January 24, 2006

Chapter 6b: More College

I caught Kasson browsing through the "Houses for Rent" ads in the Fiesta Tech Free Press just before he ran off to his sophomore final. Let's if he found any ads to his liking. Oh and clicking on the pics should pop larger versions.

"Kasson, where are we?"

"Bro! Do ya like it? It's our new digs man! We've so got ourselves our own place now!"

"Why do I feel there is some ulterior motive for this move?"

"Well... the Babe did promise me a bubbleblower for graduation if I gotcha to move."

Welcome to Chapter 6b: More college. Dorm life tends to go by quickly, but dorm life is boring for legacies. Besides, Kasson keeps spinning up that Greek want, so I figured I'd oblige him. Nice place, huh?

Oh, and for the curious, Cleveland rolled a "My Choice" when it came time for a new aspiration so he's now a knowledge sim. Have I mentioned that with the advent of Nightlife, I switched to my 8 sided gaming dice for aspirations now. 1-5 are the same as pre-NL, 6 is pleasure, 7 roll again, and 8 is my choice. I collect gaming dice, so I suppose I should probably use 'em now and then. These are my birthday set from a few years ago. Thanks Galen hon *blows kiss*

Oh, and according to Turbine, 8 sided dice have a creamy nougat center *chuckle*

"Kasson, what are you up to now?"

"Um... nothin'. I... thought I'd call Mom and tell her we moved. I'm not like calling the Greek department in the University Housing Office or anything like that..."

"Remind Mother to give Salina our new address. She just moved into the dorms and may want to visit."

"Cool! She can be our first pledge... er she can stop over any time."

And thus was born Cham Annya Hoh.

"Kasson, what are these letters doing on the house?"

"Dude! It means we're Greeks now!"

"I fail to see how a bunch of letters suddenly changed our nationality."

"It means we're like part of the fraternity system now! Though since we'll let chicks in, we're more kinda a co-edity, I think."

"And what do the letters mean?"

"Ah... er... Cham is for you, Cleveland. The second letter, Annya, is the second letter in Kasson. And the Hoh... ah... Is for Holldum. Yeah..."

"You just picked the letters out randomly, didn't you?"

"Dude! Would I do something like that for something as important as naming our fraternity? Babe, tell him I wouldn't do that!"

Sorry Kasson, you're on your own for this one.

So, I unpack their telescope and send the guys off to invite a few of their dorm mates over to pledge 'em into CAH and what should happen when I turn my back a moment? Cleveland scuttles himself over to the telescope and proceeds to trigger Cham Annya Hoh's first Vidcund beat-down.

Oh don't look so shocked Cleveland. You knew it was coming the minute you put your eye to the viewfinder.

I'd just moved Salina to college and hadn't had a chance to play her yet, so I had the boys invite her over so she could pledge. I'll move her into the house in a semester or two, once the guys are established.

Salina moved into the dorms with her main squeeze, Cirrus. As you can tell, she's having no trouble making the transition from high school to college life so lets take a quick look at Cirrus.

Why do my college sims have this frelling obsession with the wife-beater tank tops? Cirrus is sim #2 that picked one out of the college wardrobe. Ahhh...

Ahem... Anyway... Cirrus is a knowledge sim with a lifetime want to max all his skills . He has 2 neat pts, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 1 playful, and 5 nice points. He's a CAS generated sim with a genetic background; his grandparents are all members of the "multiple pollination technician" hack from MTS2. Not too bad looking a chap, eh?

Wait... do you hear screaming coming from behind the dorm?

They never learn, do they?

"So ya see, even tho mah mama's a famous see-leb-rety chef, I'm plannin' on making my millions by bein' a hot soccer chick. Or maybe I'll own a team. There's jes all sortsa ways you kin' make money in athletics..."

"Babe, did you know you're, like, green? That's so cool."

Ah, nothing cements a loving relationship like beating each other black and blue during a rousing good game of punch-me-punch-you. Can't you think of a better way to romance Cirrus?

"Well, Mama did tell me somethin' ta try but we ain't got no hot tub here."

Oy. I figured Texas would bring that up. I wanted you to save most of your money for the house, so that double bed I bought you will have to do. Maybe take him on a nice date first, before you break it in.

"Wined, dined, and time to make him mine. Do ya think ya might turn off the camera an' give us a little privacy? I done know how Vidcund feels now."

Ouch. I've beem compared to the mad poker of Strangetown. Fine, I'll leave you two alone.

Cirrus is not the only beau Salina has at college, however. Wife beater tank top #3 is worn by Euclid (though his is a more sporty model) He's already bordering on the obsessive with his calls and this date isn't going to help fend him off. Salina doesn't seem too excited to be out singing with him at the moment... or maybe it's because his brother is staring at her.

