January 04, 2009

Happy Birthday (Hold a Holldum)

Happy Birthday!

Mmmm... birthday cake

A few years ago I got in the habit of making a little something for my birthday. Last year, I posted to the message board I'm on a version of a certain sim-with-delusions-of-overlorddom. This year, I thought I'd go a little bigger... and make it available for everyone. I'd meant to do this a while ago, and my birthday was just the right motivation...

Texas, young again

"Hot Day-um. Duz that mean what I think it done be meanin'?"

That's right Texas. This year I'm making everyone available for download. Okay, not quite everyone from the Holldums, but certainly everyone featured in their Christmas picture. In the zip file linked below you'll find a rejuvenated Texas and Waylon, Cleveland, Kasson, Salina, adulterated adultified Orrin, Omaha, Treynor, Salina's husband Cirrus, Cleveland's love Veronica, and SK (a.k.a. Strangetown Keth).

"Still, that done be a good passle o' folks."

Yes, yes it is. While they're all in one zip file, they're in seperate sims2pack files so people can install just the Holldums they want or need. There are also screenshots of just what each person will look like in CAS/Bodyshop, because some people will... ah... look a little different

"Diffurnt how?"

Everyone is packaged entirely in Maxis content. Hair, clothes, makeup, the works. It's mostly from the base game but there's a few bits from University, Nightlife, OFB, and Bon Voyage too. I wanted to make them as compatible as possible for people. My main concern is that since I have all EPs and SPs, people who try to use the EA/Maxis installer to install the files might get version errors. It's why I recommend folks use the Clean Installer if possible. I will say that because they're packed with only Maxis content, if you use the EA Installer they won't make any strange files with huge random file names in your downloads folder.

"Er... well... ah guess that's kinda a good thing."

Saves the headache of trying to figure out just WTF piece of custom content adba2w835638d923261dsde.package is. Plus not having any custom content means the size of the sims2pack files is relatively small. The entire zip file for download is 6MB (warning for dial up users) and most of that is the image files.

"Well where kin folks be a-downloadin themselfs a Holldum?"

Right here. There's a ReadMe included in the ZIP
and let me know if the zip or any of the files don't work.

Download a Holldum

"Ah... do ya have any of them terms or poller-seez about folks a usin' us or anything?"

Terms or policies? Er, well... Texas and her clan are my creations (well, with the exception of Veronica; Maxis made her for Nightlife) so please don't claim them you created them. Don't know why anyone would, but you never know. Otherwise, they're free to fold, bend, spindle, mutilate, and cross breed as you wish. Yes, this means whatever you want to do with them is probably pretty much fine by me. If you use them in a screenshot or story or similar type stuff that you're posting somewhere, just give me credit please. And let me know too, if you get a chance, because I'm a curious wench and I'd love to go check it out.

"Well it sounds like we're all a done ready ta go!"


"I think I'm hearing that voice again. The one I hear when all the audio devices are powered down."

"Waylon, have you done bin using da noodlehootchie agin? Didn't I tell ya quit using 'em? They'll suck yer brain clean out through yer ears."

"Yes dear."