June 30, 2007

Chapter 27: A Night of Firsts

A Night of Firsts

For those of you interested in what our cheese-addicted wanna-be has been up to... well...

He pushed my wrong button and is taking a time out right now. (I warned him)

So let's see who else is up to what.

Heya Kasson. Whatcha up to?

"Oh, hey Babe. I'm just like lookin through some brochures here."

I can see. That's a lot of reading material. Good thing for you it's mostly pictures.

"Yeah, Lina like really got me thinkin the other week about finally getting my own place. Her realtor totally loaded me down with all sorts of magazines and brochures and stuff."

Whether you're building or buying, picking out a new house, especially your first one, is always a challenge.

"I know, and I've like just gotten started. Hate to be rude Babe, but could you like wander off and bug someone else for a while? I'm totally trying to concentrate here."

Fine, fine. I'll go see what your brother is up to. Oh, when you get done looking at pretty pictures, do something about that stubble. It's starting to bug me.

"But Keth like..."

Can't hear you. Heading off to bother your brother.

Cleveland, what are you doing?

"Oh, I'm getting ready. I was thinking of giving Veronica a call and inviting her out tonight."

Ooo, a date. And your first date with Veronica too. Yeah, you definitely want to make it special. There's just one problem here Cleveland...

You're a vampire. Vampires don't cast reflections, so that mirror isn't going to help much in getting you gussied up.

Good thing too. I'm afraid it might break if you keep looking at it like that. *snicker*

"I hope Veronica doesn't have plans for tonight already."

For you Cleveland, I'm sure she'd cancel them if she did.

Which she didn't have to do, since the only plans she had for the evening was Gin Rummy with her grandmother. And Nana Constance didn't mind taking a raincheck.

Veronica did have some issues picking out the right outfit though...

"Hey, how you doin'? Er... maybe I should choose something in a bit more of a classic style."

Yeah, save that one for your second date.

You know, I'd be a bit nervous if a suave vampire came up to me on the street and kissed my hand.

Veronica, not so much.

Londoste, Cleveland? Isn't it a bit tacky to take a girl out to dinner at the same place she used to work?

"I heard they'd done some renovations and expansions. Veronica was excited to see them when I mentioned it to her."

I still think it's tacky.

It would seem the hostess wasn't too keen on a previous employee coming around either, as she stuck them at that spare table right next to the kitchen. You know, the one where you're right in the path of all the waitstaff. Yeah, that one.

They didn't seem to mind though.

"Speaking of minding, you would mind terribly wandering off elsewhere for a while so Veronica and I can have a private date?"



You heard me. It's your first date with Veronica. I'd like to see how it goes.

"And I would prefer it if you would direct your interests elsewhere. Every time you're involved in one of my dates, it ends horribly. Plant activists. Flaming bags of poo. You know how it goes."

Your last date didn't end with a flaming bag of poo.

"My last date resulted in me getting married to a simoleon obsessed, two-timing w..."

Language, Cleveland.

"...oman who'd sleep with anyone to get ahead. So I'm understandably nervous when you're around for a date."

Fine. I'll just sit back here, take pics, and observe. Happy?

Ribs popped up in both their thought bubbles when they were reading the menu. I thought it was too cute. They even like the same food. *chuckle*

And Cleveland wonders why he has such trouble with dates. I'm sure his tendency to throw food at his dates doesn't help.

I also realized that Veronica's lips are very scary. She's got a wide mouth and her lips stick out. Her lipstick doesn't help disguise them any either.

"Hey, I don't remember this being up here when I last worked here Clevey."

"It's their new dance floor. Since Londoste is the only stylish restaurant in town, they thought it would be rather classy to put a nice dance floor in for their slow dancing couples. The Strangetown Ballroom Dance Club meets here on Thursdays."

"Would you care to dance, Ms Veronica?"

"Let me check my dance card Mr. Cleveland. Why yes, I do believe this dance is available."

