January 05, 2008

Chapter 32: Time Flies...

Time Flies...

There's been a bit of an overlong delay in following up with these two (and the rest of the Holldums), mostly due to having Bon Voyage (having to figure out which mods needed updated versions, weeding through the vast plethora of CC to try to streamline my downloads folder, etc. etc. etc.) but also because I was distracted by another game or two.

So what has been going on with Holldums in the meanwhile? We know from last chapter that these two snuck off to Sim Vegas to get hitched at the First Spanglestolic Church of the Velvet Elvis, but everyone else...?

Cirrus and Salina have been adjusting to married life, not that they've made that many changes to their routine. As a rising star in the SimCity Soccer League, Salina decided it was time to go for a new look and a new 'do. One that was easier to take care when there's little time to get from the post-game locker room to the post-game press conference.

Despite her new found fame, Salina still loves her lil Cookie.

She still loves her Cirrus too, though he finds it hard to get a word (or anything else) in edgewise some days. It seems the phone is constantly ringing off the hook for Salina.

But things are about to change...

... as Salina discovers that post nuptual woohoo has its consequences.

Surprisingly, this hiccup is the only morning sickness she had. Texas was sick as a dog when she was pregnant. Come to think of it, Waylon was pretty urpy when he was carrying Orrin too. I guess Salina got lucky.

I swear, Salina chose this maternity outfit just to spite me. She matches the top perfectly *facepalm* I'll forgive her the stunned look. She's been skinny and fit her whole life; stepping out of the carpool and suddenly getting fat has to be a bit of a shock.

Cirrus still hasn't been able to find his dream job yet (medical) so he's taken some time to bond with Cookie and teach her some manners. If he keeps this up, by the time she becomes an adult dog, Cookie will have all her learned behaviors mastered.

Otherwise, this is how Cirrus spends his days... this and swimming. Truthfully, if Salina wasn't at work, she'd be joining him out here. I can't keep these two out of the puddles. I surprised one of them hasn't been hit by lightning yet (Cirrus keeps spinning up the want for it.)

And while we're outside the White residence... let me show you the White family lot. Yes, Cirrus didn't want to leave his relatives behind when he moved.

And they seem rather approving of the change. Usually ghosts love scaring pregnant sims; they've left Salina peacefully alone so far. That's Cirrus' father Dale floating happily by in the background there. I've been tempted to send Cirrus into Paranormal, so he can resurrect his parents (Dale and Aurora). They were a natural 3 bolt couple and a joy to play. The sort of couple that were always being all lovey-dovey to each other.

Kinda like these two. Like father like son, eh?

[Insert gratuitous family bonding moment here]

Salina's on maternity leave now, so I may have Cirrus hold off picking up that job until the little one arrives. They don't need the money and those early years will be easier with both parents to lend a hand. What sort of parents they'll be however... that I don't know. Cirrus and Salina are just big kids themselves.

So we'll push the pause button on the White household...

But before we move to the main Holldum estate, for the curious here's what Cookie grew up into. Remember, Mama Felicia is a Chihuahua and Daddy Biscuit is a Pomeranian. It may be hard to tell, but she does the same doofus 'tongue sticking out' thing that Felicia does.

And now, a quick glimpse of what's been going on at the main Holldum lot...

When Omaha realized there was no scholarship available for kissing proficiency, she asked her dad to give her a hand getting her skills up to par.

Perhaps asking Strangetown's current Criminal Mastermind for help wasn't the best choice.

Remember how I mentioned about updated hacks earlier? Yeah, when I reinstalled all my hacks I missed some... like the ones that prevent things like this from happening. Vampires can be so stupid otherwise. Somebody decided he was going to go play fetch with Felicia when he should've been in his coffin. After finally getting him shooed back inside, he decided a bath was in order (well, it was, but so was food and sleep) Thankfully I was able to get Waylon up there in time, and since both Cleveland and Waylon are knowledge sims, they were tickled pink with Grimmy's visit. *facepalm*

The Nutty Professor and Mad Scientist Brotherhood of Greater Strangetown (NPMSBGS) decided to take advantage of a break in the spring rainstorms and hold their regular meeting in the Holldum hot tub. It was funny how often Eugene brought up the baby topic with Vidcund; after the 4th or 5th time Waylon started to get a little annoyed by the topic.

Somebody did try to crash the NPMSBGS get-together, but he was a bit late for the party. When it started to storm, they all got out of the tub and headed inside. Someone, however, doesn't have the sense the gods gave the goose. Storms + Hot Tub = ZOTT!

"Do not mock the Evil Overlord's misfortune, woman!"

Please, you're the first sim I've had struck by lightning while sitting in a hot tub. I'm tempted to have someone paint this picture, to preserve it for posterity. And watch that Evil Overlord talk; who knows what it could bring about.


