January 14, 2007

Chapter 11: Send Me an Angel

Send Me an Angel

Hello! Hey, I finally found my newspaper. I guess the paper girl just missed me for a couple days. Although Xavier the made swore he saw someone stop by and pick it up. Anyhoo. Now if I could just get a little privacy to catch up on 'Get Fuzzy'... heh... that Bucky.

Oh, but I bet you're hear the latest drama in the Holldum Saga.


I know, Bibby, but drama just happens in the Holldum saga. I try not to poke the bear, but sometimes ya gotta. If I didn't, Orrin would play his dang handheld all day.


Oh, you just wanted a Greenie. My bad. My Bibby-to-Simlish-to-English translator must not be working right. Here, snack on your Greenie and I'll start up the next chapter.

So, as you remember, last chapter we were graced by the arrival of the angelic Omaha Holldum, here cradled by her loving uncle Orry.

"It is best to mold the minds of your minions while they are young. And do not use my diminutive."

As a result of the drama in previous chapters, Kasson spent his time either bawling like a girl or verbally abusing yours truly.

"Hey! $*..."

Let's not start that already. It's a new chapter. Stop blaming me for the destruction of your love life and let's move on.

Speaking of love lives... despite the arrival of his beautiful baby girl, poor Cleveland is starting to bottom out...

Because now that she's no longer expecting, Shelby is more interested in her job and promotions than her family.

::Tha boss said if'n Ah'm in early taday and work late, Ah maight be up for a promotion soon.::

Oh, and Orrin got fat.

"Do NOT mock the Evil Overlord!"

You're not an overlord yet and if you ever want to be one, I'd recommend getting your tail upstairs and hitting the treadmill.

So lets check in on Omaha and get this...



*gasp* *pant*

Okay... while I recover from the shock, lets check in on Salina and everyone over in Cham Annya Hoh at La Fiesta Tech.

As you can imagine, there's a lot of hatin' going on over at the Hoh House. Cirrus and Euclid are pretty civil about the whole situation.

Salina and Euphemia, however, aren't. Salina hasn't forgiven Phemey for stealing Cirrus from her and, with full body points, she's pretty formidable in a fight.

In fact, I may have to separate these two. They'll keep this up all night if I let them. And they have.

They started in about 11 pm one night and were still going at it strong when the sun rose. Seriously, a lot of hatin' going on here.

I do have a question for everyone about Phemey's looks. All the Retrorockets had custom green eyes, but when I had to reinstall, I didn't reload those eyes. All the Retrorocket aliens (Eugene Jr, Eustace, Eugenia, Euclid, Euphemia, and Euffie) reverted to the default black alien eyes...

With the hackmagic of SimPE, I switched them over to show the default green eyes. But I'm wondering... is Euphemia prettier with "human" eyes or with alien ones? Thoughts? Opinions?

Bueller? Bueller?

Remember when your mother warned you not to make that face because it'd freeze like that?

Okay, back to the main house. Scary Sophie should be gone for the day and... er... Kasson, are you okay? *concerned look*

"I like will be once you stop tryin' to poison me."

*sigh* You made that peanut butter and summer sausage sandwich yourself, so if anything you did it to yourself. I think you've got the flu though. There's a Typhoid Mary spreading it around Strangetown right now (actually, I think it's a Typhoid Salina). Go lay down while I check on your brother.

Wait a minute... the future evil overlord is a klutz?

"Walking on this device is far more complicated than..."

It's walking, Orrin. One foot in front of the other. Repeated falling and catching yourself. I didn't have problems like this when I got my treadmill.

It is funny to watch though.

"Do NOT mock the evil overlord!"

Orrin finally ran his needs into the ground. He'd earned 3 body points but had barely nudged his fitness bar above the fat zone. I didn't understand why the hours of working out had done virtually nothing for him, but when he did the fat to trim transformation all became clear. Rather than doing the "flex and pose" emote, he lifted each arm just kinda stared confusedly at it. Then he shrugged. Checking his stats I discovered he had no active points whatsoever. So not only does he want to be an evil overlord, he wants to be a lazy evil overlord.

