May 03, 2009


. . . Jaws theme begins to play quietly in the background . . .

. . . the music begins to swell . . .

. . . gaining in volume and instensity . . .

. . . until the theme finally crescendos to its climax . . .

Gah! What the hell Woman! Can't a man have a little privacy?!

You're the only resident in the Hoh House Orrin. I don't think you can get much more private than that.

I could swear we had a discussion at one point about an overlord's need for solitude while tending to their personal needs.

I recall you talking at me with demands along those lines, but I don't remember agreeing to any of them.

Grr... so you think you can just waltz in on me anytime you're of a mind to?

Heh. Yup.

Speaking of waltzing in any old time... where in the Nine Hells have you been for the past who knows how long?

It's a bit of a long story. Things come up. Family comes first. Work gets busy. Distractions occur...


Er... just a couple... a new challenge here... a different legacy there...

A "different legacy"? Are you saying you've abandoned us? Left to moulder amongst the countless volumes of other forgotten legacies?

Please. Like I'd abandon you guys after four years. I've done multiple stories at the same time before.


Besides, I'd like to get beyond generation three here. I'm not sure I'll make generation five before The Sims 3 comes out, but my opinion's still out on it anyway. I'm not keen on the console/claymation look to it.

*grumble* And I suppose these 'other stories' of yours have nothing to do with these strange dreams I've had on occasion since you skipped town.

Er... strange dreams?

In at least one of them I dream I am trapped in a strange duplicating machine. And I swear when I wake up I can taste chloroform.

Do I want to know how you know what chloroform tastes like? *hides keys to the cloning booth*

It is not relevant to this discussion. Regardless, I wouldn't put it past you to be somehow involved in these dreams.

Please, I would never repeatedly clone my favourite sim and use him for things such as... oh... investigating theories about aliens and beaches ... or ... I don't know... pairing him up with a sim!self to test out a new expansion. You know me better than that. *whistles innocently*

Why do I fail to believe you Woman?

Orrin, I'm wounded. While I didn't expect you to be jumping for joy at my return, I certainly didn't expect to have accusations thrown my direction. And here I was going to tell you all about some of the new things that came with the latest expansions. One of them may be the answer to your little cheese problem.

I do not have a "little cheese problem." Well, so long as the local market isn't out of smoked gouda I don't... gah... back on topic. Explain yourself Woman.

I would, but since you're skeptical about everything I say, you'll just have to wait until I get around to playing your part of University. I'll explain things to you then.

By the Great Wheel of Cheddar, how long is that going to be?

I've got a good portion of all my other Strangetown lots played and screenshots taken, so I should be around to you shortly. You'll just have to trust me that the wait won't be too long. *snicker*

*sigh* I don't have much of a choice, do I?

Not really, no. *snerk* I would figure you'd be excited to finally get out of this place.

I would be, but the hundred little gods only know what interruptions and road blocks you have planned to try to stall my rise to world domination.

Considering you do a good job of stalling your rise to world domination on your own, I don't need to plan anything. I just need to sit back and watch. *chuckle*

Whatever, Woman. If you are done gloating and chuckling at me, please do be off. I have cleaning to do. Whoever used this shower last left it a filthy mess.

Um... Orry... you're the only person living in the Greek House... you used the shower last.

Not listening to you.... especially when you use that damned diminutive.

Well, as our 10 neat point neat freak proceeds to polish an already spotless shower, let me just say that yes, I do have screenshots ready for a good portion of an update. I have a couple more houses to play through, and then I just have to figure out how the hell to organize it all. *chuckle* But stuff is in the works.

And, as I mentioned to Orrin, I do have two other challenges I'm playing concurrently. The first, which is getting updated at my usual agonizingly slow pace, is a Farmer Wants a Wife challenge called Farmer Wants... It takes place in one of my challenge hoods and has a few familiar faces in it. The second challenge is a Founder's Challenge legacy, the Shmeau Saga. Not a lot familiar faces in this one (though one is alluded to *chuckle*), but there are some greenies. I gotta have my aliens (greenies, the pettable treat?) . Feel free to read through these as you wait for me to get my act together with the Holldums. The Shmeaus get updated about every two weeks. FWAW... er... when I get around to it. Links are in the side bar, or down below.