March 11, 2007

Chapter 19b: That Call

That Call

While things have been going on at La Fiesta Tech, life has continued here in Strangetown. In fact, I'm jumping ahead a bit for this next part, but I'll come back later and catch you all up on Omaha's first few teenage years.

As you can tell, though, she's a typical Holldum (inappropriate conversations and all) This Jill Smith's teen birthday. Omaha is chatting up Marie Curious, the oldest of the Curious kids. That's Thor Beaker behind her (his twin Bernie is around there somewhere) Buck Grunt is in the back with Waylon, Lazlo, and Johnny.

But you're not here to hear the latest in Strangetown gossip. You want to know what happened after I had a loooong talk with a certain boy. We join this call already in progress.

*ring* *ring*



*sigh* Why am I not surprised?


"You get a wrong number, Keth?"

Oh come on and suck it up Kasson. You're not a teenager anymore.

*gulp* "Hi... Keth?"

"Kasson, is that you? What's up?"

"Hey, I was... ah... wondering if you like
wanted to come over for dinner...
maybe... um... watch a movie or something?"

"Aw, I'm sorry but I've already got plans for tonight.
Maybe another night, if you can be sure there
aren't any reporters lurking about."

"Well I was really hoping you could...ah...
because I wanted to talk to you about... er..."

"Hey, I've got to run. I've got someone waiting on me here.
Call me later and maybe we can plan something?"

"No, I really need to..." *click*

"She hung up on me Babe. She cut me off and hung up on me."

And you're surprised? You were being kinda wishy washy there. The beginning really sucked, but you were starting to come back at the end. What happened to "I am so not going to sit around while some other guy totally puts the moves on her"?

"Babe, don't you get it? She Hung Up On Me! She totally likes this Brian dude more than me. You were soooo wrong about her liking me more."

I was not. She's got little pink and red hearts for you.

"She's got 'em for Brian too! And Chester! And Cleveland! She's like got the hots for my own #*%$@&! brother!"

Wrong type of pink and red hearts. I'm talking about the ones that mean she's in love with you, not the floaty ones that mean she's attracted to you. Those she has for you but not for Brian. Or Chester. Or Cleveland. Wait, she might still have them for Cleveland from when she met him in college... I don't remember.

"AAAAAHHHH. No wonder she hung up on me. I hate you."

Again with the hating? *sigh* Texas was right. You are an idjit. She reason she hung up on you is because you choked during the whole conversation. You want her to come over, so tell her. Tell her why you want her to come over, why you want to talk to her.

"Tell her I like don't want Brian or anybody putting the moves on her? Why don't I like just go over there and tell him to shove off instead?"

Because SK is enough like me that if you do that, she's apt to tell you "Bite Me" and go off with Brian anyway.

"Now that I'd like to do... but to her, not Brian."

Oy *deeper sigh* You need to tell her why you don't want her to go with Brian. And if she feels the same, that's all you'll need to say.


You do love her, don't you? Or have you been just saying that this whole time but not really meaning it?

"What?! I... grrr... all right, I'm calling, I'm calling."

*ring* *ring*


"Keth, later like really isn't a very good time for us to talk."

"Kasson? What do..."

"I really need to talk to you now.
Like tonight."

"Is everything okay? Why do you need..."

"Are you going to come over to the house,
or should I like head over there?"

"Gah, you're serious. Give a few minutes
and I'll be right over then."

"I'll be waiting then." *click*

"Wow, what was that all about?"

Sorry, but I can't tell you. Sim-deity and Sim confidentiality.

"But I'm your avatar, your sim-carnation!"

At the moment. Seriously, what kind of Sim-deity would I be if I went around ratting out the secret thoughts of everyone in the neighborhood? Now get yourself together and head over there.

"Ah geez, he probably wants to tell me he doesn't want to see me anymore Are we even officially seeing each other currently? I kinda thought we were, but he never said anything.. So maybe..."

Hey, you're the one who wanted me to have a long talk with the boy You'll never know what's up with him if you don't go over there. Now scoot.

You know, you'd look less imposing if you weren't glowering down the sidewalk.

"Like why would I want to do that?"

Because you've got SK scared that something bad is going to happen when she gets over here.

"She's not bringing that Brian dude, is she?"


"Then nothing bad is totally not going to happen."

Um, don't you mean that nothing bad is going to happen? You just used a double negative which kinda becomes a positive when you do that.

"I used a double whatchaha which does what? Oh never mind. She's here"

"Kasson, what did you need to ta.... mmmrph!"

Well, I guess we now know how he greets her when she comes over.


You two might want to come up for air sometime.


Cleveland, your carpool's here. Oh hey, you finally detached yourself Kasson.

"Like I said, I so totally need to talk to you. Let's go inside."

"Omaha, do your homework. And watch out for your little brother. He keeps getting in the dog food."

"Hey Cleveland."

"Oh hi Keth. Long time no see." *buss*

"How are things going? I saw Omaha made the honor roll."

"Did you just kiss her?"



Frell. *hides eyes*

"You heard me."

"I was just saying hello. I haven't talked to Keth in ages. Someone's always monopolizing her time when she's over."

"But you so kissed her."

"She's a good friend."

"And you kissed him back."

"Kasson! What are you... you wouldn't be jealous, would you?"

"When the woman I love likes my brother more than me, yeah, I like might have some issues."

"I do not like Cleveland more than you. He's a friend. Wait, did you just say you loved me?"

"Like what is it about him that makes you like him more? Is it the fangs or like that whole smart sim thing?"

"I do not like him more than you! I'll admit that yes, we have a lot in common because we're both into that knowledge thing, but I do not and have never liked him more than you."

"So if I were into that knowledge thing you you'd totally like me more than Cleveland, or Brian?"

"Are you even listening to me? And how do you know about Brian? Is this why you asked me over here, to grill me about other people I know? Why not just accuse me of getting all hot and bothered over your father too. Dr. Waylon is a knowledge sim also."

"So it's true then. You do have a thing for knowledge dudes. There are so like ways to fix that."



No slapping no slapping no slapping. *peers through fingers* What?

"Babe, where's the nearest renuyuwhatchaoozit?"

*blink* A cement mixer? There's one in the party barn with the chocolate maker and Mr. Bunnybear, bu... Oh no you don't Kasson. We've had a run in with one already this chapter. I am not going to...

Ah crap. Too late. Again. Well don't just stand there you two, do something.

"Like what?"

"My carpool is waiting."

*sigh* Well, it looks like whatever they're going to do -- once they decide -- is going to have to wait 'till next chapter.


At 3/11/2007 9:42 PM, Blogger Evil said...

Ah! You can't leave us hanging! Two cement mixers in one night??? Evil! :D Those Holldum boys will do anything to get what they want, won't they? LOL. Well. It appears there is much more to the Keth/Kasson drama. Should I alert the press to start calling them Kethsson?

At 3/12/2007 4:48 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

What? Where's the next chapter button? That's just... evil!

At 3/12/2007 8:06 AM, Blogger Julie said...

evil, evil woman!!


At 3/12/2007 10:25 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

*SIGH* I want to know what's gonna happen! Please?!

At 3/12/2007 8:02 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...


Keth. I'm seriouslly gonna come over there and hit you. How dare you leave me hanging like that. I'm the CAPTAIN!


At 3/13/2007 9:14 PM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Awww, poor Kasson. Keth hung up on him :o( And then Cleveland kisses her. Poor guy is having a break down. AHHHHHH!!!! NOOOOO!!!! Darn you!


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