"That is not true! Keeping my subjects and minions in line will keep me fit and trim."

You've got to have minions and subjects first, and you're not going to get any smelling like that. Oy. Go take a bath.

For the curious, here's a rehash of Orry's stats: Full neat, 7 outgoing, 0 active, 5 playful, 5 nice. Capricorn. Go Goats!

Sorry Orrin. I didn't know Shelby was going to interrupt your post-exercise ablutions.

"Git yerself outta here! Ah gotta pee. An' quit peepin' at me!"

Let's fast forward to Omaha's birthday. Infants are kinda boring anyway. All they do is eat, urp, and piddle. Besides, I'm curious to see who Omaha looks like.

As usual, most of the Holldum clan is lounging about in their underwear. And I think we can tell what Texas and Waylon were up to.

"Could you explain to me why parent are attending their granddaughter's birthday in their underwear?"

They're Holldums. They attend most major events in their underwear. Besides, I think you interrupted their WooHoo.

"Ah, WooHoo. Speaking of which, where is my wife?"

Working, as usual. You expected other?

Happy Birthday little Omaha. Let's see what sort of little lady you grow up into.

Omaha is a Pisces with 8 neat, 5 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful, and full nice points. Looks like another Holldum is going to be afflicted with cleaning OCD. It also seems like Shelby had a big effect on Omaha's outgoing. Cleveland has 9 but Shelby only 1. Of course, a little encouragement can correct both of these. Hmm... I don't think I've posted Shelby's stats. She's a Gemini with 5 neat, 1 outgoing, 8 active, 8 playful, and 3 nice points.

Oh, and I'm sorry Omaha. I think you got Waylon's nose, just like Daddy.

Sleep well little Omaha. You're going to have a busy next few days. Hmm... looks like you snagged the holiday pack jammies too.

It'll start out with a nice breakfast with your family, before your mother, Uncle Kasson, and Uncle Orrin rush off their respective jobs and schooling.

Then a little language skill development with your grandmother.

Gods help us all.

"Com'on punkin. Ya kin say it fer Gramma. Bawtle."

"Ba ba"

"Naw sweetie. Try again. Bawtle."


"Tha's Gramma's lil gurl."


"Aww, hain't you jes Gramma's little angel? Kin you say 'grilled cheese' for Gramma?"



You're not going to be saying that quite so much when she 'awws' all over the floor, Texas. That bladder bar is awfully low.

Finally we'll give Grandpa the messy task of potty training you.

"Gwandpa! Tinka!"

Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of Cleveland teaching Omaha to walk, although Texas did paint a lovely still life of it.

Sorry, it's a requirement for all Holldum children to be photographed with Mr. Bunnybear. He's a little worse for wear now, but he's still the same snuggly heirloom.

And by fate (or by the gnomes who run the random number generation program) both Texas and Waylon managed to score purple pjs when they became elders. Hey, shouldn't you two be woohooing or something? Waylon's rolled up the want again.

"We's re-coo-per-atin'. We hain't as young as we done usta be. Asides, soon as ya done got that camera turned elsewhere, Waylon'll be a puttin' the moves on me."

I see. Well I'll just do that then

::Mah boss told me that Ah got some right real po-tential an' he might be able to swing me a pro-mo-tion. Ah just got to show him Ah'm a professional. Ah rahlly do hope Reynard at La Petite Coiffure ain't closed up yet.::

Weren't you just downstairs a moment ago?

"Waylon done fell ersleep on me. An' Omaha made a stinky, so'n I figgurd I'd give 'er a nice bath."

Thankfully the toddler bathing obsession has not struck the Holldum household. I don't know if it was fixed in one of the expansions, or if I've just been lucky so far.

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pinky?

"Well I dunno who this Pinky is, but I done be pondering doin' sumthin' wit mah granbaby's hair."

Sure. Go for it. I've got several cute toddler haircuts.

I admit, I like the braids. I had 'em when I was a little punkin' too.

"Oh, ya hain't seen nuthin' yit. I done finded her the cutest outfit."

By the hundred little gods Texas, not the hat.

