September 19, 2005

Chapter 1: Texas Twosome

Pre-forward: If you're new to the Holldums or would like a listing of all the Holldum chapters, check out the Getting Started post for a table of contents and other related goodies. And don't let the first two or three (or six) chapters fool you; I was still learning my way around this blog thing then. Like any good book, things get better as the chapters roll on. *grin* Oh, and quite a number of the pictures will pop to full size, if you click on 'em.

Foreward: Texas is just one several legacy families I've started. My original family, the Heiresses, was created back in October 2004 -- they're up to Generation 5. Despite having several families just waiting to be played, there was something about Texas that kept pulling me back to her and her story. I'm new to the blog thing, so hopefully everything will work out right.

Let's go meet Texas, shall we?

"Howdy everyone and welcome ta another of Kethwyn's attempts at a legacy album. She's got several of these here challenge families in progress, but never seems ta get around ta doin' up an album for any of 'em..."

Writer's block m'dear. Happens to the best of us. Plus the next heir in my original legacy family is a romance sim. I'm scared. Bad things will happen, I can see it now.

"Yeah, whatever. Anyway, the bio blurb Keth wrote up for me sez I'm from Strangetown where I was raised by my aunt 'n uncle after my daddy died. I was originally destined ta be a 'holder' sim in the dormitory for Keth's legacy family The Heiresses, but she took a liking ta me and let me graduate and move on. My cousin Kentucky is playing 'holder' for 'em now."

Texas' bio blurb actually says "Texas is a member of the Strangetown Holldums, although she herself is an only child. She has never known her mother and her father, a pilot at the nearby military base, died tragically during a test flight when she was still a child. Texas was raised by her aunt and uncle, both scientists at the same base, and was ecstatic to be accepted to the University. She dreams of making a life somewhere other than the sand and sun of Strangetown." For the record, Texas is a CAS YA Sim, Popularity, with the lifetime want to be a celebrity chef. She has 3 sloppy points, full outgoing, 2 lazy, 8 playful, and 6 nice points. She is also a Libra who likes naked hot-tubbing, SSX Lan Parties, Waylon Seavey, and that darn hat.

"Hey now! Don't be dissin' the hat!"

"Anyhoo, this gangly yet agile fashion calamity is mah sweetie Waylon Seavey. He had the dorm room next ta me and helped me with my studies while I was workin' on my poly-sci degree. It took him all our freshman year jes ta work up the courage ta hold hands with me. My heart just melted when he told me he thought I was just the cutest little alien he'd ever seen."

I had planned on Texas marrying an NPC once she'd settled in, but while I was playing her in Uni Waylon kept popping up in her action queue. Considering how shy he is (he's a 2) I was surprised he was the one wanting to flirt... and continued to do so spontaneously through college. Miz Popularity there would constantly toss up a "flirt with Waylon" want among her "be best friends with..." wants too. Waylon is a knowledge sim with a LTW to max all skills. Since he had 9 pts in all his skills when he moved in, it shouldn't be hard for him to hit his LTW. He's a Virgo with 9 neat, 2 shy, 6 active, 3 serious, and 5 nice pts. He likes to clean... a lot... and has an obsession with kicky bag when he's outside.

I got my hands on some pictures out of Texas' college scrapbook... let's take a look and see how these two met, shall we?

As I explained, I'd planned on Texas being a holder sim in the dorm for the Heiresses, my original legacy family (I'm up to Gen 5! I started last November! I'll finish someday, really! *laugh*) Well, I was in the mood to start with a fresh family and Texas had really grown on me when I played her and my legacy kids during my heir's last semester. So I decided to graduate her and export her over to Strangetown and have her hook up with an NPC. I booted up University and loaded the Heiress dorms; there was Texas hanging out in the hottub and Waylon's face was showing in her action queue. A quick check of it showed he wanted to 'hold hands' with her. I hadn't queued up Texas or any of my legacy sims to do anything with Waylon before, so any friendship he had with Texas was one they'd built themselves, so I cancelled out the hot tub to see what Texas would do. By the time she'd hauled her a## out of the hottub, 'hold hands' had scrolled out of the queue but was quickly replaced with 'serenade'. This is what happened.. *grin*

"Ah told you mah Waylon was a big sweetie. He's shy, but I luv the dickins outta him."