Treynor keeps spinning up the want to talk to and play with Vayne, so I had him invite her over one day. He has no nice points, remember? This is how he greeted her. These two are too cute already; if they keep this up I may have to marry them off in the future.

This doesn't mean that Treynor plays any nicer with her when Vayne's over visiting. He tries to bean her with the baseball more than he throws it nicely to her.


Turn about is fair play.

"What? Me? Treynor, I'd never try to hit you with the ball, you know that."

Or so she'd like him to believe. Yes, after a long round of encouragement with her folks, Vayne is a lot less nice than she was. She's still nicer than Treynor, but she can hold her own against him now.

And he makes the funniest faces when she does.

I'm telling ya, I should've named him Popeye.

As for the newlyweds... well... Kasson still hates his job. And that's not all that's got him worked up...

You see, Texas wasn't about to let him get away with eloping and getting married in Sim Vegas. She insisted on a small ceremony for just the family and a few friends (plus I couldn't send them off on a Bon Voyage honeymoon unless they got hitched again)

Texas still did not get her mariachi band.

Treynor had a few friends over after school, which is how little Pollyanna Subject ended up in attendance. Her half-brother Yager is running around somewhere, as is Vayne. Vayne's mother stopped by to pick her up (that's her behind Omaha) and stayed for the show.

"Ya done deleted mah hair with yer CC cleaning!"

Oh I did not Omaha. I just forgot to go in and set your formal hairstyle. You'll live.

It wouldn't be a Holldum gathering without inappropriate thoughts, swooning, floaty hearts, and roving eyes.

It also wouldn't be a Holldum gathering without Texas doing something that embarrasses or annoys her children. At least she and Waylon stayed clothed the whole time and didn't wander off to woohoo

"But we'll be off ta do that right shortly."

Texas is a slob; the boys get their neatness obsession from their father and grandfather (dear old Waylon).

Eventually the time came around for SK and Kasson to say their vows again... this time in a little more traditional atmosphere.

These two are disgustingly cute together sometimes.

After which the aspiration points were just a-flying. Of the 4 of them earning points, SK is the only one who's not perma-plat so she could really use the mood boost.

Although I'm not quite sure why she seems a little stunned at realizing she married a rich sim. The Holldums have always been well-off and Kasson is one of the major breadwinners in the house. It surprises me how much the little bubble blower addict has brought in. If he had been a wealth sim with the 100,000 LFW, he'd have made it ages ago.

Since SK and Kasson didn't have a wedding cake in Sim Vegas (or if they did, I didn't get shots of it) I figured it was only fair they have one now. Or two even. That's SK's cake on the left and the traditional Holldum WooHoo cake on the right.

Surprisingly I was not surprised to discover that Kasson is a cake shover . *chuckle* Both Cleveland and Salina daintily fed their spouses cake, but even though stat-wise Kasson and Cleveland are identical (├╝ber-neat) his personality is radically different.

Bibby was not amused.

SK, however, did have the last laugh.

Yep, she made Kasson do his best chipmunk impression. I'd hoped SK would be a cake shover too, so she could get back at Kasson. She's got the playful points, but I've found that stats aren't a good predictor anymore of who'll use a fork and who'll use their hand.

All good times must come to an end, however. Kasson got the cake cleaned out of his beard (and nose) just in time for he and SK to thank their guests for attending and catch the shuttle to Twikkii Island.

But that's another chapter.

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At 1/06/2008 9:04 AM, Blogger Mandie said...

So glad to see you back to simming! We've missed seeing the Holldums on a regular basis! Welcome back and great update!

At 1/06/2008 12:49 PM, Blogger Bubbs said...

What a great update! I've missed seeing this family. :) So will the next generation be created on the honeymoon? Hmmm, one must wonder.

At 1/07/2008 11:44 AM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

Great update Keth! I love how Nor made it in the LOTRO shot! I remember that trip. SK and Kasson are adorable. I've missed the Holldums.

At 1/07/2008 1:40 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

So ... how did you manage to get them to go through a marriage ceremony again?? Was that some sort of glitch? Or did a hack allow you to redo it? Or did you divorce them and remarry them? I'm curious. It was still a lovely wedding. Too bad my sim-self wasn't there. :O(((( But I have to agree with mandie. I'm so glad to see you simming again! Reading your blog always gets me pumped to play with my own sims. I won't play with them tonight, of course, but I'll probably play with them this week (or weekend).

Can't wait to see their honeymoon. And I'm so glad to hear that you finally got the Bon Voyage stuff/hacks figured out. I was so missing this guys.

At 1/07/2008 2:25 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Yay!!! More Holldums! Orrin is looking quite spiffy in his 70s tux. *pink hearts for the evil one*

At 1/07/2008 4:40 PM, Blogger Kethwyn said...

To answer a few questions (and comment on the comments) :)

So glad to see you back to simming! We've missed seeing the Holldums on a regular basis!

