March 03, 2007

Chapter 18b: MBiBs Bearing Gifts

MBiBs Bearing Gifts

The first half of Chapter 18 found Orrin being visited by several men in dark suits and very dark glasses, who arrived in a black SUV. Let's rejoin them and see what the second half brings, shall we?

"Hey Cirrus, what's this all about?"

"I don't know Euphemia. It seems like Orrin may have finally gotten in some deep $%&# with all his raving about world conquest."

"I wonder where they guys are from. Are they this serious all the time? Do they ever unwind and go out on the town? Do you think the one over there would give me his phone number if I asked?"

"Euphemia, aren't you engaged to Vasyl?"

"Not yet, not yet. Oooo, that one's cute too. Oh, and what about the one over there?"

"What is this, the Overlord of the Month club?"

"Just a few items from those who have been watching your process. She hopes it will help cultivate your potential."

"And the sheep?"

"Sometimes sacrifices must be made."

At least it's not a yak and a rubber hose.

"And now, if you will pardon us, it is time we took our leave."

**the strangers file out of Hoh House in orderly fashion. All except one. **

"So, ah, it was nice to meet you. I'm sure we'll be back to check in on you. Until then..."

"Damnit Mango! Come on. *sigh* Okay Papa, you were right. Fruitcake."

**the last man rushes out to join the others**

"Aw dang Cirrus, they've all left and I wasn't able to give the hunky one my number."

"You'll live Euphemia. Go call Vasyl."

"Just what the @*%# is all this?"

It looks like some boxes and a sheep.

"That's not what I mean! I'm being watched? People are already trying to interfere with my rise to supremacy?"

Well, technically all of you are being watched, just not you alone Orry. So why don't you take your new goodies upstairs?

"Clothes. I've been sent clothes."

And a few other things.

"But they're not uniforms."

Why would they be?

"All that talk of 'cultivating my potential' and other nonsense."

I don't think the person who provided some of what's in the boxes would be too keen on seeing you in some stuffy, starched uniform. And fatigues would probably clash with your skintone.

"This isn't funny. By the Nine Hells, I hope you don't seriously expect me to wear this."

Not until I find some gold chains for you wear with it.

"I look like I flayed a dalmatian."

Yeah, but you're last name's not deVil, so we know that isn't the case. Go take a look in those clothing boxes again.

There's something else to wear in those boxes, I'm sure. Something just for you.

"Just for me?"

Yes, from an... admirer... of sorts.

"An admirer of me? I realize it is quite natural, what with myself being an evil overlord. I just never expected to receive gifts from them. I'm. . . well. . . touched. And why do I have this feeling of déjà vu?"

Remember that whole multisimmensional, parallel Strangetown thing I've mentioned before? This is part of that. In another instance and at another time we've already gone through this gift giving and explanations.

"I would say I don't quite understand, but that would be admitting a flaw and failure and evil overlords do not have flaws or failures."

Oh just put your clothes on.

There. That's better. Someone's going to be happy (and the rest of us will just giggle madly behind your back)

"I hate you. Both of you. Deeply. Intensely."

Aw, you say that now.

So we leave Hoh house for the moment. We all know how this scene is going to end anyway. Vidcund hasn't been over recently and his visit is long overdue.

Besides, there's a boy I need to have a looonng talk with about Strangetown Keth.

Hey Budd-dee, what's with the long face? Bertha duBois fail set herself on fire on this episode of Frommage Du Jour?

"Not ta be like, rude, Babe but could you totally bug someone else right now? I'm so trying ta sort some things out here."

No can do dude. Have you seen today's paper? People sometimes lose their jobs when they're caught in situations like that, especially when they're supposed to be working at the time. Needless to say, someone's a little worried about you. And she also wants to know where she can buy some good blinds for her bathroom.

"I told ya I was on my lunch... *mumbling* and maybe I'd like told 'em I had an offsite meeting that afternoon and to totally hold my calls and stuff like that."

Uh-huh. I think you and I need to have a little talk about a certain avatar.

"That's what I'm like tryin to sort out here"

Well, I would think the first thing to figure out is if you're actually serious, or just dallying around with her. She certainly wants to know (and I'm sure there are others out there who are curious too).

"Whoa. Babe, I'm hurt. Of course I care! You don't think I'd like totally cut work for just anyone, do ya?"

Kasson, you hate that job.

"I do not. It's just, like, a little stressful at times."

You hate it. You're constantly spinning up a "Quit Work" want. Can't you spin up a want for SK once in a while?

"I do so want her... er, like what I meant is..."

Heh. Oh no, you said what you meant. But the fact still remains that you never spin up a want to do anything with her, other than to chat her up."