You 'luv the dickins outta him' huh? Hmm... that face doesn't look too loving to me.

"Well.... I... ah... jes' flip ta the next pichur and you'll see jes' how much I luv mah Waylon."

Ah yes, the gratuitous hot tub shot. What's up with Jack and the Cow back there?

"Well... Waylon wasn't the only one who wuz sweet on me at college..."

I see... I just missed the little cheating doodads over their heads, didn't I?

"Er... yeah... but I been faithful to Waylon e'er since!"

If you've been faithful Texas, why did I find this picture in your scrapbook?

"That's my buddy Gary. He has this allergy ta clothing is all. He was always real helpful with mah term papers, but we was only ever friends."

I swear I will get the streaker married into my original legacy family... someday...

I found this one too Texas... Secret Society, eh?

"Oh them strange chicken dance people! Yeah, since I was good friends with Nefret and Ramses and Amyrillis from the legacy family, they made me a member of their little club. I dunno know who this 'Amelia Heiress' is they named the club after, but my friends wuz real happy I got in. I guess she was their great great gramma or somethin."

You didn't mention anything to Waylon about was he was getting into, joining a legacy family and becoming a playable sim, did ya babe?

"Nah, I never said a thing about that while we wuz in college. I was skeert I might chase him off."

Then why is he staring at the camera?

"Ya got me."

And as graduation approaches, Texas pops the question to Waylon. No red ring, so he's obviously not a romance sim. With that fashion sense (bowling shoes!) he's obviously a knowledge sim. Texas is popularity, so they'll get along great.

"Jes one las' smooch before my taxi comes hun. I'll call ya when I gets to our new home."

"And where would that be, mon petit chou?"

"I dunno. The powers that be jes said they had a nice big lot picked out fer me and you."

"The powers that be? Is it too late to... ah... annul this 'engagement' thing we have?"

*snickers* Texas, if you'd like to continue on from your lot...

"Well if yer done spillin' all my university secrets..."

Go for it. I'm all done with the college highlights.

"Thanks. Here, as you marvel at our mad kicky bag skillz, you can see the vast tract of land me and Waylon's grant money bought us... wait a minute... What the frell? Did you jes move us to Strangetown?! Didn't my little bio blurb you wrote say I never wanted to go back to Strangetown! What gives?"

Settle down there babe. Yeah, I usually like to start my familes in brand new neighborhoods, but the Strangetown townies and NPCs are different from the defaults Maxis generates for new neighborhoods.

"You could use 'deleteallcha.."

Yeah babe, I know but I kinda tend to forget to recreate 'em after the families move in. Nothing more embarrassing than an empty welcome wagon.

Speaking of welcome wagons, it's time for our 10:15ish walk-by. Elizabeth Camden, widowed mother to a family of all girls. I'd originally created her and her family to hook them up with the good general and his sons but... just haven't gotten around to it yet. Drop the kicky bag stuff and go greet her.


You're the popularity sim. You're just dying to meet someone new.

That's why I wanted you to run over and talk to Elizabeth... so I could get your house built.

"Kinda big, ain't it?"

My degree's in engineering, not architecture. I have issues building homes, which is why I usually download 'em. Starter homes don't usually come on 5x5 lots, however. Waylon added $14k to your $4800 when he moved in, so I had plenty to start with. Yeah, it's a bit big, but you'll go through the space fast.

"What'd'ya mean 'go through the space fast'. I'm no frelling Family Sim. There's no 10 kid want in mah future."

Thank the hundred little gods no. I'm dealing with that with your friends Amryllis and Ramses. Both Family sims. Meh

"Ooo. Are Rill and Ram here?"

No, they're starting out over in Heirless Valley. Now shut up and invite your guest in for breakfast.