Thanks :) Now that I've got my laptop loaded up (and a new mouse bought for it), I'm hoping to post a lot more Holldums soon. I did a lot of playing with my Bon Voyage test family after I first installed TS2 on the Vostro, and sending their kids through college really gave me the urge to get Omaha into University. Oh, the potential chaos...

So will the next generation be created on the honeymoon? Hmmm, one must wonder.

I told them, no babies while on their honeymoon. It's hard enough to keep their needs up while on vacation without factoring in the drain caused by pregnancy. But I'm also running ACR and Risky WooHoo and they're only halfway through the honeymoon, so who knows what could happen. You know how my luck is with Risky WooHoo *laughs* I swear, there's a logic check in Risky WooHoo that goes "FOR User=Kethwyn IF publicwoohoo=yes OR convienenttime2Bpreggo=no THEN SET pregnant=yes" Maybe if I keep 'em away from changing booths and hammocks.

I love how Nor made it in the LOTRO shot! I remember that trip.

I almost used the picture of Nor's Troll in Dol Dinen because I think it's the coolest shot I've taken in game, but figured that a picture with elves, hobbits, and an old guy in a pointy hat... er... Gandalf in the shot, people would be more apt to figure out I was playing something Lord of the Rings related.

So ... how did you manage to get them to go through a marriage ceremony again?? Was that some sort of glitch? Or did a hack allow you to redo it? Or did you divorce them and remarry them? I'm curious.

Nope, no glitch or hack (though the wedding itself did glitch... dang sims will stop everything to watch the rain) and do you think I would actually make these two break up just so I could get more wedding pictures... wait, don't answer that. Heh. I've got GBs of Strangetown backups, so what I did was load a backup from after Salina's wedding but before SK and Kasson tied the knot. This allowed me to get pictures of the "family" wedding as well as send them off on a Bon Voyage honeymoon. And I was also able to move Bibby into the Holldum household; when SK and Kasson eloped, poor Bibby got left behind all alone on SK's lot.

Too bad my sim-self wasn't there.

I forgot about the Sim-Captain until the ceremony was already underway *facepalm* Plus I didn't remember if I'd loaded my BB suits on my laptop, and I figured you'd be rather embarassed if you showed up to the ceremony and your date was rather... deflated. *snicker*

Orrin is looking quite spiffy in his 70s tux.

As tempted as I was to put in him the soggy-looking Celebrations tux with the bare feet (Orrin is a bit of lazy bum, after all) it was just too... unkempt looking. Evil Overlords usually don't go for the unkempt look (EO probably could better elaborate) I need to look to see if there's a nice pink or leopard skin recolour of the 70's tux. *evilgrin*

At 1/08/2008 3:34 PM, Blogger EO said...

Hooray for Stragetown! And hooray for another Holldum wedding! Cookie grew up entirely cute, but the absolutely highlight was the fried cheese in the hottub! classic picture and yes it absolutely should be painted and preserved for all posterity.

At 1/09/2008 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad to see all of the Holldums back. I have been cheking the blog. Welcome back and great update. I am glad Texas was able to throw her wedding. LOL

At 1/29/2008 5:14 PM, Blogger Infinity-Nevermore said...

I'm late, but I'm glad to see another chapter of the Holldums. Please don't let us lose you like we lost Jenn to LOTRO. I love Holldum weddings. And Cirrus and Salina are just too cute!

At 2/02/2008 2:31 AM, Blogger Ann said...


I'm a new reader and not sure how I made my way here, but I'm glad I did. :) I'm completely sucked in to the story.

I have a lot of catching up to do, about 31 chapters lol, but I look forward to updates!

Glad you're back to simming.

At 2/02/2008 4:28 PM, Blogger Kethwyn said...

Hi Ann, and welcome aboard the vaguely controlled chaos that is Texas and her family. :D That chapter number is a bit deceptive; it's closer to 62 (I do multi-part chapters often) Hopefully that's not too daunting. ;) Right now I'm doing some challenges in an alternate blog of mine (points to Middlington link farther up the side bar) but I'm slowly working on the next parts of the Holldums as well. Oh, and if I read my visitor tracker right, you're in Columbus? *waves across 270* I'm in Hilliard.

*waves to Fini and points to her challenge link* Nope, not completely lost to LOTRO, but often distracted.

At 2/05/2008 12:19 PM, Blogger gethane said...

Enjoyed the update! Thanks for your comment on my dorm at MTS2. I should've waited until overnight Friday to post it though. It's going to get buried before many people get it.

At 2/05/2008 7:57 PM, Blogger Kethwyn said...

And that bites Geth, because it truly is an awesome dorm. You can bet that when it shows up in the Holldums or in Middlington, I'll be linking people back to it. I'm really going to put it through it's paces when I send Omaha and her horde of boys to Uni. I think I have enough teens to fill it and still not have enough rooms. (hmmm... may have to wait till I can build a new system... not sure even the new laptop can handle all that)


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