January 14, 2007


Since Texas' story is starting to get a little on the big side, I thought I'd gather up some useful and/or reoccurring terms and acronyms. That way if you encounter something you don't recall, you can check here first. If I'm missing something, or there's something you think I should add, let me know and I'll pop it in here.


See Cham Annya Hoh.
Cham Annya Hoh

The Greek House at La Fiesta Tech founded by Cleveland and Kasson Holldum.


Grill of the Golden West. Texas' cooking show on The Yummy Channel, her blog on yummychannel.sim, her series of cook books, and a chain of restaurants throughout greater Simland.


Texas' Grand Unification Grilled Cheese Theory.


Holldum Clan Cleaning Disorder or Holldum Compuslive Cleaning Disorder. The tendancy for Holldums with high neatness to clean and tidy EVERYTHING constantly. Founder Waylon brought it in from his Seavey bloodline. Texas only had 3 neat points, but Waylon added his 9 to the genetic party. Heir Cleveland got all 9 of them and handed 8 of them to his daughter Omaha.

Hoh House

See Cham Annya Hoh

Mr. Noodle

A robotic overlord and villian who is plotting to take over Simland . He is currently assembling an army at his secret moon base. Or so Waylon Seavey-Holldum claims. The vampires of Strangetown know him as Baron Noodle. Orrin Seavey says he was once a minion of Mr. Noodle, but since renounced his allegance and decided to become an Evil Overlord himself.


The Noodlesoother reward. According to Waylon Seavey-Holldum, Noodlesoothers were sent to Simland to corrupt sims and start the enslavement process so they could be more easily conquered. Noodlesoothers are the minions of Mr. Noodle.


The Nutty Professor and Mad Scientist Brotherhood of Greater Strangetown. The Curious Brothers, Loki Beaker, Eugene Retrorocket, and Waylon Seavey-Holldum are just some of the members.


The Nutty Professor and Mad Scientist Brotherhood of Greater Strangetown's Secret Hideout and Sushi Bar.


The Strangetown School for Special Students. Yeah, the one you have to impress the headmaster for.


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