March 19, 2007

Chapter 21: Omaha Talks

Omaha Talks

This is a bit of a surprise chapter. I had these pictures already taken when I wrote up the last chapter, but figured I'd wait a few days before I wrote them up. However, Omaha was dang persistent about getting her chapter up. So let's go chat her up and see what she has to say.

Hey Omaha. Mind if we bend your ear a moment?


*clear throat*

Excuse, um Omaha? Sim-Deity asking a question here

"Oh, heya. Sorry 'bout that. My hands was kinda full."

I could see that. Who's this with you?

"What's yer name agin sweetums? Oh, I remember. Yer my math tutor."

Somehow I doubt you need a math tutor.

"Ya'll have no idea what I need. But didya want ta speak with me or somethin?"

Just wanted to find out how adolescence is treating you.

"Oh yer that Keth gal that Gramma said would done be stoppin by ta get all nosy on me. Hey, you ain't the same as the Keth what Unca Kasson is gittin all snuggly with, is ya?"

Nope, we're separate people. I just... borrow... her on occasion. Usually when I need to close out or start these chapters.

"I gotcha. Well, Gramma done warned me ya would prolly be startin ta ask me all sortsa questions here soon, seein as how I'm carryin on this here legacy. Whuteveah that is."

It's a family with a story that goes on and on. Kinda like a dynasty.

"Oh, like in ancient Egypt or China? Does it we're some sorta royalty or gods?"

You're pretty quick with that history knowledge. And you think you need a tutor. Heh. But no, not quite. Strangetown wasn't a kingdom last time I checked, so you can't be royalty. Although your uncle would like to turn it into a cheese-flavoured tyranny. As for being gods... well, I'm the only Sim-Deity around here.

"Well I done had ta ask. So y'all want to hear about how my first couple years in the upper grades of SSSS done been goin?"

I think, after catching you here with your 'math tutor'...

"Tutor in the ways of luuuuuvvvv"

"Sweetums, jes hesh up there."

Ahem... I think we're a little more curious about your 'extracurricular activities' than your schoolwork.

"Aw righty then. I done like doing them extravehicular activities. So lets jes jump right in."

"I'm sure y'all remember I done asked Peyton if he wanted ta be my sweetie when I was jes a lil punk. He was kinda surprized that I didn't ferget."

"A'course, how could I done ferget? I'd dreamed for so long about him bein my first kiss an my first sweetie."

"I felt all tingly and happy when we was done a kissin. An bubbly, kinda like a big bottle of shook up club soder."

"I knew then this kissin was somethin' I was gonna like doin again an' again an' again.

"Jes don't tell Peyton he ain't my only sweetie anymore."

It seems Peyton was pretty impressed with that kissing action too, since he had to brag to you about it afterwards.

"I'd bin practicin in the mirror all afternoon afore he showed up."

I don't think that's Peyton waiting for you in that car though.

"Nope, it sure ain't."

I'd recognize that nose anywhere. That's Thor Beaker.

"Like I done said, don't tell Peyton he ain't my only sweetie."

"Thor an I done knowed each other from when we was in recess together in Miz Wifflebum's ellermentalry class. A'course, we ain't kids no more an he was getting all sweet on me when I came over for his lil brudder's birthday."

Looks to me like you're the one getting all up close and cozy with him.

"That's cause Thor's been crushin' on me since the playground. He done spouted his hearts for me long ago."

I'm sure *snicker*

"A'course not every guy is as much a pushover as my Thory."

Thory? *hurk*

"Like Sully here."

Isn't that Orrin's friend Sullivan?

"Yeah. Orry wert his freshman chemistry tutor. He's a lil older than me but that there's okay. I had a feelin he might be sweet on me too, cuz a how he'd always say Hi ta me in the hallway at school."

"But when I done asked him if'n he thought I was cute he jes looked kinda bored."

"Then he tole me he liked his girls with a lil booty to 'em. I never thinked he was inta pirates."

"So I done showed him that the booty hain't the only place where the action is."

Looks like you're showing someone else that anti-booty action here.

"Oh, that there's Ripp. *fans herself and swoons* He stoppered by ta see me after he done got done workin at the Diggity Dog"

"He bringed his lil brudder Buck with him too. He never told me his lil brudder was so cute. He's a blonde." *squeals*

Yeah, and Jill Smith is awfully sweet on him. You really shouldn't be nosing in on her boy.

"You're right about him being Jilly's boy. I mean, I done gave him my best whistle and 'hey sexhay' come on..."

Sexhay? Gah, stop asking your uncle for dating tips.

"... an he jumpered all over me, tellin' me he don't be liking that an that he only likes good girls. I hain't a bad girl, am I?"

You're a romance sim, with the power to make strong men weak. You're only bad if you use your powers for evil.

