April 02, 2007

Chapter 23: Salina's Homecoming

Salina's Homecoming

We return now to the Holldum Homestead, where Salina has finally made it home.

I warned you guys about the shirt last chapter. I'm serious. It matches her hair.

"Salina chile, is that you?"

"Hi Mamma. It's so good ta be back home finally."

"It's good ta see ya agin sweetie. I'm sure yer in an all fired hurry ta git settled back inta yer room, but I done got jes one question fer ya first."

"When's tha weddin?"

" 'Cuse me Mamma?"

"When is you an' Cirrus gittin hitched?"

"Ah, well, ya see Mamma, I done wanted to get started on my sports career first. An' Cirrus said he had some things ta take care of first too."


"Yeah Mamma. I'm gonna be a big soccer star, like Simia Hamm."

"Weren't she the one what whipped her bra off an' showed her perky bits ta all the fans durin a game?"

"No Mamma, she done took her jersey off is all. She had stuff on unner it."

"Well sweetie, I done raised ya ta be yer own person. If'n ya want ta be kickin a ball around and flingin off yer clothes and jigglin yer perky bits durin yer game instead of gittin wed an' makin yer Mamma happy, I ain't gonna stop ya."

"Thanks Mamma. I done knew ya'd understand."

"Yep, I'm sure ya'll be dang good at that there soccer. A'course, while you're out a whackin' balls, Cirrus will prolly done find himself someone else and your poor father and I will done grow old and gray without any more granchillins."

"Mamma, you're already gray."

"Cause ya know Cleveland hain't havin no more with Shelby. I don't think the woman's done even looked at him twice this past week. And yer other brother, heck, I hain't expectin grankids from him anytime soon. Not sure the boy knows how. He's still livin with his Mamma and sleepin in a twin bed, after all. I done think the boy lost half his mind ta that bubbleblower in college. Yep, y'all were my last hope fer little uns. But that's okay. Ya'll be a great striker."

"Er, okay Mamma. I'm goin' inside now."

Once she'd settled in, Salina decided to bond with her little nephew and put that college education to good use by helping him with his puzzle blocks.

Treynor, however, had other thoughts on the matter.

"Stop helwping me stwange wady!"

I'm not sure which has Omaha more distraught: the pimple she just found or the fact she just realized her father is busy in the bathtub behind her.

Ah, it was the pimple. Considering she's got beaus coming over for Treynor's party tonight, I suppose she had a right to be concerned about her looks.

Omaha invited the Beaker twins over a little early. Her romance sim needs were starting to drag her down. That's Bernie Beaker chatting her up now; he's popularity. I think we can all guess what his brother Thor there is. *chuckle*

Treynor prepared for his upcoming birthday by working hard to score that logic point he'd been wanting so bad. He'll be pretty close to transitioning in the red if he doesn't get it. And he's dead set on getting it.

"Bwue... skware... will...go... in... twee... pointy... hole"

Treynor's party is under way, the guests are showing up, and Salina is tickled pink.

"Cirrus sweetie! I done missed you! Mamma's gittin weird on me."

"Er... um... hi Lina. I missed you too. Ah, am I supposed to do something right now?"

"I'd be a hopin ya'll catch me. An' then ya can join me in tha new hot tub I done had installed. I'll even forgive ya for wearing them jodhpurs if ya do."

Yep, I haven't changed him out of college clothes yet either.

Salina and Cirrus wasted little time in heading out to the new tub that's installed on the new back deck...

With predictable results.

Yep, it wouldn't be a Holldum birthday party without someone getting woohoo.

Thankfully, Texas hasn't discovered the tub yet, so no nakee elder hot tub sightings.

Speaking of Birthday Woohoo, the "call to the cake" interrupted Texas and Waylon. Texas at least realized she should probably get dressed before she traumatized the guests. Waylon, well, there's only one thing on his mind. Typical male. *chuckle*

Happy Birthday Treynor. Blow out your candles and lets see what sort of big (and grouchy) boy you grow up into.

Picture angle carefully adjusted to avoid the nakee Waylon. Eventually he realized it was kind of cold out and spun into some clothes after his grandson transitioned.

"Gwandpa, do we haf ghosts in da house?"

"No, I'm not aware of any."

"Den where did my cake go?"

"Noodlehootchies my boy. Let me tell you all about the evil devices."

"What's a noodoohooty?"

You guessed. HCCD strikes again. Before any of the guests had a chance to grab a slice of cake, someone (I think it was Omaha) scooped it up and headed for the trash with it. This is beginning to be a family tradition.

What's with the peevey face Cleveland? You can't have been that set on having cake.

Gah, you're turning into Mrs. Crumplebottom, glowering at your brother and SK as they get all hot and bothered over each other. That or you're jealous of him. Now go rescue you're son; he's being regaled with the legend of the noodlehootchies.

"Don't worry Omaha. I'm here to make sure no one gets fresh or out of line with you. You're safe and secure."

"Gee, thanks Orry. I... ah... sure do 'preciate that."

"Anything for you. Hey, you didn't happen to bring a grilled cheese sandwich in with you, did you?"

"Er, no I didn't . Where do ya'll think I'da stuck it if'n I had?"

"Well, somewhere in your suit I would think. Of course, it'd be soaked by now if you did. Still, could you maybe double check just to be sure?"

*sigh* "Okay Orry."

These two have an... interesting relationship. Yeah, one of those. Omaha is always spinning up a want for Orrin. He was doing the same for her before he got cheesed. I'm not sure if being obsessed with your half-niece (they're only linked through Waylon, after all) is overlordly or just creepy.

Party time's over. Everybody out of the pool... er hot tub. Sorry Omaha, your Orry needs to go home now.

Cirrus, you woohooed like 3 hours ago. And no, you're not getting any for the "long trip home". You live just next door. Sheesh.

Oh, Kasson's a knowledge sim now, so he's eligible to join the NPMSBGS, assuming he can be convinced to change careers. It seems, though, that he getting a head start on the membership perks by acquiring himself a case of self fury.

And here's Treynor in all his kidderated glory as he rushes for the school bus. He's a cute little tyke, ain't he? Not sure I like the outfit on him, but it'll do until I can send someone out shopping. Salina needs an outfit that doesn't match her hair. Heck, everyone could do with a change of clothes (fall is coming up).

Speaking of things coming up, this seems to be a good spot to break this chapter into two.


At 4/04/2007 7:39 AM, Blogger Oydie said...

That sweater with that hair! My retinas! You need to take Salina shopping STAT!

At 4/04/2007 6:20 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

And here I thought Salina had a hidden levitation talent. HA!

MAN! I wish I had a man like Cirrus who liked woohooing with me all the time. HA! I'd tide him over. ;O))


At 6/06/2007 7:30 AM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Oh wow, her sweater IS the same color as her hair! She needs a change of clothes quickly!!! LOL! Woah, Texas really missed the mark on that one! LOL! Poor Omaha! Pimples and a naked father, could anything be more traumatic? All right! Go Salina! Way to hook up with Cirrus at Treynor's party! And Treynor grew up into a cutie!


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