Hey babe, your Welcome Wagon's here. Let's see... who's calling today... Ah, we've got Circe Beaker, with money on her mind as usual. I was expecting one of the Grunts; the Beakers aren't exactly sociable folk. Mad Scientist and Alien researcher Eugene Retrorocket (my 'study in abductions' sim from many many -- as in pre-abduction hack -- moons ago... he's got 5 alien kids, and has been abducted twice that many times. Poor Genesis Lam just wants him to marry her so she can have a normal looking child running about) That's son #2 Eustace there behind him. Someone run over now and meet them.

"Why are ya still looking at me? Oh yeah, I'm the popularity sim...*grumblegrumble*"

Ah, and here is Retrorocket son #1, Eugene Jr. He and his wife Solmenity live with her grandparents just down the road. Hurry up and greet him Texas. You'll notice that the Retrorocket sons have inherited their (human) father's nose but are heavy on the homely looks otherwise. Their sisters, Eugenia and Euphemia, are adorably cute... but didn't get the nose. Drat.

"Well that clinches it then. No telescopes here ever. I don' want no no-nosed freak children!"

You wouldn't be the one having having it, ducks. Only abducted men have alien babies.

"Oh well that might be okay then. Waylon'd probably like it too."

He's a knowledge sim. They dig that stuff.

Speaking of Waylon, it seems Strangetown's newest canvas stretcher has put on a little pudge there. And bubble butt to boot. Tsk tsk tsk...

"Texas love, I'm off to work. Did you hear something?"

"Ya mean like some god-like Watcher critiquing our lifestyle choices and chortlin' in the background?"

"Well, yes. I think you described it quite accurately."

"I musta left the radio on. You know them morning DJs. Jes ignore it. Have a good day at work hun."

Texas luckily found a job in the culinary field and started right on working towards that LTW. Waylon dreams of being a mad scientist, but alas that field hasn't rolled up in the newspaper yet. I'm keeping him busy in the artist field until he gets the camera.

"I know water is scarce out here, but don't you guys ever wash... er dust.. er whatever the car? Is that a tumbleweed I see in the back seat?"

Having arrived home well before his lady love, Waylon sets in to work on losing his gut and maxing out a skill. Agile little bookworm, isn't he?

Still has the bubbles. *grumble*

"Strange. Texas said the voices I heard this morning were from the radio, yet I have turned the device off and I still hear them at times. I do hope this is does not foreshadow a visit from the good doctor in the white coat."

Ya ya ya. Work that index finger.

"Hey hun, why'd you jump outta the shower like a scalded cat?"

"Because my dear, when you flush the temperature of the water in the shower changes to extremes, causing my emulation of the flustered feline. Would you kindly NOT do that in the future?"

"What, flush the biffy? Yeah, I could stop doin' that."

Two sims, one bathroom. We'll see how many times this happens. On the plus side, it cured Waylon's bubble butt.

Oh dear, that sashay can mean only one thing... romance sim on the loose. Run while you can Shane. Were we in my legacy neighborhood it would be Alice Heiress, bastard Gen 3 daughter. Since we're in Strangetown however, it can only mean that Carlotta Deerfield is out for her 10:15 constitutional.

Why don't you run out there and meet her babe. You need the friends. Just don't let her near Waylon.

"And so ya see Jenny, that's my theory on how a good grilled cheese sammich can bring us all together in friendship. If I ever decide ta run for city government, that's going ta be my campaign slogan: 'A plate of grilled cheese sammiches in every kitchen'..."

And while Texas is expounding her theory on how to make the whole block her buddy, Jenny is thinking: 'I like green. My shirt is green. My husband is green. My son is green. My new neighbor is green too, so she must be okay.' Incidently, I wrote this whole grilled-cheese obsession of Texas' back in August, long before I read anything about Nightlife having the Grilled Cheese aspiration. Someone's due for an aspiration change I think.

"While it is indeed most improper for adult men to be ogling young girls, might I suggest that you would catch the eye of far more boys if you wore a more lady-like outfit than the one you are currently sporting."

"Yeah, right nerd-boy. Like I'm gonna take fashion advice from a dude who can't colour coordinate his shirt and his old man shorts. Are you going to Vidcund's tailor too? You're already seeing his barber."

Alice Camden, punk-a## teenager (and not the music type) and romance sim. She's one of Elizabeth Camden's daughters.

