January 26, 2007

Chapter 13: a.k.a. Ch. (12 + 1)

Chapter 12 plus 4*(0.25)
Yes, there is no 13.

In our brief swing through chapter 12, a few important things came about. . .

"Howdy Miz Bus Dwiver Ladee."

"So you're going to SSSS now too?"

"Yeah. Mama had da hedmastah over yesdewday in her undies an' got me acktheped."

"Well, that's one way to get in I guess. But those headmasters. . . " *shudder*

"I don't wike these uneefoams. They're itchy an' I can't wear my cowgoil boots wif 'em."

"Yeah, they are kind of a. . . ah geez, hurry up and sit down. That freaky green kid is heading for the bus. Maybe if I pull away fast enough he won't be able to jump in."

"I'm gween too, just wike Unca Orwee."

Cleveland finally got his woohoo.

::I love my wife, but. . . I think I love Veronica too. And Veronica doesn't mind that I'm a vampire.::

Shelby never spins up wants to flirt or kiss Cleveland, but she did spin up a want to have him cured of vampirism. I guess at the all-day company barbeques it's too hard to explain why your husband isn't with you.

Shelby discovered a little something unexpected in the aftermath of the Guilt Woohoo.

::Don't barf on mah new suit. Don't barf on mah new suit:: *horrkk!*

"Is you okay Mama?"

"I'm fine dear. Mama just. . . ah. . . had some bad chili."

And Cleveland renewed an old friendship.

"Hey Clevey-baby, I came right over when you called."

"I asked you not to call me that Veronica. Please."

"Sorry sugar. Anything I can do to make you feel less. . . domestic?" *waggle eyebrows*

Pregnancy this time around is a lot harder for Shelby. She rushed for the bathroom after she arrived home from work, but fell asleep before she was able to piddle. You can imagine what happened when I finally woke her up so Waylon could shoo her out and sit down to catch up on today's edition of the Strangetown Picayune.

"Who's Gramma's little angel? Ticka Ticka Ticka."

"Gwamma!" *giggle*

Sheesh Texas. At least put some clothes on. No need to be scaring your granddaughter with those granny panties.

"Gwamma, I fink someone's watchin' us."

"That's jes Keth. Don' be payin' her no mind. She's done been doin' that watchin' thing for a long time now. Keep on her good side an' she won' be a marryin' ya off to some big-lipped hussy like Jan Tellerman."

"Mom-babe! Do ya like have ta keep sayin' that!"

"Jes you wait boy, 'n you'll see. That or she'll done have you fixin' the 'lectric trashy bin all the time. Them things kill, ya know."

"Keth so wouldn't do that. . . would she?"

Hmm. . . maybe we shouldn't encourage Omaha to be as outgoing as her grandmother and uncle.

"Good night sweetie. Don't let Mr. Noodle bite."

Did Maxis code elders to be more affectionate to kids than adults? Waylon never tucked his own kids in, but about once a night he wanders by to tuck in Omaha.

Kasson, you might want to lay off the telescope use until daytime. At least then all that will happen is you'll annoy Vidcund.

"What's the big deal with it Babe?"

Well, I haven't had an abduction in a while, so Strangetown is kind of overdue for one. And... I'd... ah... really rather it wasn't you.

"Is that like concern I hear there Babe?"

I just wouldn't want Jan to miss out on her chance to join the family.

"Heh. Sure." *smirks*

*shakes head* The boy sees right through me.

"Can I call Keth later?"

Get off the telescope and we'll see. Orrin needs to work on his logic. He's short on skill points for scholarships. *sigh* Maybe I should just buy a second telescope for him to peep through.

"Yo, Mom-babe, you really like gotta quit pullin' those all nighters."

"Mother? Mother are you okay? Can you even breathe like that?"

*snork!* " Zzzz. . . "

::Note to overlordly self - Must perfect Anti-Aging serum so I never grow senile and go face first into my breakfast.::

I love Cleveland and Orrin's expressions.

"Xaveehew, do you evah feel wike sumbuddies watchin' you when yoos cweaning da house?"

"All the time kid. All the time. Hey, watch this."


"Your grandma is gonna jump out of her skin when I start up the dishwasher here."





Omaha, don't you have anything better to do?

Well, that'll keep her out of trouble for a while.

But Sweetie you know, as long as the showerhead is dripping, you're never going to make any headway in cleaning the bathroom. Go ask one of your uncles to fix it for you.

