February 06, 2008

Chapter 33: A Qwikkii Twikkii Honeymoon

Now... where was I...

Where were we, the last time we visited this disgustingly cute couple? Oh yeah...

They were getting ready to be the first Holldum couple to take part in a Bon Voyage honeymoon.

So lets tag along and see just what happens on Twikkii Island when I let these two loose.

Bibby wishes she could tag along too. Poor kitty.

SK and Kasson arrived at the Twikkii Beach Hotel without much fanfare. I'd booked 'em the quickie honeymoon (5 days I think?) so they didn't have much time to waste standing around if they wanted to enjoy their stay.

"Yo Dude! I'm like so totally stoked for this tropical honeymoon thing. You like do have our reservation there, right?"

"Your names, please, sir?"

"Kasson Holldum."


"And Mrs. Holldum."

*coughs louder*


"I have your reservation ready for you. If you would just sign here please."

*scribble scribble* "Hey, like where's the rest of it?"

"The rest of what, sir?"

"Well anytime I'm signing something, I'm like always signing it in triplicate. Cept those triplicate signature forms which totally need to be signed in triplicate. So that's like sextuplicate or something."

"I assure you sir, you only need to sign the one guestbook in one place. Unless Madame would like to sign as well."

"Dude, you sure I don't need to sign more? Or I could like sign the guestbook two three more places?"


"I'll be waiting over here till you guys get things figured out. This fake plant looks fascinating."

Of course, these two wouldn't be newly weds,and Kasson wouldn't be a Holldum, if they didn't have something else on their mind.

Sheesh, get a room you two... oh wait, you just did.

The happy couple did not get to break in their new (temporary) residence however. The call of the ocean was too strong.

For SK, the call was strong but not too long of duration. She headed back to the beach to comb the beach for sparklies. She found a few shells, but no buried treasure. Tired of getting sand in her swimsuit, she decided to stretch out and catch a few rays.

Kasson joined her after a while to build a nice little sandcastle. It was so nice in fact...

That he decided to try out his new digital camera and get a picture of it.

"Babe, I'm getting a picture of my masterpiece."

It is a very nice sand sculpture.

"Um, I like wasn't talkin about that, but you're right. The castle did turn out pretty sweet."

The happy couple hung out on the beach long enough for SK to get a tan, and then I sent 'em off on a glass bottom boat tour. A bad chance card sent them both back to the hotel scratching like maniacs.

To distract them from trying to scratch their skin off, I herded them downtown to pick up some island togs.

Kasson had other ideas about what they should be doing while clothes shopping.


Needless to say, I sent them straight back to the hotel after this.

For Day 2 excitement, they headed off to one of the jungle ruins that litter the island. Kasson thought he might get lucky (as if he hadn't gotten lucky the night before) if he offered the tiki fountain god a little something and made a wish.

Kasson may keep the tropical togs once they're back home. I kinda like him in them.

::Please Tiki God Dude, all I want is a bubble blower. It doesn't even have to be a big one::

:: *sigh* Well, she like isn't a bubble blower, but I guess she'll do.::

I would hope she'll do for you. You're married to her after all. And she's rather fond of you some reason, despite the fact you're staring down her lei right now.

After they got done clogging up the hallways in the ruins by spouting hearts all over the place for each other, I sent them over to the tropical spa and hot springs for a little relaxation and...

A hula lesson. One of the other tourists started the hula, not a local, but I wasn't going to be picky. In one of my other hoods it took forever for my sims to find someone doing the hula so they could learn it.

Like how SK's tan turned out?

If I'd been thinking I'd have gotten a video of these two because they were perfectly synchronized in everything. Yes, it was disgustingly cute. Kasson even had to stand right next to SK when I directed him to join the hula (I clicked on one of the other sims hula-ing, not SK) I think he just likes to be close to her; when he decided to make a sand castle the first day he had to make it right next to her, not elsewhere on the beach. But yea, they were in sync with all their moves. You'd think they'd been doing the hula for years. No stumbling or fumbling...

Unlike some others who were trying to learn the dance.

After they'd had their fill of swaying to the island rhythms, I sent SK over to learn a little hot stone massage...

while Kasson hung out in the hot springs.

"Can we get one of these at home Babe?"

It's tempting, since you guys can't woohoo in it. I have the sneaky suspicion that you two will be as bad as Texas and Waylon, and that'll drive me bonkers. But no. It's just way too big.


Maybe someday

Kasson also tried to impress the locals with his knowledge of their island gestures,


I don't think that's the way it goes.

Eventually I got them both herded into the sauna (saunas are a pain to get decent screenshots in) Despite SK's interest in getting together to steam up the steam room, there was no woohoo in the sauna.

The hammock, however, was a different story.


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At 2/06/2008 10:09 PM, Blogger Anjel76 said...


I was wondering when were going to get to tag along with these two on their honeymoon.

I think it's absolutely adorable the way Kasson behaves around SK. They're SUCH a CUTE coupe! *collective aww* And I love that he called SK his "masterpiece" when he took a picture.

Sneaking into the changing booth ... hulaing together ... ahhh ... were that I only new a guy who was SO into me like he is into SK. :O)

And oh! Loved the shot of Bibby staring at the van as it was pulling away. ADORABLE!

At 2/07/2008 9:56 AM, Blogger Bubbs said...

So nice to see these two having a great honeymoon. I wonder if any of their getting lucky times were productive.... *snicker*

At 2/07/2008 2:47 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Awww. I actually feel sorry for poor Bibby. In RL, I can't imagine taking a pet on my honeymoon, but I'm sure there are some people who do.

Looks like SK & Kasson are having a "bang up" time. *snicker*

At 2/08/2008 4:15 AM, Blogger Infinity-Nevermore said...

They're so cute! And I just clicked the link to see if my shameless plug worked. And it does. Glad I did. Keep Kasson in his duds, he looks good. I can't believe he wished for a bubble blower. Somehow, silly me, I thought he was over that thing. Obviously not. *eye roll* I'm surprised. No woo-hoo in the sauna? If they paid for it, they should take full advantage of the facilities. *g*

At 2/16/2008 2:22 PM, Blogger Mandie said...

Awww, heehee. That was the cutest honeymoon ever! I absolutely loved it! Glad to see they had a good time!

At 2/25/2008 11:04 AM, Anonymous SGT Heather said...

I'm a little late getting to them but those two really are disgustingly cute. They look like they are enjoying their honeymoon and SK looks great with her tan.

At 4/12/2008 9:14 AM, Blogger BBKK2299 said...

Is there anywhere I can download the Holldums? Poor Bibby
:(!! SK and Kasson are really cute together!

At 4/15/2008 12:37 PM, Blogger Kethwyn said...

*finally gets caught up with her mail after a long weekend*

I don't have any of the Holldums up for download at the moment, but I can package 'em up if anyone is interested in them (or is interested in any specific Holldums/Seaveys at the moment) =)

At 5/25/2008 12:01 PM, Blogger BBKK2299 said...

Whatever ones you can package! :)


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