Let's continue on in our visit to Salina's dating life and get back to her main squeeze Cirrus. Even from that brief glimpse, Euclid's obsession is starting to give me the creeps.

"Punkin', I gots sumthin' here for ya and I needs ta ask ya a real important question."

"A box! You got me a box! Omigod I've never gotten a box before! Oh, and it's all cute and fuzzy. I love it"

"Jes open it ya nincompoop."

(I did the same "you got me a box" routine one Xmas when my 8 year old nephew gave me a necklace in a fancy box. )

"Oh, and there's a sparklie inside!"

*sigh* "Cirrus sweetie, I luv you..."

"And I love you too 'Lina. Ooo a box and a sparklie..."

"As I wuz sayin' I luv you and wanna know if'n you'll marry me."

"Right now?"

"When we's done graduated. They won't let us marry in college and Keth won't let us do it with a hack."

"Of course I will hon. I love you and you give me boxes and sparklies and stuff."

Well, Cirrus can't move into Cham Annya Hoh with Salina without being a member, and since I didn't feel like switching to CAH to pledge him in from that side, I had him call up the boys to join. Since he didn't know either Kasson or Cleveland, this was more than a bit of a pain. Now I remember why I don't usually do it this way.

"Psst... hey bro, the green chick in front of us hawt!"

"Kasson, that's our sister 'Lina. She pledged the house a few days ago, remember?"


"You've been sniffing the oil paints on the easel again, haven't you."

"So Euclid, I'm sorry but I can't be seein' you no more. I'm engaged to Cirrus and we's gonna be happily married once we done graduate from here. If I keep datin' ya I'll be cheatin' on my sweetie."

"Really Salina, it isn't as if you'll be a criminal if you continue to date me. You won't be breaking any laws by going out with me even though you're engaged, or even after you're married. Our relationship isn't over yet."

Okay... let's get away from Salina and her freaky ex for a while now. Someone has future stalker written all over him.

To no one's surprise (except perhaps Cleveland's) our heir got a visit from one of the Secret Society rent-a-cops. From the expression on her face, she obviously remembers that she hauled Cleveland in for breaking curfew not too long ago.

"So your mother does the 'Grill of the Golden West' show on the Yummy Channel?"

"Yes, and she also has this Unified Grilled Cheese Theory that she predicts will bring world peace. My father also believes that there is an invasion fleet of noodlesoothers gathering in a secret base on the moon. Trust me, it was a delight to finally attend college where things are a bit more normal."

"Noodlehootchies, huh? Hey, do you think you could get me your mom's autograph next time you're home on break?"

"Phemey babe, I've been like meanin' to ask you this but like I keep gettin' caught up with stuff an' you're all like busy with class and all. So like, what I want to know is... will you marry me?"

You know, I don't think I've ever had a sim look as nervous while proposing as Kasson did during this whole scene.

"Of course I'll marry you Kasson. You silly man, how could you ever think that I wouldn't?"

"Aw babe, you jes made me the happiest dude in Strangetown."

"Especially when you offer a ring like this. How many carats is this? Is that a platinum setting?"

"What was that hon?"

"Nothing at all dear. I love you."

"Oh, and Kasson love, you will be buying me a pair of shoes to go with this ring, right?"

And here I thought Salina was the wealth sim.

"Ow! Dude! That is so wrong! Why are you like bustin' in here and wakin' me up. That post-engagement woohoo wore me all out; I've, like, got class in the morning and need my sleep."

"Babe, tell him he's got the wrong dude! I ain't done nothin'. I haven't even skipped class to go hang out in the underground bubbleblower lounge lately. He must be lookin' for Cleveland. He was the one the cops were always bringing back home at night."

Nope, this one's all yours Kasson. Welcome to the secret society.

In celebration of the end of the first half of their Junior year, Cham Annya Hoh throws their first ever toga party. DJ 'Lina puts down a mean track and the lure of the smustle cannot be ignored. Cleveland looks like he's having way too much fun.

Salina's stalker is back (actually, Euclid is a CAH member) but the DJ booth works as a fairly stout defense to hold him off. The party also worked well to introduce Salina, Cirrus, and Euphemia to other secret society members. We should be seeing some abductions soon, I hope.

"Bro! That was the most awesomest party, even if there weren't any bubbleblowers."

"I must agree Kasson. We pulled off one pretty rocking party."

"Sweetie, you know when you like had that accident at the party? That was totally cool. You rock babe."

Yes, Kasson congratulated Euphemia for having an accident at the party. I did a double take on both his queue and hers because I couldn't believe he was congratulating her on this.

Moving on to the rest of Junior year, it seems that someone partied a bit too late last night.

