July 15, 2007

Chapter 28d: Salina's Wedding, Act III

Act III: The Reception

With the vows said and with the... other events... of the last chapter now behind us, it's time for Salina's wedding to slide into full gear as the reception gets under way.

The first order of business was, of course, eating. It's one of the three key things people do at the reception, after all.

Salina caught a bit of cake with Texas and Waylon...

While the lobster off Bertha duBois' buffet was a big hit with the rest of the attendees... well, everyone except Orrin. I guess the shellfish just wasn't cheesy enough for him.

Waylon even made it all the way through dinner without getting up close and personal with the salad course (unlike at Cleveland's wedding)

"Hmm... this salad seems very familiar. This wedding seems very familiar. Have I been to a wedding before? Have I had salad at a wedding before? I cannot quite recall..."

Texas, just what are you doing to cause your son to give you such a look (and to cause the rather scary bartender to start laughing and become even more scary)?

"Why I ain't doin nuthin. A weddin, specially tha weddin of mah only girl chile, is a purty serious hoccasion. Ain't no time fer me ta be goofin off or makin a funny. Nope. I wouldn't be doin nuthin like that."

Uh huh. Sure you are Texas. *sigh* I've managed to avoid mentioning your more-than-occasional aromatic table manners so far... which in and of itself is a pretty impressive feat (the avoidance, not the manners). But when you did it at your daughter's wedding? Sorry, couldn't let that one slip by. *chuckle*

Yep folks, Texas is rather fond of this one and in a house full of serious neatniks, you can bet it sure doesn't go over well.

So lets move on the next thing everyone does at receptions... drinking. Yeah, they've been at this since the bartender showed up, but that stuff before the ceremony was just the warm up.

Now if everyone would just stop clustering around the bar and get out and mingle. Oy. I know that it's easier access to refills if you guys hang out there, but a modicum of discretion with the alcohol might be nice. You know what happens when y'all have had too much to drink.

That's right. People start getting flirty and all of a sudden little pink hearts start popping up everywhere.

(I've got to check Thor's stats again. He does that bragging "I'm the best" gesture to nearly everything Omaha says to him or asks him)

Of course, sometimes it is rather appropriate...

And quite reciprocated. SK and Kasson were doing this all night, as were Euphemia and Vasyl. I would just chalk it up to both of them being three bolt couples, except...

There were some other folks spouting little pink hearts too... rather inappropriate little pink hearts.

Really Cleveland, that's your brother's fiancée you're getting hot and bothered over... and he's standing right next to you to boot!

"You're assuming that my brother is paying enough attention to notice. You must admit he's had other things occupying his thoughts tonight."

True, but Veronica is standing right next to him.

"Ah... er... do you think she noticed?"

Oh don't even think about it Omaha. He's too old for you.

"But he's blond!"

And he's also married. Just reign those romance sim hormones in for a while... or go put the moves on your date.

"Oh Thorree...."

Had a little too much to drink there SK? We're not going to have to have Kasson carry you out of there, are we?

"Oh no, I'm fine. Really. I was just... *sigh*"


Oh, you were just watching Texas and Waylon? Yeah, you and Kasson get the same look on your faces when... hey, you're not going to turn into one of those engaged sims who wanders around all day thinking of weddings and engagement rings and stuff like that, are you?

"What? Oh... no. I'm a knowledge sim. You know we don't do that sort of thing."

Hmm... watching Texas and Waylon there does give me an idea to help get folks away from the bar though.

"Would you like to dance Mrs. White?"

"Why I'd be right honored ta dance wit ya, Mr. White."

And dancing, key item number three that folks love to do at weddings. I figured that once the bride and groom began their traditional first dance, everyone else would soon join in.

Of course, Texas and Waylon had started in before them.

"Dear, did you ever think the day would come when our darling little daughter would be walking down the aisle? It seems like just yesterday she was playing with Mr. Bunny Head."

"I know. An our other son has done finally gitted his head on straight an' poppered the question. We may git more granchillin yet."

"Heh. Give them a little time to enjoy the honeymoon, mon petit chou."

It didn't take long for Phemey and Vasyl to get into the swing of things.

"Is anyone taking pictures Vas? Careful how you spin me. I want to make sure they only get my good side."

"Pheems sweetie, you're beautiful from all sides."

Omaha even managed to drag Thor out on the dance floor.

"Thorree, ya seem a lil... intense there. Yer supposed ta relax when ya dance."

"Careful. You'll make me lose count. one... two... three... one... two... three..."

I tried waiting to see if he'd change his expression... no dice... that look is even scarier when you face him head on. Poor Omaha.

These two have been on and off the dance floor all night.

"Clevey-luv, how bout we head over to my place for a little night cap when the reception's over with?"

"It might be quite late before we get over there. What if the sun comes up while I'm at your townhouse?"

"Oh, I'm sure I can think of something to keep you occupied during the day."

And SK and Kasson...


SK that's... ah... not Kasson...

