March 15, 2006

Ch 7: The Boys are Back in Town

The Boys are Back in Town

Well, Open for Business is here, and I'm busy stumbling and fumbling my way through entrepreneurship. Before I began putting cosmetics into the hands of the unskilled though, I did manage to get the next chapter in the Holldum Saga shot (getting it written was another story). Oh, and you know the drill -- pics pop to bigger versions in a new window when clicked.

So, everyone rejoice -- the boys are back in town

Last chapter the boys finally made it through their senior year and graduated, despite Cleveland developing a serious allergy to sunlight. It's time for them to throw their last frat parties and head back to the ol' homestead. But first, there are a few loose ends to wrap up.

Oh, and you'll notice that Cleveland's complexion changes a bit during the chapter. Maxis' default vampire skin was driving me crazy on him, so I installed a replacement default from MTS2. He's still blue, but it’s no longer bright enough to burn out my retinas while I play.

"Babe! You remembered! Aw, you are sooooo awesome!"

I promised you I'd get you a bubbleblower for graduation. Don't make me regret it.

"Sweet! Ya know, I think I luv you Babe."

Nah, you're in love with the bubbleblower. But just in case, I won't mention it to Phemey.

So what is the rest of Cham Annya Hoh up to, while the Spare Heir bubbles his brains out?

It's daytime, so Cleveland is out cold in his coffin. Phemey and Cirrus are studying away in the living room. And Salina... hmmm... Where's Salina?

Oh, I should've known...

We know how this is gonna end. Let's go see what Texas is up to...

"Well it's about goldurned time ya paid attenshun ta us here. I dun thunk ya forgot us in yer gallivantin' around in all them other nay-ber-hoods ya got spawned there."

Yeah, things are getting a little crowded now that OFB is here, aren't they? I mean, we got college campuses, downtown, the shopping district. Townies and NPCs everywhere. Oy! I’m only here part time this chapter, but I promise I'll be back more in Chapter 8.

"If'n ya promise."

I do. Come on, the loose end I have to wrap up is inside.

Everyone remembers this adorable little guy, Orrin Seavey? He's Waylon's alien abduction by-product and is just as cute as the dickins. And the fuzzy-wuzzy hat...

"Cease woman!"

"How do you expect me to take on my role as Evil Overlord when all the Simiverse thinks I am snuggly and cuddleable."

I would say that's your cross to bear as you strive to Overlord-dom... or would that be Evil-dom? Besides, aren't you supposed to be the minion of Mr. Noodle?

"I have cast myself free of the shackles imposed on me by that... that... tacky headgear. I aspire to greatness far beyond any that that incompetent helmet could ever dream of."

Aw, how cute... and how typically male. He's already dreaming up fantastical plans while on the throne.

"And one of my first acts as Evil Overlord will be to guarantee privacy for all Beings of Authority when they are tending their personal needs."

You're a toddler. You're not exactly capable of tending your personal needs by yourself. Ergo, no privacy.

"Silence! The bane of my existence, that crone they call a 'nanny', approaches I suspect she is trying thwart my attempts at Evil Overlordomship."

While I don't know about Nanny Sophie's ulterior motives towards Orrin, it's easy to see that she has issues with the boy. I mean, look at that face she's making! And poor little Orrin's expression.

How about a nice close up? Gives you the willies, doesn't it?

Quick, where's Texas or Waylon? They need to rescue Orrin before Sophie goes all Vidcund on their youngest.

Ah... er... it seems that Texas and Waylon are a little occupied at the moment.

Let's go check on Kasson and his best friend the bubbleblower so they can have a moment to compose themselves.

Boy, Kasson's really getting into it. He's had that blower nozzle sucked to his face all morning and afternoon now. I hope we don't have a repeat of the poker table incident.

Texas and Waylon should be done being lovey by now, shouldn't they?

Gah, they're still at it. Break it up guys and go play with your youngest. The nanny's traumatizing him.

"Why certainly son, you can go to any college you desire. If you want to go to Académie le Tour and study drama and music, you can. While I would prefer you to follow your brothers to Fiesta Tech and study to be a scientist like myself, you can be anything you desire."

"Nah hun, whut I think he's tryin' to tell us is that he kain't wait ta pack his things 'n move outta here. An' college is gonna be the first chance fer him ta do that."

"Eureka! I do think the green woman has it!"

Back to the frat for few to check on the family addict. And he's still at it, of course.

"Oh Babe, this is soooooooo awesome. Ya wanna join me?"

I think I'll pass. I need to keep my wits about me. Keeping you guys under control is a full time job. I look away for just a few and guess what happens...