"I'm honoured Ms Veronica. Hopefully no one will try to cut in."

I don't see that happening Cleveland. You two are the only ones in this section. Well, you two and the bartender.

"Dip, Ms Veronica?"

"What kind of dip, Mr. Cleveland? French onion? Ranch? Garden?"

"That's not the kind of dip I had in mind..."

Had to do a little emergency editing on this picture. Turns out that dress mesh does some very scary things with knees and ankles

Hmm... that doesn't look like dancing...

I'm sorry about this Clay. I know you guys here run a classy joint. I didn't mean for them to start groping each other all over your dance floor like two teenagers in heat.

"It's Cooper, Ma'am."

I don't even need to mention what want they both spun up next. I'm sure you've got a good idea what Veronica's thinking right now.

What are you up to now Cleveland? (as if I can't guess)

"Oh nothing, nothing. Veronica just whispered something to me and... ah..."

Oh, you two are not! That elevator is for handicapped use only... if... ah... I had any handicapped sims that is... er...

Guys, that's a glass elevator! Have you no shame? Wait, Cleveland has 9 outgoing and Veronica 7 or 8. Of course they have no shame. *smackhead*

"Going down, Ms Veronica?"

*cue Aerosmith's 'Love in an Elevator'*

Another emergency edit on this picture. It seems Veronica forgot to wear a slip with her dress. The skirt's quite transparent (i.e. minor alpha conflict) when backlit.


All right, who let the mites in? Oops, it's just the bartender.

"Aaaaiiieee! They're going to get fingerprints all over my clean glass!"

Er, they'll probably get more than just fingerprints on it. Sorry about that Clay. Cleveland and Veronica are my first couple to do public woohoo in an elevator. If I'd known it was going to be so loud and flashy, I wouldn't have installed it.

"It's Cooper, Ma'am."

Erin seems to be enjoying the show though.

"Hey Veronica, I didn't realize that was you in there."

"Erin! Hi! I haven't seen you in ages. I've love to chat, but I'm kind of on a date right now. See you at the gym?"

Actually Veronica, your date is about to wrap up here...

And it was a dream date, naturally. It had hit that mark long before the woohoo but the elevator kinda clinched it. Cleveland even scored a cleaning point from it; I haven't had a sim gain points from a date in ages.

"Can you keep it down back there? I'm trying to call a taxi here for us."

Oh all right. I'll go wander off and do something else for a moment.

Oh hi Clay. Hey, let me apologize for Cleveland and Veronica causing such a commotion. it was a night of firsts for them. First date, first public woohoo, first time doing it in an elevator, those sorta things. I...

"It's Cooper, Ma'am."

Excuse me?

"My name's Cooper, Ma'am. Cooper Wood. Member in good standing of the Simternational Bartenders and Waitresses Union, Local 151."

Ah... sorry about that Cooper.

"It's okay Ma'am."

Those two were probably pretty tame for you. I'm sure you bartenders see all sorts... wait a minute... did Cleveland say he was getting a taxi for he and Veronica?

Yep, I should've figured that the public woohoo would've just been the start of things. *facepalm*

Did both of you leave your subtlety in its box this evening?

"I wouldn't know what you're referring to. I'm just trying to figure out what Felicia is doing."

Felicia is leaving a land mine for the next person who doesn't look where they're walking when they come down the stairs. But that's not what you're staring at. I can see your thought bubble there.

"I... ah..."

Oh, just follow her. I know where you're both headed.

See, I was right, wasn't I?

"Yes yes, you were right. Now can Veronica and I get some privacy for once tonight?"

Sure. It's time I checked on your brother anyway.

I think he's been in there long enough. His time out time has run out.

Hmm... did I remember to put a light in there?

Oops, guess not


Now did we learn anything during our time in the Room of Reflection?

"Yes. I. Don't. Like. The. Dark!"

Anything else?

"Yes. I also don't like closed spaces."

Ah, feeling a little claustrophobic then? I was hoping you'd come to a different sort of revelation. Oh well.