"Really, I'm not a golddigger like the other Maxis-made Romance Sims. My traumatic childhood has just left me with feelings of abandonment that I try to fill with the affections of many different people."

"Aw cool! You've got red hair and I've got red hair. Yer green and I'm green... maybe we're long lost cousins or somethin'."

"Hoo boy..."

More green obsession? Someone's been hanging out with Jenny Smith too much again. Chloe Singles. Frustrated Romance Sim, alien child, and not related in any way to Texas, no matter what she thinks.

Ripp Grunt. Overlooked and confused romance sim. Initially I had intended he and Alice Camden to be a thing, but then he met Carlotta Deerfield's son Case. Once Case reached his teen years, the two really hit it off. Of course, being Carlotta's son, Case is even more confused than Ripp. Maybe I'll just move Ripp, Case, and Alice off together to a little party shack at college.

I've also just realized that I have more active romance sims in Strangetown than in any of my other neighborhoods.

"Oof. My dear, what brought on this sudden bout of affection? Not that I am upset by it by any means..."

"Aw hunny, I just realized that I ain't gettin any younger and I really want to be Mrs Seavey sometime soon. 'Cept, I don't want ta give up my Holldum name since it goes all the way back to my ancestor, the pirate king Catchum Holldum. What's a girl ta do?"

"That's fine my dear. I have no qualms with taking your wonderful Holldum name."


"Darling, there's a cake here with the WooHoo doodad on it."

"That's our wedding cake, punkin."

"WooHoo Cake? Does this mean I get WooHoo?"


And so the neighborhood turns out for the Holldum-Seavey wedding (which will be held on the front veranda). Surprisingly all 8 of Texas' guests decided to attend, even Alice whose friendship with Texas is in the single digits.

In the first party of four we have Eugene Retrorocket, Alice Camden, Carlotta Deerfield, and Alice's mother Elizabeth Camden. Coming down the sidewalk, we have Eugene Retrorocket Jr leading the party of four, followed by Chloe Singles, Jenny Smith, and finally Eustace Retrocket (who's just ambling along at his own sweet pace)

The pre-ceremony git-down, as the guests mingle and the bride and groom share their last dance as single people. Junior (there on the right) is a newly-wed himself and obviously approves.

"I, Waylon Seavey, promise to love, honor, cherish, and adore you though all times, good and bad, platinum aspiration and red, until such time as the Grim Reaper comes to take us to our final reward."

"I, Texas Holldum, promise ta love you madly with all mah heart and soul, no matter what happens in life, till Grimmy comes ta take us to the big luau in the sky. Oh, and I promise not ta flush the biffy when yer in the shower too."

"Way to go nerd-boy!"
"Sorry Mom."

Aw, what's wrong Carlotta? You seem kinda depressed and mopey at the thought of your friends getting married. Or is that faux leopard skin getting itchy in the Strangetown heat?

"I'm a romance sim you twit! We don't do marriage well, even if we're not the ones getting married."

Oh, yeah... right.

Ladies and Gentlesims of Strangetown, it is my honor to introduce your newest married couple: Texas Holldum and Waylon Seavey-Holldum.

*sniff sniff* Aw, my little Texas is all grown up now. *snorf... snuffle* Tissue! Tissue!!! *blow* *honk*

A-hem. Anyway the happy couple's first act as man and wife was...

... to go through 15 minutes (Sim-time) of synchronized bitching because there was no room on the veranda to play kicky bag. Gah! What's with this obession with the kicky bag!

Thank the hundred little gods for the hack that prevents kicky bag in the house. I'd have gone nuts by now with these two.

"Ah my beautiful bride, is it time to cut the WooHoo cake now?"

"It's our wedding cake, not a WooHoo cake. We woohooed in college hun, remember?"

"We did? But, the cake has the WooHoo doodad on it. Doesn't that mean I will be getting woo..." *umphmumblemumble*

"Hesh up and eat yer cake hun."

I hate to tell you this Eugene, but your sons dress and dance like the alien geeks they are. I can understand why Genesis is hounding you to get married so she can have "normal children" running around the Retrorocket homstead.