"Zzzzz... snork... zzzz"

This has to be my favorite thing that Nightlife added to the game. I still giggle like a schoolgirl every time I see this happen to a sim.

But for the most part, the second half of Cleveland and Kasson's junior year was much like the first. Lots of studying...

And lots of beat downs. Vidcund is quite actively stalking the Cham Annya Hoh house now.

We did have one minor mishap during the time. Kasson got obsessed with the poker table and nothing would shake him loose from him. Finally I boolprop teleported him to the mailbox, hoping that would unstick him. When that failed, I shift+click and force errored him to reset him. Unfortunately, his needs were a bit too low so he promptly keeled over in a small ball. Luckily his beloved Euphemia was there to beat back death and save him.

Yay! The gormless one has shown up finally. He's the only cop we haven't had make an appearance for the secret society yet.

Oh don't look so disgusted Salina. Feel lucky; if you were the heir you might be marrying this guy.

And the gormless one returns the next night for Cirrus. We have been twice blessed. Kasson's obviously excited about it. Oh, and Kasson, go put some clothes on. Running around in your undies... I think we get a good idea what you and Phemey have been up to.

I figured it was time to get some new clothes for everyone, or at least for Salina, Phemey, and Cirrus. I was getting tired of seeing the boy run around in his undershirt. I didn't realize until after I had Phemey dressed that the side panels in her shorts are the same color as her skin. Heh


Ahem.. Okay... Back to the blog

"I don't know who you are mister rent-a-cop, but we don't have any donuts here. And if you don't stop staring at my chest soon I swear I'm going to deck you."

No Phemey, he's not here for donuts...

He's here to bring you to the secret society. Of the five of them in the house, she was the main one I was waiting to get into the society (and she would have to be the last inducted). And why did I want Phemey in particular inducted?

So that she could slap her face in the plastic surgery machine. That whole 'no nose' thing was really starting to get to me. Yes, it won't override her genes but from the look of things Waylon's nose may hold reign for several generations.

Hold your breath... here come the results...

A little tweak to the eyes, a bit of lip manipulation, and some serious rhinoplasty has resulted in a very lovely Euphemia.

That wraps up this chapter. I had hoped to be able to wrap up Cleveland and Kasson's college career in this chapter, but thing get... interesting... in the senior year. And I promise I won't keep everyone waiting too long for it

Onward to Chapter 6c: 3 Dates for Brother Cleveland

Back to Chapter 6a: Dorm Life


At 1/24/2006 4:01 PM, Blogger PRMami said...

Very Kewl update I look forward to your next post :)

At 1/24/2006 9:15 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Phemy is lookin' GOOOOOOOOD! I've not had the opportunity to use that makeover station. Kewl!

And the boys are very, very popular, aren't they? Hehe. Is Kasson gonna reroll?

At 1/25/2006 12:41 PM, Anonymous Lisa said...

OMFG, I laughed so hard about that congratulations for the accident comment that my eyes are watering. You are a blogging genius. Pluuuueeeeezzzzzeeee don't quit this family! I love them and the way you write about them. Thanks for making my morning.

At 1/25/2006 2:52 PM, Blogger AeronwyDiobhell said...

Wow, the Holldum kids sure do have an unhealthy fascination with Vidcund, don’t they? Cirrus is a real cutie! Man oh man, you have a LOT of green skinned people in your Strangetown. Cleveland was having FAR too much fun at that toga party though! (And still in his jammies, looks like.) *shakes her head at Kasson* Congratulating a girl on peeing her pants. Tsk! I’m glad Euphemia still begged Death for him after that. But if Phemy doesn’t want people staring at her chest, she probably shouldn’t have big red plusses pasted on ‘em. But she did come out quite nicely from her facial reconstruction surgery. :-D

At 1/27/2007 8:23 PM, Blogger suziesim said...

Cool!! A Greek house is just what they needed! lol! on the name - omg - that's too funny. Go ahead Kasson, justify that! :D:D
And The Vicund continues... lol!!
Wheeee - engagements! Excellent & lots of SS kidnappings too! :) I agree - I love the sleeping at the table trick (do it well myself!) and that's awful, congratulating your gf for wetting herself! :D:D
Ack - no - not Kasson now?! wow, your sims live on the edge! :D
HipHorray!! Phemey's got a nose! and a lovely one too! :) *claps*

At 2/25/2007 3:13 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Ah yes, the beat downs from Vidcund continue, lol. You really can't escape that guy. LOL! Gotta love the simple minded Cirrus. Boxes and sparklies, lol. Oh phew! I'm glad Kasson made it! That would have been tragic! Phemy looks good after her makeover. Two of the three Holldums have found there other, what is going to happen with Cleveland?


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