June 05, 2007

Chapter 25: Picking Up

Picking Up...

When we last left the Holldum Estate quite a while ago, back when all my sims were still talking to me (we won't go into that here)...

I realized I really need to rebuild... maybe... someday

Salina had graduated, moved home, and was attempting to juggle her desire for a career with Texas' desire for more grandchildren...

The teen population of Strangetown was far too small for Omaha's romance Sim needs, and she was going through boys like a hot knife through butter...

Cleveland finally caught Shelby playing 'finding Nemo' with the headmaster in the hot tub. He asked her to kindly move along...

And then did some moving on of his own...

As for SK and Kasson...

All right, who the @*%# is @*%#ing with my camera! I don't feel like dealing with $#!% like this right now. Someone's going to die... *fume*


"Just where in the Nine Hells have you been?"

*blink blink*

"Do you know just how long you have been gone?"

Orrin, you don't have a watch.

"Do not interrupt me! Again, do you know just how long you've been gone, leaving me to wallow in dairy goodness while I wait for you to conveniently remember I exist and return to me. Moreso..."

Wait a minute... Orrin... I can hear you.

"By the Great Wheel of Cheddar I would hope you can hear me, else I've been yelling at the silence like a complete idiot for..."

Of all the simmies I've missed hearing, I've missed you most of all Orry.

"Gah! Unhand me woman! And stop using my diminutive! It is not seemly for evil overlords to be madly tacklehugged by their stringpullers and... er... belay that...

::aside:: "This is... ah... nice... in a way... and if she missed me then it would appear I have some sort of favorite status with her, which I could find quite useful in the future when I..."

Um... Orrin.

*blink* "Er... ah... yes?"

Move your hands. Now.

"Do no command me. I don't see why I..."

And another thing... that whole "inside voice" vs "outside voice" thing...

"What? I don't have any issues with knowing when to use my inner voice or my outer voice."

I heard that whole second half to your comment.

"Pay it no mind. My plans and machinations are of no concern to you."

No concern? That whole aside comment involved me and... ow!... what the... I told you to move your hands, dammit.

"Why is it you think that as soon as you come back from an obnoxiously long and unexplained absence you think you can immediately start with bossing me..."


"OW! What the hell woman?"

Don't mess with me Orrin, not right now. While I may have missed you and your delusions of grandeur most of all, I have no qualms about locking you in a small room with no cheese whatsoever if you push my wrong button.

"No... grilled... cheese?!... You wouldn't dare. I am an..."

Yah yah... well even evil overlord wanna-bes have to wait their turn for their chapter. Now, if I can return to the storyline before I forget everything?

"Grrr... we shall see...."

"Lina, like why'd you have to drag me along while you're like out shoppin for your wedding dress?"

"Cuz you done had the day off, Mr. City Guv'ment Official."

"But what about Cirrus. He's like the guy you're marrying."

"Don't ya know it ain't good fer the groom ta see the bride in her weddin dress afore the weddin?"

"Well... How abouts Phemey? She like just got married."

"She's outta town shootin that new movie she's done got a part in. And afore ya ask, Vasyl is out there with her. He's workin as the assistant die-rect-hor on it."

"Er... ah... Keth?"

"I done hauled her around the past couple times I's gone out alookin fer weddin stuff. I think she lit out when she saw mah name pop up on her caller hi-dee this mornin'."

"Surely the Mom-babe woulda like wanted to go help you pick out yer wedding togs if you like asked her."

"Yeah, if I done wanted to have Mama's wedding an' not mine. I finally had to put her in charge of the vittles cuz she was clean drivin me nuts tryin ta put her two bits inta everything I was planning."

"But Lina, I'm like a dude! I so couldn't care less about all this wedding stuff and gowns and cakes and flowers and what all."

"Well ya done should be Kasson. Or were ya planning on livin at home with Mama an Dad yer whole life? I don' think yer wife a'd been too keen on a movin' in with ya there, specially since Clevey an' Omerhaw are the ones who're done carryin' on this here leg-ha-cee. Assumin a'course ya ever git yer head straightened out an ask some gal ta marry ya."

"Hmm... you like may be onta something there Lina. Maybe I should be like lookin for my own pad. Someplace I can set up my own bubbleblower or three. But still, all this wedding stuff seems like way too much work and all. And we so haven't had much luck with the last one we like had at the house."

"Yeah, it's sure is a whole heapa work, but me an' Cirrus is only ever gittin' married once. And with all we done bin through ta git here, what with us breakin up and Euclid killin him an all, I figgered it better be somethin big an' importhant.

"A'sides, I'm on mah way ta bein a big soccer star. The fans is already a noticin an' cheerin fer me at the games. They're gonna hexpect sumthin big an' flashy an' in all the ennertainment news. An' you know Mama and her Grill of the Golden West fame; the popper-rotzits..."


"Whuhever. Them reporters are gonna be a crawling all ovah anything Mama be throwin. I done mightaswell go all out on it.

"Hey, do y'all think ya might be able ta do somethin a lil bigger in a cake fer me?"

"C'mon Kasson. They ain't done got the gown I be lookin fer here."

"But that one over there is like kinda nice."

"Jes git in mah car Kasson."

"Another one Lina? Like how many of these places are we gonna have to hang out in till you find a dress you like?"

"Teller ya what Kasson. If ya done hesh up on yer grumbling, I'll take ya out ta dinner at this lil diner I know after we're done here."