"Congratulations on your wedding Texas, cuz you're really cool and green. Too bad your husband dresses like a geek and cuts his hair using the same bowl Vidcund does."

"Alice Angelica Camden! Did I not teach you far better manners than that?"

"Sorry Mom. I guess Waylon must have some good points somewhere. He married Texas after all."


Kids today...

You wondered where his good points were Alice. I think he's showing Texas one of them right now...

"Texas my love, do you hear those... voices... again?"

"I musta left the radio on in the other room again."

"Buy why would radio DJs be complementing my masculinitiy?"


"Does this mean I get WooHoo now?"

Yes Waylon, you get your WooHoo now. But what's with the doodad?

"Woohoo! My first time to... er... WooHoo."

"Hunny, we done WooHooed in college already. In the hot tub."

Ah the lovely memory wipe. Texas remembers she's had a roll in the hay already with her new hubby, but Waylon doesn't.

"Oh and did you hear any sort of soothing music during our matrimonial bliss, my dear? I would swear I heard a lullaby."

"All I heard were fireworks and the bed squeaking, punkin."

And with that I think I'll end this initial chapter in the Holldum's happy life. With luck blogger won't choke on the upload. *crosses fingers*


At 9/19/2005 4:09 AM, Blogger j00ky said...

Great start! I had a lot of fun reading. Will definately be back for more instalments. ;)

At 9/19/2005 7:45 AM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

*ROTGL* OMG, that was HILARIOUS! I loved how you (as the Sims 2 God) interjected little talking points ... and poor Waylon thought he was losing his mind! Funky! :O) I think I'm going to enjoy these guys very much! Although, I have to admit that I keep misreading their last name as "Hoodlum" as opposed to "Holldum". Hehe. My bad!

At 9/19/2005 11:50 AM, Blogger Alexis said...

Good job! I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more installments. What will life hold for Texas? Is there a baby on the way? I can't wait to find out!

At 9/20/2005 1:05 PM, Blogger HappySimmer10 said...

How hilarious was that??? That was an awesome blog! I absolutely love the Holldum family. Maybe because my boyfriend loves poker, but whatever the reason, you are an awesome blog writer!! Very nice story - I can't wait to read more!! :) :) :)

At 9/26/2005 3:23 PM, Blogger AeronwyDiobhell said...

Whew, finally managed to finish through Chapter 1! I'll try to work my way through the remaining chapter this week, because this has been one of the most entertaining stories I've read so far. :-D

Great job and thank you for sharing with us!

At 10/09/2005 6:49 AM, Anonymous LaylaSims said...

Great start! I really enjoyed reading this blog. It had a lot of humour and a different approach in the story telling. Very original. I want to know more that's going to happen with the Holldums.

At 1/07/2007 11:36 PM, Blogger Evil said...

Ok. I knew this was funny the first time I read this, but omg. Yeh made me choke on my iced tea. Texas is quite the character. She started out kickin, didn't she? So much fun.

At 1/15/2007 9:12 AM, Blogger Beans said...

ROTF! Oh this is great! Off to read the next chapter...--==zoom!

At 1/27/2007 7:28 AM, Blogger suziesim said...

I love that she refers to her sweetie as a fashion calamity! I'm sure Waylon just needs a decent barber! LOL at that stratigically placed mailbox (watch those streakers, they make big-nosed kids!) AHaha! Waylon's got a bad case of the bubbles! Gotta love the uber-neat! :) Yay! A woohoo cake & a lullaby - awesome start, Texas! :)

At 2/12/2007 9:06 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Oh Texas is a riot!! I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun to read!

At 4/24/2007 1:11 PM, Blogger Mandie said...

So, I am almost two years late in reading your legacy challenge! But better late than never! I'm sitting down right now to read every single chapter! That's how much I liked this first one that began it all! Texas cracks me up, and Waylon too. I can't wait to see their babies!

At 12/26/2010 10:52 PM, Blogger pocketchef said...

I had this link saved for like forever. But I am now just reading it for the first time. It was your blog that had inspired me to do my when sims3 came out. I hope my will turn out as well done as yours. now if only I can get the pictures to be bigger.


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