"I done thinks she looks awfully cute."

Well, maybe it'll grow on me.

Shelby got back from La Petite Coiffure after a brief stop at one of the local clothing boutiques. Cleans up nice, doesn't she? And she's going for the 'short skirt, long jacket' professional look going on (mostly because I haven't downloaded any suits) *goes clothes surfing*

Letting yourself go Kasson? Sheesh, your brother is making dinner as we speak.

"Mmmmurmph. *glugglug*"

I thought I asked you not to call me that.

"I like said I was finishin' off this carton so we could like open the new one fer dinner."

Sure you did.

Okay, I admit defeat. Omaha is adorably cute in the outfit and hat.


Guys, there's another bathroom upstairs that nobody is using.


I'm telling ya, the Holldums have no shame. Shelby seems to be the only one who gets worked up if someone is in the bathroom at the same time she's doing her business.

What's with the stud-boy pose Orry?

"I have a date... er a community excursion with Brandi tonight. She is picking me up at 1."

I thought you didn't like her.

"I like watching how she... er.. I find her acceptable."

Heh. You've got the hots for her.

"Damn you woman. Leave me so I can dress."

The police are here already? But Orrin hasn't even snuck out yet. Could there be another reason they're here?

Of course there is. That was the Strangetown SPCA bringing a new member to the Holldum household. Meet Felicia. Shelby finally got her chi-hooa-hooa er chihuahua.

"I done loves me mah lil chi-hooa-hooa."

Of course, with puppies come other problems...

... like puddles.

"Whoa. Why do I like have to scold the puppy for like piddling or whatever? Can't Cleveland do it? It's his wife's dog."

Because you were handy and you were already in a bad mood. Besides...

Cleveland is having his own problems.

Poor guy is falling apart at the seams. Shelby keeps giving him the brush off. It's not natural for a married Holldum to go this long without woohoo. Just look at Texas and Waylon. And there's that whole 'spare to the heir' need to deal with.

Amidst the chaos, Orrin managed to sneak out unobserved.

"Of course I did. I have been studying the ways of the ninja, in order to implement their skills in the control of..."

Of this world when you become Overlord. I think we've heard this before. Just hope you don't run into any pirates, oh ninja-like overlord.

Well, at least Felicia was warmly welcomed into the household by most of the Holldums. Some of them more than others.


Felicia, however, is having second thoughts. I would too if I was being squeezed by a toddler.

I thought this was absolutely adorable. Before she put the puppy down, Omaha kissed Felicia on the head

And, since this chapter is getting a little on the long side, lets take a break and pick this up in Chapter 11b: Send me an Angel (12" Remix)


At 1/15/2007 8:08 AM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

I think I like the alien eyes better on her than the default green ones. :O) There's just something about those dark and mysterious alien eyeballs. :O)

At 1/18/2007 1:06 PM, Anonymous JennTSG said...

I like the alien ones better personally!!

What a cute puppy...I was gonna work on my site but I'm getting the urge to play some prosperity now...damn you!!

At 1/28/2007 9:22 PM, Blogger Laura said...

I definitely like the alien eyes on her better. And I love this legacy, I've just been catching up on it.

At 3/03/2007 1:26 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Omaha is SO cute in that outfit! Oh my! Poor Cleveland. He's not coping very well although I must say that Shelby cleaned up quite nicely. The puppy pictures are soooo cute! I love those interactions.

At 3/16/2007 2:23 AM, Blogger suziesim said...

What the heck has Cleveland all cowering like a school girl? You'd think he was Ralph Furley rather than Heir to the Holldum Estate! ;p hehe - Orrin won't have to use minnions, just threaten to sit on us all! (0 active lol!!)
Too funny about the nonstop cat fights (nothing personal Bibby) at the Greek house! That's gonna leave a mark! umm, I think I like the classic alien eyes, they're too big to be that green. :)
Nice stats on Omaha - and too cute in the cowgirl outfit - WTG Texas! Shelby's shy of 1 is probably behind her protesting on sharing potty space! Wow - but she does clean up nice, don't she?
toddlers & puppies together are beyond cuteness! :D:D


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