March 30, 2007

Chatper 22b: Graduation Day, part II

Graduation Day, part II

Well, it's time for the second round of parties. As you can tell, Cirrus' is already starting off hopping... not.

Okay, it got a little better as the night wore on.

And finally did top out at a "good time", mostly due to Orrin's grilled cheese sandwiches. That and there were plenty of people doing the crazy dance for the others to laugh at.

Dang it, hit the screen capture button too soon. But at least in this case Salina came over for the shot.

"Say cheese Lina."


"I said cheese, not cheesehead."

Ooo, looking sharp there Cirrus. Hopefully the everyday clothes that are hiding under that aren't too bad. I'm not sure I can handle another purple smoking jacket yet.

The remaining residents of Hoh House rush out to wish Cirrus good luck as he heads back to his family home in Strangetown.

Once the cab's away, brother and sister settle down to the Hoh House's favorite pastime... well, third favorite pastime, after woohoo and peeping on Vidcund.

The next day would be a quiet and boring one... for Salina at least.

For Orrin, it was a little different.

He discovered there was some truth to the rumor about deadly Strangetown kitchen appliances.


Salina, you might want to stop that painting and hurry over here, just in case you're needed.

"Oh by the Great Wheel of Cheddar, my whole life flashed before my eyes. All those lovely grilled cheese sandwiches. Like the Jarlsberg I had this morning. And the muenster from yesterday's lunch. Oh, and the lovely Double Gloucester I had as a midnight snack. It's really better when it's not in a grilled cheese sandwich, but..."

Ah, I don't think you need to rush Salina. Sounds like Orrin is just fine.

"Ya sure he's okay? He's all sparky an crispy an...ew... what stanks like burned cheese an' underpants?"

Um, that would be Orrin. He's babbling about dairy products so yeah, he's fine.

"...oh and there was that Roquefort and mayonnaise sandwich, which actually was a bad combination but..."

Oh Salina, he's already feeling pretty poorly. Do you have to lecture him too? You should be thankful he didn't piddle himself once the voltage stopped.

Well, at least the trash compactor got repaired without any further electrocutions. Now if someone could just open a window to try to clear out that crispy cheese smell.

Time for Salina's graduation party rolled around before we knew it. It seems Cirrus really missed his fiancée. They've been separated a whole... what... 18 hours?

Orrin finally found someone who was actually excited to talk about grilled cheese with him. Too bad I can't remember which of Salina's friends this was, otherwise I might have him ring her up later.

Hey Kasson, the door to the bubbleblower is open. Since you were pouting over it earlier and this is the last graduation party for a while I figured you might want to take it for a spin.

"Sorry Babe but I'm like kinda busy right now."

But it's your bubbleblower, your prized possession.

"Babe, I've like got somethin here right now that's so much better than a bubbleblower. So if ya could just like leave us alone for bit."

Fine, fine. Don't come waving your arms and stamping your feet at me later when I lock it up again.

And, once again due mostly to Orrin's grilled cheese sandwiches, the party ended with a Good Time. Seriously, the party can be dragging along and totally boring, but as soon as he serves his sandwiches, it shoots up to "good time".

Behold the Power of Cheese.

Hey look, I poked the screen capture button at the right time.

"Cirrus hun, when'd you git so short?"

"Ow, don't lean so hard. I'm gonna need this shoulder later.

Hmm... this must be the Drama Suit. Salina and Euphemia were both Drama Majors and they both got the same suit. Oh, and her everyday outfit matches her hair *shudder*

Orrin shows up to wish Salina bon voyage in his preferred outfit -- his pajamas. We give the boy an outfit made just for him and what does he do? Run around in lounge pants all day. Not that some of us are complaining but...

"Drive Safe Salina. Don't worry, I've got everything well in hand here."

So Orrin, you're the last remaining resident at Hoh House. How's it feel? Lonely yet?

"Hey, does that constellation look like a plait of mozzarella?"

Okay, maybe the solitude hasn't' settled in yet. Let's go and check in on our graduates who have already moved home and see how they're faring.


At 3/30/2007 3:24 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

Holy Mozzarella! You don't think a certain EO is getting worried about the competition and is sending the evil appliances over to dish out a warning do you? Maybe Orrie ought to keep away from the mailbox for a while *is worried about her favorite cheesehead*

At 4/04/2007 9:28 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Orrin must be putting something "special" in his grilled cheese sandwiches that make the party better!

At 4/04/2007 6:09 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

My Goodness! A close-call with Orrin and the trash compactor, eh? WOO!

Lots of graduating going on. Love the interaction of the engaged couple. Hehe.

That's our Orrin. Taking over your sim world one grilled cheese sandwich at a time!

At 6/06/2007 7:15 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Oh poor Orrin. He's really having a rough time since his grilled cheese obsession took hold. Cirrus looks good on graduation. The suit makes him look very sophisticated.


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