September 22, 2007

Chapter 31b: Viva Las Simgas

Viva Las Simgas

Say Cheese everyone! It's time to move on to the second half of the chapter.

"Um... how does this thing work again?"

Sorry Lisa, the CapEEtain is a tad too engrossed in her date to offer any advice.

Where were we now...

"I believe I was showing Texas and everyone our wedding pictures."

Oh yes, that's right. Carry on... so... you're at the altar, er arch at the First Spanglestolic Church of the Velvet Elvis in Las Simgas...

Mawwage is wot bwings us togedder tooday

"Well, Father Sonny gave his little talk about love and marriage, but I was so nervous I barely paid him any attention. I think he actually had to nudge Kasson to get him to start in with the vows"

Mawwage, that bwessed awangement...

"Heh. I'm like lucky I remembered 'em. I figured my mind was going to totally blank as soon as I tried to say anything."

that dweam wifin a dweam...

"You weren't the only one worried about stumbling on our vows. One minute I felt like I had a mouth full of cotton and the next it seemed my tongue was glued to the roof of my mouth."

"I could like think of another place your t..."

*coughs* The... ah... ceremony?

And wuv, twuuuu wuv...

"Well... ah... we like somehow managed ta get through the vows without falling all over our words. The ring part was pretty easy after that, but the words... whoa did they sound familiar."

will fowwow you fowevah...

"That's because I 'borrowed' them from Lina's wedding. It still seemed pretty surreal to be actually saying them myself rather than listening to somebody say them."

So tweasure your wuv...

"And it was like time was doing some totally wicked tricks with us. I mean, like one minute the whole ceremony was going in slow motion and then next we all knew Father Sonny was saying those magic words..."

Man and Wife?

"Nope, those other ones."

Other ones?


"You may now kiss the babe."

[Gratuitous full arch alcove shot]

I see the attendees were happy for the... ah... happy couple. Even the Spangled One approved. Although it looks like Captain Ange is going to have to take her MBiB to task for not paying proper attention.

"And that's when Father Sonny announced us as man and wife."

Which the happy couple followed up by announcing their own intentions.

Hey! Both of you! Eyes up!

I don't know SK. You don't look too excited about the fact you've just gotten married. That smile seems a little strained.

And Kasson, it looks like it just hit you what you've done.

"No, I think it was more just a sudden wave of relief as we realized it was over with. All that stress and responbility."


Well if anyone had any stress, it looks like you left it all behind by hitting the... ah... dance floor.

Not that the staff at the First Spanglestolic Church of the Velvet Elvis appear to be exactly talented dancers. You'd figure that it being Simgas... and with all the showgirls... that maybe Lisa or Marie might have some moves. I guess not.

"Nah, but the CapEEtain was so gettin the moves with her dude."

She probably wished you guys would get the camera out of their faces. Hey, where was Father Sonny during all this?

"He... ah... found his own way to celebrate the evening."

Hitting up the bar already? *shakes her head* You two drove a pastor to drink. Why am I not surprised.

"Babe, we like didn't do anything of the sort. You saw us. We were like good as gold the whole time... mostly...."

I see that look in your eye Kasson. I'm not going to see you afflicted by a case of roamin' hands in the next picture, am I?

"No way. My hands were behaving themselves."

"Some other babe's hands, though, totally had a mind of their own."


Why yes, please.

"Eventually we grew a little tired of dancing so we headed over to join Father Sonny."

Of course. Everyone gravitates to the bar at weddings. Even the Spangled One developed a powerful thirst.

"Yeah, well, while we were all standing around sipping our drinks, I discovered something..."

"Ange must be one the strongest lady pirates around. Just look at the size of those heels she's wearing compared to the size of her MBiB."

Well... maybe November is wearing one of those inflatable Hulk shirt underneath his tux.


Or maybe not.

It looks like I may need to invite the good Captain to more parties at the Holldum estate.

"She was certainly the life of party here."

Then why do you look so bored?

"It had been a long day and it... ah... wasn't over yet."

Well, before we move on to your pictures from the rest of the evening, how about a quick recap of everyone who helped out on your special day?

"Sure. Once again, this is Father Sonny whose grilled cheese and bubble blower induced visions led him to found the First Spanglestolic Church of the Velvet Elvis. It seems he swapped his bubble blower attraction for an addicition to the bar."

The bar addicts everyone.

"I wanted to get another picture of the Spangled One, but he said something about needing to visit the Velvet Throne and disappeared."

"Lisa started hitting the bar too as the night wore on. I suppose all that being perky and happy and bouncing around taking pictures does tend to wear you out after a while."

K2 post aslyum

"I was beginning to think that Marie didn't like me. It seemed that every time she came over to talk to me she was always glaring or giving me some 'look'."

Yeah, I noticed that too.

"Did you get the same impression Kasson?"

"Huh? Wah?"

I don't think Kasson was paying too much attention to what Marie was saying.

"Hmmrph, well, it didn't matter if he was paying attention to her or not because the limo showed up right about that time."

And another lovely shot of the Church at night too.

Hey!  You're in my way!

Fine, I'll use the other door!

Wait, don't leave without me!

What is about Holldum women getting their trains caught in the door of the limo?

"But I'm not a..."

You are now. Congratulations.

". . ."

Off to the honeymoon suite now?

"Totally Babe."

Well I guess this would be a good place to split the chapter again then. We'll start the next album at... where did you guys stay again?

"Like, only another classic Las Simgas landmark. You've gotta see it."

Open the next album.

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At 9/22/2007 9:20 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...

This is SUCH a fun wedding!!!!! I enjoyed the "Princess Bride" bit on the pictures. That was totally CLASSIC! And my goodness ... I certainly am strong to be able to hold the MBiB like that ... and my heels must be strong too ... to support the both of us. And Keth-darling! I'd LOVE to attend more parties.

Which reminds me ... in the last chapter, I think you accidentally called "SK" ... Salina ... *boggles*

Wow ... this is all so GREAT. *shuffles off to read the next chapter*

At 9/23/2007 1:47 AM, Blogger Kethwyn said...

I'll see if I can't sign you up for a few more then *grin* As for the possible SK/Salina mixup in the last chapter, if you meant the "him and Salina done bein married" comment about grandchildren, Texas was referring to having both her younger children married (i.e. Kasson married and Salina married). I edited the sentence so hopefully it's clearer now. :)

At 9/25/2007 10:12 AM, Blogger Sally said...

"I don't think Kasson was paying too much attention to what Marie was saying."

Ha - in that dress, I bet it's hard for aguy to make eye contact with Marie!!


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