Orrin, that's your brother's fiancée you're slow dancing with...

And apparently neither of you are listening to me. Where is Kasson, anyway?

"'Cuse me Babe, do ya mind?"

Kasson, your half brother is dancing with your fiancée. Slow dancing.

"I like need some privacy here Babe. I really gotta go."

But what about SK? And Orrin?



Well, just behave yourself Orrin. And watch those hands.

"Have I ever told you about the beauty that is grilled cheese?"

"Cheesy goodness? Oh please, enlighten me."


As for the rest of the attendees? They were working hard to try to recruit another member.

"And that, Brittany, is why being a creature of the night is truly the finest lifestyle.

"Hmmm... I'll have to think about it Countess. The only problem I see are my day classes. Let me check to see if my major offers night courses and I might take you up on that offer."

Brittany got vamped like 3 times during the wedding. I swore that if she got bit once more, she was staying vamperized.

You know what those doo-dads mean. Another Holldum Roof Raiser. Time for everybody to slowly amble out of the party barn while the bride and groom make a mad dash for the limo.

SK, I'd move if I were you. If Salina doesn't run you down on the way to the limo, Cirrus will.

Er, what's with the freaked out, nervous look?

Gah, SK I thought you told me you weren't the sort of sim to wander around thinking about engagement rings and stuff.

::wow... he like, actually asked me...::

Hmmm, should I tell her that Texas is going to be all over Kasson now, asking when their wedding is?


Psssst... Salina... Veil... Train... Door...

"Oh! Heh. Thank ya fer warnin me about that there."

"And now my love, the adventure really begins."


"Yes, the honeymoon."


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Orrin's Interlude


July 12, 2007

Chapter 28c: Salina's Wedding, Act II

Act II: Vows and Rings

"C'mon ever'body. Git yerself set down a'fore I have ta done start pickin seats fer ya. We cain't git this here cer-ee-moanee unnerway lessin y'all are settin down. Thor! You let one-a yer elders or one-a the ladies sit there. Yer young legs kin handle standin in the back. Don' make me tell yer mama Circe 'bout how I done caught you tryin ta sneak out wif my granchile Omaha the udder night."

"Yes Mrs. Holldum."

Heh. Texas is in her element, directing traffic at Salina's wedding. It's SRO here, so I think we're going to be stuck standing in the back. But we've got a great view of the ceremony, so let's hurry up and take our place.

Pssst! SK! WTF are you doing? I don't think there are any seats behind the wedding arch. Now high-tail it out of the picture.

"I'm working on it. Kasson just stole my seat in the audience, the weasel."

Well, maybe you can sit on his lap or something.

"Or something. Heh. Well, I suppose I could, but we'd disrupt the whole wedding ceremony if I did."

Oy. *facepalm*

Kasson, I figured you were enough of a gentleman to offer you seat to a lady for the ceremony.

"Like what lady, Babe?"

What's SK? Chopped liver?

"Oh. I thought you meant there was like some celebrity or something there. You know, someone like Bambi BoDean. She was the centerfold in the recent issue of Bubbleblowers Quarterly. I would so totally give up my seat for her. Or give her anything else she, like, needed." *eyebrow waggle*


Oh, you've done it now.

"What? Was it like somethin I said? Did you need a seat babe? There's still a couple up front. Or like there was until Treynor and Brittany totally stole 'em."

"Grrr... just don't talk to me the rest of the night Kasson."

"What? Why?"

Yep, that's our Kasson. Not too swift on the uptake.

And Orrin, stop staring at your niece. It's creepy enough that she constantly spins up wants for you. You don't need to encourage her.

"I thought I wasn't talking to you anymore, woman."


"Ya'll ready ta git this weddin started sweetie?"

"No. I'm so nervous I can barely think, much less remember my vows. My palms are sweaty, my tux itches, and my cummerbund is binding in inappropriate places."

"My stomach is done turning flip flops too. I guess that means we're purt near ready ta begin."

"I guess it does."

"I still cain't believe yer middle name is Homer."

"It was that or Odysseus, and Dad preferred Homer."

"I shure hope nobody laughs at it durin tha vows."

*cue romantic wedding music*

"I, Salina Savannah Holldum, take you, Cirrus Homer White, to be my beloved husband, my faithful friend, and the love of my life. While apart we are strong, together we are stronger as love binds our hearts and souls together.

"Cirrus, from the time you followed me home, through all our fights and joyous times, and even when the shadow of death hung near, my love for you has never waned. I may have tried to deny it, but in the end I recognized the truth. You are my life and love, and I am happier with you in it."

"I, Cirrus Homer White, take you, Salina Savannah Holldum, to be my beloved wife, my faithful friend, and the love of my life. While apart we are strong, together we are stronger as love binds our hearts and souls together.

"Salina, though I had known both joy and sadness before I met you, I did not truly begin to live until you came into my life. I did not realize how precious a treasure I have in your love, until my own life was nearly lost. It opened my eyes and opened my heart, and I cannot imagine a future without you. I adore you, and am honored to have you in my life."

