smart boy.

"I invited who?... Oh, Keth. Yes, she's pretty nice for an avatar. She even said she was going to skip work to be here. I didn't realize she hadn't been boolpropped into a life of luxury. Most ava..."

"Whoa! Dude! She's a what?!"

"...tars get motherloded to the gills. I was reading in SimLegacy Monthly about some of the avatars in the other neighborhoods and..."

"Cleveland! Dude! Backup! Keth's an ava-whatcha-ha?"

"An Avatar. You know, a sim-carnation of..."

"Dude, I like know what an avatar is, but I didn't know she was one. Whoa. So what you're like saying is that Keth is The Babe... er, that The Babe is Keth... er...ah..."

You'd better be really careful how you answer that Cleveland.

"Well, sort of. Salina's friend Keth is only a vague sim-proximation of The Keth, but the Mouse Mistress certainly feels more akin to her than to..."

"Oh, I have sooooo been like waitin' for a chance like this."

Thanks Cleveland. Thanks a lot. With as pissy as he's been with me since that whole fiasco during your wedding, Kasson's probably going to go over and clean poor Keth's clock now. Couldn't you have just said "No" instead?

"Yes dear... er... ah... sorry."

Not even paying attention to me. *sigh* You learned the smile and nod routine from your father, didn't you?

Kasson! Kasson come back over here. I know things haven't been exactly peachy lately but is that any reason to stalk over and take it out on poor little me... er, Keth... er, us... There's enough hatin' going on over at Hoh House; we don't need any here.

"Hiya. I like understand you're The Babe."

"The who? Oh, her. Well, not quite, but she does speak through me somet... ack!"

Kasson! Didn't we just have a discussion a couple chapters ago about violence against women and how Texas taught you better than that? Don't you dare...

Er... that's not what I was expecting. I guess Texas did teach you better than that.


Kasson, let the girl come up for air! And you, Matthew, stop staring. Sheesh, Texas' creepy friends.

Well, now that you've managed to render Keth speechless, do you have anything to say for yourself?

"Yeah I do. I have sooooo been like waitin' for a chance like this."

You said that before. Anything new to add to it?

"Yeah. Kin I keep her?"

*facepalm* Oy. No explanations to add? No excuses to make? Wait. On second thought, no, I don't want to hear any explanations right now. It'll all come out in the wash later. Besides...

The cops will be here soon to break this shindig up. Specifically Officer Jenna Cameron, who seems to take great delight in harassing the Holldums. Seriously. She's the one who usually busts up their parties, she caught Cleveland for breaking curfew several times, and she even 'arrested' him for the secret society. If I don't marry the Gormless One (Sgt. Larry Mace) into the clan, I may choose her. She's cuter, if you can catch her when she not grinning malevolently.

All right. Parties over. Everyone can go home now.

"Hey Mom-babe, I..."

"Kasson, yer an idjit. I cain't believe I birthed such an idjit chile."

"But Mom-babe! Wha'd I do?"

"Ya done whent all footloose and fancee-free on that nice Keth gal that Keth occasionally done talks through ta start out these here chapters. Hain't ya learned it hain't good ta irk Keth too much? She maight marry ya off ta some big lipped hussy like Jan Tellerman. An' tha's if she's feelin' laik bein' nice."

"She wouldn't like do that, would she Mom-babe?"

*sigh* "Yer sech an idjit."

"Babe! You wouldn't!"

I don't know. Jan does have nice eyes. But first....

The dishwasher needs fixed. Why don't you take a look at it Kasson?

"Hey, is that like a grilled cheese sammich all like stuffered up back in the back there?"

So as we wrap up this extended chapter, how about a nice shot of the new heiress in her bananajammies?

And why isn't your father down here cooking breakfast for you young lady?

"Him an' Momma's up in their room. Gwamma said somethin' about they might be orderin' me a little bwudder."

Sorry Omaha. It doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon. It takes two to... ah... order and it seems Cleveland is the only one interested.

Moving along... Here's Chapter 12: The Plot Thicks


At 1/14/2007 11:01 PM, Blogger Evil said...

Ah Holldums! Orrin my boy. We must talk... LOL. LOVE the banana jammies and little Omaha and puppy Felicia and the Keth-Babe and Kasson.... and the HCCD... had me ROFL. Holldums, yer better then a good scratch in the poison ivy patch. :D

At 1/15/2007 8:18 AM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

OH dear ... that woman! All she cares about money, and when her hubby wants to get all groin-al, what does she do? She falls asleep! GAK!

*LOL* at Kasson and Sim-You. *LOL* Are you gonna let him have her ... uh ... you? ;O> I'd be curious as to what your kids would look like.

And Orrin is just pitiful. And Overlord as a family sim. Are you REALLY gonna re-roll him in college? What if he becomes Romance??? EEK!

Omaha is a cutie. Love her jammies. Are those REALLY bananas??? Why didn't they make them yellow?

At 1/16/2007 4:57 PM, Blogger Oydie said...

Poor Omaha, doesn't look like she will be getting her 'little bwudder' any time soon. Poor Cleveland he looks so lonely.
And I love the 'narna jammies :) way cute!

At 1/18/2007 1:12 PM, Anonymous JennTSG said...

Love love LOVE the last photo!!!

Very much perfect!

At 3/09/2007 5:54 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Orrin is a character! I love him! He is a riot!!! The banana jammies are perfect for Omaha who is completely adorable BTW. Poor Cleveland. Shelby really is turning out to be a stick in the mud. So are you going to give in and let Kasson have your sim-me or are you going to continue to torment the poor lad?

At 3/22/2007 1:41 PM, Blogger suziesim said...

Pah! I've tried to leave this comment twice now! :\
LOL! No wonder Orrin's sneaking off to the PC club if he can't get even a moment's peace at home to take care o'business! :D
Omaha's a cutey! Even if she did get the Seavey nose *hearts for banana jammies* Don't worry about the cake Omaha - it's a Holldum's tradition! lol!
I love that Kasson is all after the Keth Avatar! ;) Me thinks he's been crushing on the The Babe for some time. OH - not the dishwasher, Kasson! run away! :D:D


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