"Well, mebbe a lil evil then. But I hain't no hussy."

A little evil? Gods, don't let Orrin hear you.

Omaha Casey Holldum! Just what do you think you're wearing?

"You think Sully'll notice my booty now? A'course, I ain't going out with him. Ripp'll be here for me anytime."

Um, over Cleveland's dead body... Okay, maybe that was redundant, what with him bein' a vampire, but you get my point.

"Yeah, I done gotted his point good."

Of course, it's not like he could miss Omaha's attempt to sneak out. Ripp wasn't even subtle enough to wait until Cleveland's carpool had left before pulling up to the front stoop of the Holldum Estate.

Good thing Omaha has a wake up smooch waiting for her every morning to perk her up.

"He ain't waitin' fer me every morning. Some times I done sleep in late."

After you've been out all night with some other man.

"That hain't true either. I go out wit Peyton too."

That's true. I found this pic of you and he getting all up close and personal somewhere downtown.

"Oh that. A bunch of us done goned downtown ta go bowlin'."

Yeah, I see lots of bowling going on there.

"Ya see, he was jes gittn ready ta show me how ta hold the b..."

Don't. Go. There. *snicker*

"We didn't git there or anywhere fer that matter cuz I done heard this whinin and grumbling and felt these here evil eyes on me."

Oh oh....

Looks like you forgot Wednesday was Mrs. Crumplebottom's bowling night.

"After she done got done chewin me a new ear, she what started whapping on me with that purse. What's she got in that thing?"

Besides her knitting? Dunno. I've heard rumours she might keep cat food there.

"Anyway, after I was able to escape from the old biddy, I seen Ripp sneaking off ta the pool room. Tank were pickin on him something sore awful, so I went over ta cheer him up a bit."

"But then I felt them there eyes again."

Uh Oh, I see where this is going.

"I felt so bad fer poor Ripp. His dad and brudder are so hard on him an' then he comes with us here fer a lil fun and this ol' bat starts a whackin on him too."

I'm sure you comforted him and made him feel all better though.

"A girl kin try. But it were a school night, so we had to header home soon though."

Ah well, another night, another dude.

"Ya done got that right."

So who's this one?

"Umm... Mr Thursday?"

Well, whomever he is, I see he's about as bright as Ripp, pulling up behind your dad's carpool. At least the nanny managed to distract him long enough for you to make it to the car before being busted.

"Yeah, I tipped her like a whole twenty ta hold Dad up like that there."

Just don't be out too late. Next update Treynor has a birthday and your Aunt Salina will be moving back.

"Will Orry be here?"

Yes, I'm sure Orrin will be here in all his cheesy goodness.

"Yay! I done miss my Orry."

So lets move on to the next installment of Holldum Hijinks: Chapter 22 - Graduation Day


At 3/20/2007 8:00 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I almost feel sorry for the Strangetown boys. Oh, and Omaha, you'd be surprised at the number of people who are into pirates! *grin*

At 3/20/2007 9:00 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

Lock up your sons Omaha is lose! LOL what a lovely chapter you gave her!!!

At 3/20/2007 10:22 AM, Blogger Evil said...

Oh Omaha. You are a Holldum Heiress indeed. ROFLMAO. I loved your romantic escapades, and your Texas Style attitude. Ah yes. Love Mrs. Crumplebottom and the EVIL eyes. I'm very glad to here that Orrin will be back soon and that Treynor might get to wear something other than a bear costume (I hate when toddlers get stuck in that) But mostly I love the sassy way that Omaha talks to you. LOL funny.

At 3/20/2007 4:32 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Oh Omaha is a handful! Good luck with her Keth. She sure does have her share of boys around her doesn't she? OMG! That outfit of her's is, wow. Good man Cleveland, I wouldn't let my daughter out of the house dressed like that either ::eyes the MIT:: Omaha is really going to have to be careful there so she doesn't get caught with any of these boys. I love her character! She is going to be fun!

At 3/20/2007 8:34 PM, Blogger Mao said...

Wow, Omaha is one spicy little woman, isn't she? She's going to be quite the handful once she finds the wonder of 'WooHoo', haha! I can't wait to see that. Great update once again, Keth... I love this crazy family.

At 3/26/2007 7:40 PM, Blogger ruby said...

I'm a new fan of yours, I love this story and all of the characters you have. They're wonderful! I just can't believe I got to the end.. where is the next chapter?!
At least Omaha is better at sneaking out than the previous Holldums!
As much as I love your sassy Omaha; Orrin and Kasson are by far my favorites...

At 4/04/2007 5:56 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Wow ... Omaha is gonna need a belt the circumference of the earth in order to get all of her notches on there. HA! GEEZ!


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