"I'm not talking to you."

You really don't have much decision in that matter Orry.

"Stop calling me that!"

Oops, maybe I really did rile him up this time.


Aw, come on. Don't be mad Orry. I got you new jammies. See.


They're Cheese-y.

"They are very much like the shades found in my beloved cheese sandwich."

Come on, let's go talk about things.

"I said I'm not talking to you right now! How dare you stick me in a box?"

*sigh* It was a closet, not a box.

This could be a long discussion. Why don't you come back next chapter?

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June 07, 2007

Chapter 26: On the Home Front

On the Home Front

So while Salina has been bustling around trying to put a wedding together, what else has been going on in the Holldum household?

But before we check out what's going on there, let me add that I think I may have figured out a way to head off Orrin's cheese-induced pudge before it happens.

Seeing as how he acts like I'm sending him to face the executioner every time I point him towards the treadmill, I figured we'd try a piece of fitness equipment that he finds actually fun to use

The boy would hang out here all day, if I'd let him. Yeah, he builds body skills on it slower than he does on the treadmill, but with an active of 0 it takes him forever to gain body skill anyway.

The only downside... since he's already been picked up by aliens once, Orrin runs the risk of occasionally 'disappearing' mid-spin...

Maybe I should've warned him about that before he started playing in it... *evilsnicker*

Okay, now back to the Holldum Household.

For being such a Grumpy Gus, Treynor seems to be quite the social butterfly. He shows up everywhere when I'm playing around on other people's lots. (Captain Angelia is the other person who keeps popping up everywhere)

Here he over on the Subject lot, chatting up Yager Camden, Nervous Subject's step-son.

He may be a social butterfly, but he sure doesn't like it. He makes this face so much when talking to people, I'm about ready to start calling him Popeye.

Here Treynor meets up with Vayne Farwalker, the daughter of one my downtown families. I disrecall if she followed him home from school or if she was a walk-by. Vayne and her mother, Avarice, are named after a couple of my gaming characters.

(Avarice is the chaotic evil character I play in NWN1 and my rogue in DDO. Vayne started as my heroine in Morrowind, then as Avarice's daughter she became a roguish sort in both NWNs)

Treynor's distinct lack of any sort of nice point became immediately apparent when he proceeded to smack Vayne with the ball every time he threw it to her. I watched them the whole time they played catch and he never once threw it to her nicely. I can't remember Vayne's stats, but apparently she's too nice to reciprocate (I may have to fix that).

Careful there Treynor. Were we in a different game, her mother would have no qualms about ripping your lips off for beaning her daughter. For the Sims, however, I made Avarice a lot a little bit nicer.

Vayne apparently made an impression on the youngest Holldum, because no sooner had he stepped off the bus the next day than he spun up the want to be friends with her (along with a want to be friends with that dang Ottomas girl). So I had him ring her up and invite her over. They were instant friends after this.

I hope he stays this cute as he grows up.

So while these two try to avoid stabbing each other with sharp pointy objects, lets see what other little things have been going on.


Sorry, MMO Allegiance/Guild reference

Kasson is still whining about being the political big wig of Strangetown.

"But Babe! The whirly-bird is loud! And the job is boring."

You weren't complaining about it being boring when you came home with that ยง50k bonus the other day. Now go call Salina's realtor or something.

Omaha has had this "make out with 5 Sims" want locked for a while, so as her aspiration started nosing downhill, I figured it might be a good time to work on it. Make Out #4 comes courtesy of Bernie Beaker... just don't tell his brother Thor. He might be a tad peeved at his brother for putting the moves on his girl.

Between the two of them, Thor is also the... ah... better looking of the two, so to speak.

When Bernie showed up earlier in the afternoon, he'd brought the Beaker family dog, Biscuit, with him. After playing with Felicia most of the afternoon, Omaha sent the two of them off to the doghouse for a little puppy-luvin'.