That HCCD starts early, doesn't it?

Texas! There's a perfectly clean and fixed shower right beside you! Yeesh! *slaps censor on the picture*

"I done took a shower this morinin'. I jes needed a lil sponge-me-off a'fore I headed to bed with Waylon. An' jes whut the heck did you done stick on mah rump?"

Looks like Jack high, but I'm still waiting on the dealer to pass me the last card I need for the hand.

Woot! Shelby's had her first bump of baby #2. She will now sit down and proceed to devour three of the omlettes she just set out. I have the feeling I'm going to have to stick her on the treadmill as soon as she's done spitting out this little one.

"Who's a sexhay gramma?"

Er, shouldn't you be asking Waylon that question Texas?

"Where is mah sweetie? It's 'bout time fer our 8 a.m. mornin' mattress testin'."

Ew. I didn't need to know that. I suppose I should be glad you're not wearin' those granny panties anymore but still. . . ew.

"Kasson, don't let Father catch you with that on. You know how worked up he gets over it."

"Dude! This noodlehootchie has so scored me the big pro-mo at work!"

"Mother says the noodlehoo. . . noodlesoother slowly drains your intelligence."

"Whoa! You're puttin' off these green fumes an' are all smoky and stinky an' stuff. What gives?"

"I'm too late. The noodlesoother has done it's evil deed."

I don't know Cleveland. He was like this before the noodlehootchie. Now get yourself inside before you become a crispy vampire. Omaha and Veronica would be very upset if that happened. I'm not sure how much Shelby would care.

Sure, we get her new undies and she wants to run around in her pjs now.

That's an awfully thoughtful look Texas. What's up?

"I'm jes writin' mah memo-warz. This here first book is done gonna be 'Secrets from the Screen: On the set of Grill of Golden West'."

Ambitious title.

"Tha next is gonna be on mah Grand Unified Grilled Cheese Theory."

At this point there was a loud ZOT as the magic blue smoke escaped from the computer and the monitor went dark.

"Aw crap!"

Kasson, what are you doing?

"Mom asked me to like fix the computer so she could totally finish up her novel."

I gathered that much. Let me rephrase. Why are you sticking that there?

"OW! #&%* @(%^&."

Yeah, that's the power supply you were sticking that screwdriver in. It'll shock your socks off if you're not careful.

"#&%* @(%^& computer. I'll like totally fix you yet."

Omaha would wear her bananajammies all day if I'd let her. Heck, I'd let her (I think they're adorable with the little monster slippers) but school does kind of have this uniform policy.

The unfortunately nosed child snuggling up to Omaha is Thor Beaker. I'm not sure which is more unfortunate though: having that nose or having Circe and Loki as parents.

I had to throw this in here because I thought it was cute. This is Niji, one of the Strangetown wolves, playing with Felicia. None of the other strays or wolves the Holldums have greeted ever played with her before.

You know, that computer looks an awful lot like my first computer. I wonder if has a 250MB hard drive too.

Geez Kasson, stop sticking that screwdriver in the PSU or you're going to. . .

. . . electrocute yourself.


I warned him. The idjit.

Hmm. . . usually when a sim shocks themselves, the whole household comes racing over to worry about them.

Ah, so that's where you guys are. Nice of you to be so concerned about your brother and uncle's possible impending death. No no, don't' rush, we can wait.

Actually, I thought it was a terribly cute father-daughter moment. Omaha and Cleveland are in perfect sync as they cross the floor. And Kasson isn't in any danger. He was well and thoroughly maxxed in the green before he touched the computer.

"Babe, I'm hurt. You mean you weren't like worried for me? I totally saw my life flash before my eyes. *mutters* Could've done without seeing that fight with Phemey again."

Sorry, but I knew you'd be fine. A little sooty, but fine.

"You are so letting me call Keth for this."

All right, all right. But later. She's at work now.

"Daddy, what smells kinda cwispy?"

Whoa, thar she blows again. Tell Capt'n Ahab we've spotted the whale!

I think she's even bigger than she was with Omaha.

::Gotta take a shower. Gotta get dressed.::

Wait! Shelby! Where are you going? You could drop the spare to the heir at any moment. What do you think you're doing?

::That damn chickie in the secretarial pool is puttin' the moves on my boss an' trying to get my position while I'm out. Gotta git to work and prove I'm dedicated to my job.::

I had no idea that pregnant sims could drive themselves to work. Or is this some hack that crept in somewhere? Either way, Shelby scored a promotion that catapulted her into platinum.