"Psst... Cirrus... it's ime-tay or-fay the ings-ray."

"Oh! Um... ah... right... yes... here they are..."

"This ring is a circle; it knows no beginning and no ending....

"Salina, I give you this ring as a symbol of my neverending love and as a reminder that I am always with you, even as you are always in my thoughts and in my heart...

"May it announce to all the world that you are my wife."

"This ring is a circle; it knows no beginning and no ending...

"Cirrus, I give you this ring as a symbol of my neverending love and as a reminder that I am always with you, even as you are always in my thoughts and in my heart...

"May it announce to all the world that you are my husband."

Excuse me just a moment... *snufflesnuffle* *honk*

Sorry, sinuses...

Everyone, please welcome to Strangetown's newest couple, Cirrus and Salina White.

Psst... Cirrus... you can kiss the bride anytime now.

Oy, SK's still looking a little on the pissed side there.

And Thor, stop ogling the vampire's a##. Don't make me tell your mother.

Ah, now that's better. Can't have a wonderful wedding without a killer kiss to wrap it all up.

Now if the rest of the attendees would just participate in congratulating the newlyweds. Come on you guys, where's the standing ovation?

And Thor, what did I just tell you about staring at the vampire's a##? If Carla chomps you you're so arranging your own vamprocillin. And boy, will your mom be pissed.

"Congratulations, Mrs. White."

"Con-grad-yer-lotions, Mr. White."

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"Nah, but why don' ya kiss me agin, then ya kin tell me alla bout it."

And so the draining of the open bar reception festivities begin.

It is a tradition that everyone has to swarm and hang around the bar, or is that just the weddings I've attended?

There is, of course, one tradition that must be upheld. The cutting of the wedding cake (or, if you've been talking to Waylon, the woohoo cake).

And since both bride and groom are neatniks, this is promptly followed by the traditional deep throating of the woohoo cake and fork.

"Open wide darlin"


Not to be outdone, Cirrus has his own groom's cake to cut...


"Heh. Open wide yourself, dearest."

Ah, paybacks...

So let's kick this reception into full swing and...

Aw dammit, where the frell is Kasson? I can't turn my back on the boy for five minutes. The last thing I need is for him to turn Salina's wedding into another 'Cleveland Catastrophe'.

"I heard that. My wedding was not a catastrophe. Now the marriage..."

Well your wedding was filled with bawling, break ups, and everybody and his brother slapping each other. I don't think you want your sister's wedding to wind up the same way.

"You're right, Mouse Mistress. You'd better go track him down. Looks like he wandered off with Keth too."

Crap. All right Cleveland, I'm working on it. Why don't you go put on some music or something in the meanwhile? Maybe a little slow dancing with Veronica?

"Now that's an idea. Oh Veronica dear...."

Hmmm... where the frell could they have wandered off to... ah-ha!

Huh. Now just what is he up to out here? It's a bit late for fishing, and I don't think SK'd be too keen on it right now anyway. Not to mention it'd be kind of rude to Salina.

"Aw babe, don't tell me you're like mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you Kasson. Annoyed and a little frustrated, yes, but not mad." *sigh* "I don't think I could ever actually be mad at you."

"Whew. I'm glad babe. Ya had me worried, because I've totally messed things up bad before. Real bad."

"Kasson, what the..."

"And I so didn't want to mess up things really serious-like with the most important person in my life. Specially right now."

"Oh you are not doing what I think you're doing... are you?"

"Keth babe, will you marry me?"

"Ohmigod. Kasson, are you serious?"

"Babe, I don't think I've been more serious in like my entire life."

"I should've totally asked you this long ago. Like way back when I first realized you were more than just a good friend to hang with. Or like back during that whole Brian thing. That's when it hit me that I was madly in love with you and I would totally do anything to keep from losing you."

"I've been like planning this for a while now and hopefully I haven't totally screwed it up at the last minute. So... um... whaddya say babe?"

"Gah, I never expected you'd actually propose, much less whip something like that out of your pocket."

"Heh. Well like what did you expect me to do?"

"I don't know... probably ask me something like 'hey, wanna move into this condo with me and share my bubbleblower?'"

"Babe, while that's totally an awesome idea, that is so not what I want. As long as I've got you, I don't need no bubbleblower. And all I really want right now is, like, maybe an answer... please?"

*oof* "So like, is this a yes then?"

"Like I'd give you any other answer. I love you, you big goof. Now shut up and kiss me."

"I was wonderin when I'd get a chance to do that again."

Well... let's give those two a little alone time. In the meanwhile, if you'll excuse me a moment, I need to go deal with a party crasher. Seems like someone forgot to tell Scary Sophie that Treynor didn't need a nanny tonight. That or she hoping to bump into her old buddy Orrin.


Not even a snide comment out of him. He must be really pissed at me.

I'll meet up with y'all next chapter, okay?

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