And a few nights later... what's this? Did someone stir fry Felicia up with some fresh veggies straight out of the garden? Nope, it's puppy time...

This little girl is named Cookie... I couldn't think of anything to go well with 'Felicia', and since her daddy's name is 'Biscuit'...

Like I needed another mouth in the Holldum house. It's pretty dang full as we speak.

But Felicia's lil Cookie has been pretty well received by everyone.

In fact, Salina seems more than a bit taken by her.

"Ain't she jes cute as the dickens?"

I think she's kind of fond of you as well Salina.

In fact, since the two of you seem so set on each other, I may not ship her off to the shelter but let you take her when you get married.

"Ya mean it? I kin keep her?"

As long as she moves out with you, sure thing.

I always pictured Salina as a 'big dog' kinda person and Cirrus as more the 'pocketbook pup' sort.

I'll be curious to see what sort of critter she grows up into. Her personality is the same as Felicia's (doofus, hyper, friendly, cowardly, pigpen) Colorwise, there isn't much difference between Biscuit and Felicia so I'm not expecting anything surprising there. But Biscuit is an exploding dog... er... Pomeranian so Cookie could be interesting looking when she grows up.

And now, back to Omaha and her "5 Make Outs" goal. She finally managed to break through the "girls are icky" attitude of Ripp Grunt's other main squeeze, Case Deerfield. Case's mom Carlotta is the town who... Romance Sim. She's hit on about everyone and anyone in Strangetown and I wasn't too surprised when Case turned out to be a romance sim too (he had a tendency to 'walk in' on his Mom during her affairs when he was younger)

Omaha! You did not just gossip to Case about your mother.

"I wuz jes askin him if he'd done heard how Mama wuz messin around with Mr. Gibson and Dad caught 'em."

Yep, Omaha gossiped to Case about her parents breaking up.

Both romance sims, and they have two bolts for each other too. They were doing this a lot.

I really lucked out with Case. I realized, after Omaha had invited him over, that I'd recently deleted the custom hair style I'd given him because I didn't like it (I think it was the same mesh as Yager's in the picture further up the page, but a custom streaked color) I hadn't dropped by their lot to give him a new style, and the hundred little gods only knew what hairstyle the game would give him as a replacement. I was pretty relieved when it turned out he'd gotten the Maxis mohawk. It even suits him better than the hairstyle he had been wearing. Doesn't go well with the beard, though, so that may have to go.

So, after a little flirting and all, they trotted inside where Omaha began to work on that want she had locked. It wasn't too long before she'd rolled up a new "make out with 10 sims" one.

Although I don't think they'd quite planned on this occurring.

Let's not mention this to Ripp. I'm not sure which of you he'd be more upset with.


And what is the rest of the household up to while Omaha is checking Case for ticks and Treynor is resisting the urge to fling sharp pointy objects at his newest bestest buddy?

Just the usual dinner with the Holldums. I guess we interrupted Texas and Waylon again. The black haired gal next to Cleveland and Texas is Avarice, Vayne's mum.

Before we head out, lets go see if the aliens or parallel sim-mension kidnappers or the whatever have sent Orry back to us.

Well, it seems Orrin is still missing in action here. I'd expect him to be back sometime soon though.

In fact, there he is. I guess whomever or whatever plucked him out of thin air finally got tired of him. I'm surprised it actually took them this long to reach that point and send him back.

*wince* That's going to leave a mark in the morning.

"This is not funny woman! Are you aware of what just happened to me?"

Nope. Don't know who abducted you, where they took you, or what all they did to you. Not sure I really care."

"What!?! How can you say... *hurk* *urp*"

Yep. All that interests me at the moment is that that thing will work off any grilled cheese gut you may acquire without you whining about it the whole time. Oh, that and I'm interested in the Next Chapter, of course (it can't suck any worse than this one, right? *laugh*)...

Heh. Feel lucky. If you'd already graduated when that little 'pick up' happened, you'd be throwing up for the next trimester, not just the next few moments. *snicker*


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