Yep, you're right. We've got Hohs out doing a little afternoon privacy invasion (would this make them Peeping Hohs?)

Don't look so surprised Cirrus. You knew this scene was coming as soon as the Mad Poker appeared in your thought bubble.

"I'm not surprised at Vidcund. I'm concerned that I may not be able to extract myself out of the countertop when he's done frothing at the mouth."

Hours and hours of bubbleblowing bliss has finally caught up with our little airhead. You can't see it, but his plumbob is a bright orange.

"Babe! I've sooo got the munchies!"

So go eat. Kitchen is right behind you.

"But I've gotta pee!"

Stairs are also right behind you.

"But... but... but!"

Oh just pick a need, would ya?

It seems that Kasson chose... poorly.


You're the one who chose to stuff your face rather than relieve your bladder.

"But didya have to like take a picture of it?"

Yes, yes I did. Behold the power of cheese... er, the bubbleblower.

And in true brotherly fashion, Cleveland cleans up the piddle puddle as Kasson tries to cover up his embarrassment by primping.

"I, like, take it back Babe. I don't think I luv you any more."

Aw I'm hurt, although I'm sure Phemey will be happy to learn she has less competition. Now get cleaned up, both of you. You've got a party to attend.

Who's party might you ask? Well, it's time for the Overlordlette to leave behind his fuzzy bear hat and Mr. Bunnyhead. Yep. It's Orrin's birthday.

"At first when I heard the sound, I thought it was raining in the kitchen. Then I realized that there are consequences when you use the bubbleblower too long."

At first I didn't understand what had Cleveland so steamed at Kasson. He's not furious, but that is not the face of a happy man. Then I remembered that neat Sims don't take too kindly to cleaning up other people's puddles.

Ya ya ya. Blow blow blow. Toot toot toot.

"Do not interrupt! They are celebrating my age transition. Allow me to bask in their adoration as my maternal figure dangles me above the flaming sugary concoction."

Note that we've invited Shelby, Cleveland's intended. They've pretty much ignored each other all night.

Shouldn't Waylon be kidderating Orrin, Texas? He is your husband's alien by-blow after all.

"I wuz afrait he might puncture Orry with that mechanical hand o' his. I dinna want the lil' guy ta git hurt."

"A diminutive! You've given me a... a... a nickname! An Evil Overlord cannot be called by a nickname!"

Actually, I checked and there's nothing in the Evil Overlord list that says you can't have a nickname... Orry.

"That too will be amended when I achieve world domination. But first, I demand cake!"

And Strangetown's future overlord grows up to be a slack jawed, mouth breathing sloucher. In a house full of outgoing, overactive neat freaks how did this happen? Must be those dang alien genetics.

"Where... is... my... cake?!"

Oh, I'm sorry, it would seem Orry is not flexing his lazy gene but actually just stunned by the fact that Texas disposed of his birthday cake immediately after setting him down to transition. Didn't even give anyone a chance to get a slice. Talk about cleaning OCD.

"So you see brother, the being you know as Mr. Noodle is currently building a vast army of space robots at his secret moon base. I plan on achieving world domination first in order to launch a bold counterattack against him before he can complete assembling his army."

"Er... is that right Orry? Why is everyone obsessed with the little yellow helmets? First father, then Carla, and now you're talking about them."

Texas, what are you up to now?


Texas, that's Cleveland's intended you're whispering to. He's had enough strife in the relationship category. You better not be messing it up for him.



"Oh, don' you be worrin' about a thing. I jes done give Shelby here a little nudge-nudge about Cleveland. Jes set back and see what all happens next."

I see. Miz Popularity Sim is throwing a bit of her influence around and talking Shelby into giving her son a nice little hug.

"Mmmm. You smell nice Shelby."

"Why thank you Mr. Cleveland. I moonlight as a fla-wer de-livery gal in mah off hours."

And Texas' influence starts the romance ball a'rollin'.

"Is you okay there Miz Jenny? You've bin starin' at us this whole time. Should I go call Mr. 9 and have him come pick ya up?"

"No no, thank you though Shelby. I just seem a little fixed in place here since someone moveobjected me after I got stuck in the garage. I'll be fine once the party's over and we're all forced to leave."

I'm not sure if I want to let these genetics into the Holldum family, though. Last time I saw a mouth like that, I was pulling a hook out of it while sitting on the back of the houseboat up on Cedar Lake by Fairbault. Seriously, look at the size of that thing! At least she doesn't have oversized "Carmen Patch" type lips to go with it.

Texas and Waylon are one of the more lovey-dovey couples I've had in my legacy families. Admittedly, everyone gets lovey-dovey in Lizz's love bed, but these two are like this all the time.