::That'll teach that floozie to put the moves on my boss and my position.::

Let's hope this little excursion to work wasn't overdoing it for her and the spare.

"Mama Mama! I done gitted an A pwus on my 'port card!"

"That's wonnerful punkin. Keep that up, git a job, git promoted, and ya'll be an overachiever. Mama will be so proud of ya."

"Can I have a hug Mama?"

"No now dear. Mama's feeling a little crampy."

"Um. . . excuse me. . . Miss Mouse Lady. I think you were right. Mebbe I should've stayed home."

Junior's getting ready to make his or her appearance, eh?


"Mama! Is you okay? Did ya haf some bad chili agin?"

"Mama's just gittin you a little brother or sister."


"And I'm going to kill your father when he gets back from work. This hurts worse than the first time."

Allow me to introduce you to Treynor Hamlin Holldum, spare to the heir and second child of Generation 3. Yes, he really does have eyes. He just never had them over when I was taking pictures. Seriously, I think I have one shot of him with open eyes, two pics at the most. He's got the all black alien eyes, just like his sister. *sigh* I was hoping he'd get Cleveland's blue eyes but no dice. At least I know that both he and Omaha have recessive green eyes.

You know how most new parents are always popping up thoughts of their baby, especially when putting them in the crib right after birth. Not Shelby. Yep, she kept popping up wealth aspiration related doodads.

::Well, at least he's a nice lil' tax break. A'course, there's all them expensive diapers and the private school tuition and. . . ::

Poor little guy.

At least your grandfather is here to give you some lovin' and get you a ba-ba Treynor.

Yep, no soon had Shelby put Treynor in the crib and headed upstairs to bed than Waylon came in to snuggle him and take him to the kitchen for a bottle. I'm tellin' ya, I swear they coded the elders to be more affectionate.

"Hello? Yep, this here's Texas. It is? Like hotcakes? Yeehaw! Yep, I'll done git started on the next one right away, once I done git finished a snuggling wif mah new granchile."

Heh. Someone's novel is selling well. Okay *ticks off on her fingers* Waylon has Treynor, Texas is on the phone, Shelby and Omaha have crashed, Orrin is on the treadmill again (Miz Texas needs to hit too, looks like), and Cleveland is at work. So where's Kasson?

I see. . .

*cross arms* *tap foot*

I thought we'd agreed you were just going to call her. I. . .


Ah, never mind. Let's just let 'em be. I'd better hurry and get the next chapter written up before Orrin starts pitching a fit.

*long pause* And here it is, the next chapter: Chapter 14: Orrin's Chapter


At 1/26/2007 9:23 PM, Blogger Evil said...

Ah, Friday night with the Holldums. Omaha sure is a little firecracker, ain't she? I still love the SSSS. Poor Kasson! But perhpaps he'll inspire a new recipe for Texas. I'm sure I've had Fried Kasson at some point in life... Treynor is adorable - but I can't say I blame him for keeping his eyes shut. There was entirely too little Orrin! No one puts baby in the corner! (that's where you keep the treadmill... right?) Loved it!

At 1/27/2007 8:29 PM, Anonymous JennTSG said...

I keep squinting to figure out what the picture on the computer desk is...do tell!!

At 1/27/2007 9:20 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

I think sim-you and Kasson make a lovely couple. Hehe. And wow! I wonder if it IS a glitch that the heavily pregnant can drive themselves to work. I guess someone's gonna have to test this ... *looks at Keth*

At 1/30/2007 10:46 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

The picture on the desk is of a child under the influence of smart milk.

I thought for a minute there, Shelby was going to have twins. Still, baby Treynor is awfully cute. *snuggles*

Wow, Kasson is cuddling with Keth. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

At 3/23/2007 2:06 PM, Blogger suziesim said...

hehe - poor Texas - falling asleep in her food like that *glances over at Waylon* Someone's been keeping the girl from getting any rest. lol! Me thinks the Holldums need another potty downstairs too!
lmbo at the censor tho'! And that Jack looks mighty proud of himself too! :D :D
Awww - you did let Kasson get a little crispified there! And Shelby went to work like that?! I didn't know they could do that! Congrats on the promotion tho!
Wee - and a spin too - welcome little Treynor! :)


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