And surprisingly, Kasson did quit his moaning and complaining the whole time they were in the store.

Though admittedly he was hard pressed to keep quiet a couple times.

"Did ya find something ya like Lina?"

"Yeah, I done found somethin' I done like. Lets git checked outta here and git somethin ta eat. My big stomach's near ta eatin the lil one I'm so hungry."

"Hey, weren't you workin' the cake counter at the other shop I done jes come from?"

"That was probably my twin Ma'am."

Heh. Either way, she's kinda cute. Maybe we'll have to have Treynor come and visit when he gets a little older.

Anyone want to explain to me why Papa (MBiB) is hanging out reading magazines in a bridal boutique? Nervous I can understand, sorta. He does have a wife and a daughter. But Papa? I don't think he knows a soul outside of the MBiB compound other than SK and the Captain... and actually the Captain really isn't outside of the compound, since she lives with them.

"I'm tellin ya Kasson, I done saw that nasty old Vidcund gittin all kissy with Mama's friend Circe over there behind tha potted palm there. She's the size of a house agin, carryin another kid."

"Ha ha. Funny Lina. You know Vidcund so ain't the kissy sort. But like, when it comes to having kids..."

"Do you think that Mom is like gonna stop hassling you and me over givin her more grand kids, now that you're getting married and all. I know you ain't planning on having kids right away but..."

"Hoo boy... the boy don't learn too quick, do he?"

You're telling me, Salina.

"Kasson, remember what I done tole ya about gittin yer own place? So long as yer livin at home with Mama, she's gonna be on yer case about wantin grankids. In fact, she'll prolly be worse when I ain't livin there no more, since Cirrus and I ain't in no big rush to be havin lil ones running around unner foot."

"Whoa! You mean like she's so gonna get worse about all this harpin on me rather than better?"

"That's what ya git fer livin at home an being a Mama's boy."

"Teller ya what big bruther, I'll give ya the phone number of the folks who've what done bin helpin Cirrus an I find a place. They might be able ta hook ya up with somethin. A'course, I hope ya done be thinkin about sumthin more than jes movin out inta yer own place."

"What, ya mean like how many bubbleblowers I'm gonna have?"

"Er, that ain't quite what I meant."

"Thanks Lina. You are like so right. It is so time I found my own place. Maybe your folks will help me find something."

"Ah, it's the least I could do, after I done drug ya all over town jes ta watch me try on clothes."

"Come on. It's time we be gittin home. Hey look, it's startin ta rain and all."

"Yeah, like about that rain and stuff Lina..."

"I like left yer window down when I got outta the car."


"Are you done now? Can we start on my magnificent chapter now?"

Er, well... yes, I'm done with this chapter now but... I'm not starting with yours yet."


Well, yes. I've got a bunch of stuff to do before I can even think of doing anything with you. Besides, you're kind of boring right now Orrin, what with the cheese and being the only one in the greek house and all.

"I am an evil overlord! I am not boring!"

No, you really are actually kinda b...

"How long am I going to have to wait this time? It had best not be long. I do have strings that I can pull, so you had best have a care woman."

It may be a while but... ah... how about I pop in now and then for an update? You are still the only one talking to me. It gets kinda quiet and lonely really fast.

"Oh fine, fine... but you'd best not forget about me again. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a block of Stilton calling my name."

So that's what that smell is... I thought the Cow was back.

How about be pop in on the next chapter right now, eh?

Pop back a chapter


At 6/07/2007 7:14 AM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...


Uh-oh, it looks like you've upset Orrin by your absence. LOL! Salina is dragging Kasson dress shopping with her. He looks thrilled, lol. You really need to get Salina some new everyday clothes while she is dress shopping the matching hair and sweater is a little to orangey, ;o)

Way to tell him Salina. Kasson needs to just marry SK and go settle down :o)

Glad you updated but WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SHELBY???

At 6/10/2007 9:48 AM, Blogger EO said...

popper-rotzits... ROFLMAO. Good one! Oh it is GOOD to hear from Mr. Evil Overlord. I demand more Orrin! Behold the power of cheese! LOL. Hmmm, perhaps he'll whip up a new quesedilla recipe for Texas. I enjoyed Salina's little heart to heart with Kasson.... Loved the blurred picture of SK and Kasson.... foreshadowing? Hmmmmm. On a side note Orrin's EO shirt looks awesome on him, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his EO shrine with the poster. As well as the token sheep in his room. ROFL. I identify with him so very well...

At 7/04/2007 10:46 AM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

Oh! You're back, you're back, you're BACK! I didn't even know that you'd updated the Holldums until I noticed your signature yesterday. :O))

I wouldn't mind having Orrin pinch my butt. He's growing on me ... rather like mold on cheese mind you ... but ... he's got a little "something". ;O) Maybe it's his overlordiness. HA!

I hope Kasson gets his act together, asks Keth to marry him and moves the hell out of his parents' house!

At 7/05/2007 1:25 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

How did I miss this update?

Orrin is sooooooo cute. He's too cute to be evil.

Yep, it's time for Kasson to be moving away from mama and finding his own place. Then Keth can come stay with him . . .

At 7/11/2007 9:19 PM, Blogger Laura said...

So glad your back and updating! I'm glad to hear that at least Orrin is speaking to you. Kasson seems a bit slow on the uptake there, hopefully he'll get the hint soon and ask SK that important question!


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