All the frickin' time.

"Good morning, esteemed education enabler. Thank you for picking me up first on your route, as is only fitting for one of my potential evil overlordsomeness. Today is my first and only day in public education. If all goes well this evening my parental units will suitably dazzle the local headmaster and assure my entrance in SSSS, the Strangetown School for Special Students. I..."

"Just shut up and get in your seat, kid."

While I don't agree with the bus driver's language, Orry is just too dang perky this early in the morning. He had halfway decent fashion sense when he grew up too. I think we can hold off on that trip to the clothing store for a while yet.

"Avast me hearties and look alive! Mad Capt'n Bess is goin' on the account and she needs ye scurvy dogs ta look lively, else there'll be no booty for the lot of ye!"

Your name is Texas, not 'Mad Capt'n Bess'

"Arrr. That be me pirate name, wench. Be treatin' it proper."

Well, I hate to point this out to you, Capt'n Bess, but this isn't the Spanish Main and that isn't a crow's nest you're surveying the horizon from.

"Arrr... where be me faithful parrot, Cacciatore?"

I have never seen Texas play in the bathtub before, and they've had the tub for a while (since Cleveland was a toddler). I heard this Arrring and burbling and yo-ho-hoing and it took me a while to figure out it was coming from the upstairs bathroom.

I have no idea what triggered poor Waylon's shock and horror. I was busy clicking pics of Texas in the tub when I saw Johnny on his afternoon constitutional so I sent Waylon out to greet him. When I checked them, I found a traumatized Waylon greeting his neighbor. The only thing I can think of is that Waylon was in the shower when I sent him out to meet Johnny, and Waylon did so without getting dressed first. Since he's on the rather shy side, being asked to get dressed was no doubt enough to shake Waylon up.

And this lone picture of the headmaster of the Strangetown School for Special Students waving to Texas as she returns from work is the only evidence of what I consider one of my finer headmaster visits yet. I finished with an even 100 points - 43 food (lobster by Waylon)and 57 schmoozing. A low score for me but that's 100 pts with No Tour Whatsoever. I somehow scored 20 schmooze points just by making the headmaster wait on the front porch for 40 minutes while Waylon cooked dinner. First time I've completed a headmaster visit by scoring in only 2 of the 3 categories (I recently scored 129/90 off the tour and schmoozing with one of my other legacy houses when an OFB glitch preventing the headmaster from eating dinner)

Jenn has an awesome tutorial on headmaster visits on her site ( It's under Tips & Info Linkee pops to new window) While I hadn't read it at the time this visit played itself out, you can bet the house will be getting the "Jenn treatment" when it's time for Cleveland's kids to head to SSSS. *grin*

Okay, Orry's in private school and things are going swimmingly back on the homestead. Let's head back to campus and move the boys on out.

And Kasson wondered why I refused to buy him the bubbleblower until he had graduated. *shake head*

Salina! Cirrus! Don't you two have reports to write or something?

Cleveland's had such poor luck in the romance world lately, I wanted to make sure that Shelby was the woman for him. She hustled right over to Cham Annya Hoh after Cleveland rang her up, although I don’t' think she was quite ready for the reception she got after arriving.


And the interest is certainly mutual. Shelby and Cleveland spent the next few minutes trading spontaneous flirts and kisses.

I love the "kiss hand" interaction (especially in my medieval neighborhood) but just find something wrong with watching a guy get all girly and weak-kneed over it. Maybe if Cleveland was a shy, serious sim like his father he'd be apt to have a fit of the vapours over a kiss, but he's too much like Texas (brash and outgoing).

So Cleveland. I kept telling you I had a hot red-head in store for you. What do you think?

"She's hotter than the midday sun. Rowr."

Rowr? Where the frell did that come from? Shouldn't it be 'bleh' or something suitably vampirey?

"Ooo baby."

Gah, now you sound like your brother.

"So Shelby... I'm madly head over heels in love with you and my mother, who set us up, thinks you're the best thing since sliced cheese. Are you interested in me the same way?"

"Eww. Talk to the hand."

Oh dear. They're in love, yes, but Shelby is also turned off by him. I'm beginning to think that poor Cleveland is doomed to a rough and rocky love life.

Speaking of rocky love lives, poor Euphemia is certain her brother Euclid's is being torn apart. After all, her best friend Salina is all kissy and lovey with her frat brother Cirrus, but Phemey knows that Euclid is madly in love with her too. So every time Salina and Cirrus start to put the moves on each other, Phemey gets all shocked and upset. Alas, despite knowing all about Salina's cheatin' heart, I've never seen Phemey rat her out to Euclid. In fact, I've never had witnesses to cheating report/gossip it back to the cuckolded party, despite the fact that Maxis at one time said they would.