"I know. Hey, Babe, do you remember like what you were sayin the one time about how the real social party sims and the book worm sims are like totally turned off by each other?"

You mean how popularity sims and knowledge sims have negative attraction? Yeah.

"I'm wonderin if its like something like that, ya know? But that same combo so totally rocks for Mom and Dad-dude."

Texas and Waylon play by a whole different set of rules I've discovered. But in your case, the popularity-knowledge thing is putting a damper on the bolts. Look at her and Cleveland.

"Cleveland? What's he got to do with her?"

He's a knowledge sim too, and he's on SK's list of 'top 5 boltable guys in Strangetown'.

"Wait, you're telling me she likes my brother more than me?!?!"

No, she likes you a lot more than him. It's just that she's more attracted to him than you. He pushes more of her buttons, gives her more bolts than you do. And he's not the only one.


Well here, lets take a look see at what she's up to.

"Babe, like what is this?"

It's a gen-u-wine U-See-Um crystal ball. I got it cheap off some gypsy in an orange scarf I ran into the park. She told me to ignore the cracks.

"So we're like going to spy on Keth now?"

I do it all the time. For you to see what's going on, though, we need a little help. Hold on a moment while I tune her in. *dials up the Strangetown Urban Complex*

"WHOA! What the...?!"

Settle down. You're fogging up the ball. She's just saying "hello".

"Just "Hello"? She like never greets me like that!"

You usually don't give her the chance. You just waltz in like you own the place. Tell me, how do you greet her?

"Um... well, I've been like so totally busy with work I, ah, haven't like invited her over. But I keep meaning to, ya know. But that is so not the issue right now! The point is she's kissing him!"

And not you? Poor baby.

Brian is an old friend of SK's from college. They have some serious boltage going on; he is the number one or number two guy on her Top 5 list. And he thinks she's pretty hot herself.

"She likes him more than Cleveland too?"

Attracted. But yes, she's attracted to him more than Cleveland.

"At least she likes someone more than Cleveland *sigh*"

And, like Cleveland, Brian's a knowledge sim.

"Like who else is on that list of hers?"

Um... some guy named Philip from college, Brian, Chester Gieke, Cleveland, and... um... some professor I think.

"And they're all knowledge dudes?"


"So is she like in love with all of them?"

I don't think she's in love with any of them. She might have the hots for Philip, since she keeps spinning up wants for him. Of course, she spins up wants for you and Brian too. Unlike some people.

"Why would I like want to do anything with Brian. I don't know the dude."


"Whoa! I thought you said she didn't love him."

She doesn't. I told you that. And I don't think he's in love with her either, though I'm sure he wouldn't mind if he was.

"Then like why is he asking if he can get all kissy with her."

Oh calm down a moment. At least he's polite enough to ask her before he grabs her and plants one on her. Kasson... Kasson?

Just what are you doing?

"I'm like invitin' her over here right now. I am so not going to sit around while some other guy totally puts the moves on her."

*facepalm* How like a guy. A little competition and he can't handle it. I hope this doesn't end badly. I guess we'll just have to wait till next chapter to see.


At 3/03/2007 10:11 PM, Blogger Evil said...

Oh Orrin! So glad to see the packages arrived. The shirt suits you well, and btw - I like my sheep sacrificed medium-rare. LOVED the MBiB ROFLMAO. They were GREAT. And I loved your little chat with Kasson. Very sweet, and he still has a lot to learn about Sim Keth. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more.

At 3/03/2007 10:52 PM, Blogger Mao said...

Oh, pardon me... MBiBs! Either way, very awesome.

Hahaha, poor Orrin! That's the best shirt ever. I hope he keeps it on. I also loved his little coat/pants combo! And Kasson and the crystal ball... oh boy.

At 3/03/2007 11:10 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Hehe. Orrin ... *snickers* ... dalmation jacket ... *cackles* ... *snorts* ... Gotta love the ram. Hehe. I hope he doesn't actually sacrifice it. :O)) It would make a good Evil Overlord mascot. HA!

Damn you! Damn you to HELL! Why'd you end the episode there, huh? WHY?!?! I wanna know how this turns out between Kasson and SK!!!!! *WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!*

At 3/04/2007 9:26 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

Wait until the next chapter? Ahhhhhh Well if Orrin needs lessons from EO you certainly don't!

At 3/10/2007 8:22 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

ROTFL!!! Orrin's new outfit is GREAT! Although the shirt suits him better! Very nice!!!

Poor Kasson. He seems genuinely heartbroken over Sim-Keth. I loved the crystal ball.


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