Cleveland, what are you doing?

"That's my friend Veronica. She's hawt."

Your brother uses the term 'hawt'. You're too cultured to use the word.

"I wonder what she'd look like out of that uniform?"


"What? With a nice dress and a new hairstyle I bet she would be absolutely stunning."

That's the sort of comment I'd expect from Kasson. You've really let yourself slide since becoming a vampire.

*sigh* Okay Cleveland, go ask her what she thinks of you. *prepares to be shot down*

"Oh Clevey hun, I wouldn't keep calling and dropping by if I didn't think you're weren't the sexiest vampire in town."

*blink blink* *blink blink* To borrow Kasson's term, does that mean she thinks you're 'hawt' Cleveland?

Wouldn't you know it, after picking out the mother of Generation 3 we finally find a gal who's just as interested in Cleveland as he is in her. I know, Cleveland's not engaged yet but he and Veronica haven't shown any romantic inclinations towards each other either. He and Shelby may still have a long and beautiful relationship, even though she's not attracted to him.

It's graduation time and Cleveland goes first (being the eldest and all). Kasson seems a little shocked by the whole get-up, or else he's suddenly become a fashion consultant and is critiquing his brother's whole ensemble.

And, as traditional at all Cham Annya Hoh parties, there is lots of dancing.

Like the ritual Secret Society Dance.

And The Smustle. You can't have a party without the smustle.

(Yes, I had Salina invite Carla to the party. She and Cleveland have patched things up so they no longer want to steal each other's newspapers but they're not exactly friendly either. Veronica is hoping that by showing off how good a smustler she is, she'll get on Texas' good side. I'm trying to figure out why she changed her vest; it was black when she was visiting earlier.)

And finally, doing the ritual Secret Society Dance during the Smustle. When Cleveland and Kasson were done prancing about like faeries in the woods, Cleveland said his good-byes and headed back to Strangetown. Kasson's party will need to wait until tomorrow night, otherwise Cleveland can't attend (that whole vampy thing, ya know)

"hurrrp... ackack"

"Yeah Cir, Mom's like threatened ta ship Salina off to a military culinary boarding school if she won't like stop burning stuff."

"She did not Kasson! You done take that back raight now!"

"Mom did so mention like your name and military and culinary and boarding school in like the same conversation this one time."

"That don' mean she done wants ta ship me off ta one!"

"All I'm saying sis is that charcoal is not chili ingredient."

With Kasson's graduation party well underway, I thought I'd snap a quick pic of Waylon and his sons, just so you can see how much family resemblance he's passed on to them. Scary, isn't it? Cleveland and Kasson got Texas' personality and Waylon's nose. I wonder if that is going to haunt this legacy (the nose, not the personality).

"Aaaahhh!!! Salina Savannah Holldum! You done put yer clothes back on right this here instant!"

Yep, Kasson throws the wild parties.

Eugene is still furious with himself for some reason. It doesn't stop him from ransacking the fridge, however. Kasson, explain to him that you've already got plenty of snacks set out.

What did I tell you about these two being lovey all the frickin' time? In the midst of their son's graduation party (and despite the distraction of their daughter dancing naked around the room) Waylon stops to serenade his wife.

And the time has come for Kasson to head back to the family fold.

"Aw Babe, do I have to? Now that I don't have class no more I can like throw all sorts of crazy parties here now."

Yes Kasson, I'm afraid you do. I'm going to miss your little college parties too, but the university says you can't live on campus forever (believe me, I tried)

"Wait! Don't forget my bubbleblower babe! It's like my prized possession! I can't move back home without it!"

What Kasson? I can't hear you. The cinematic is starting and I can hear the taxi pulling up.

And the boys are back in town! Strangetown that is. Nice suit Kasson; I expected Cleveland to choose something classy like that. Why don't you two head inside so we can see how you grew up?

I swear, this family has gotten all huggy the last few times I've played them. Kasson and Cleveland did this like three times right after they got in the house. I'm all for family togetherness, but come on. Go get changed so we can see how your fashion sense has matured while you were in college.

"Well, your opinion Mouse Mistress?"

While it's not the outfit I would've picked for you, it's not one to make me hit the speed dial for the taxi downtown either. And appearance-wise you didn't change too much either. We'll give you a few days to settle in before we start working on generation 3.


Oh by the hundred little gods. Kasson, WTF are you wearing?!

"Ya like it Babe? It's my sexhay new 'man about town' outfit for wearin' out to the clubs."

Kasson, you are neither a romance nor a pleasure sim. You do not need a "sexhay outfit for the clubs." Now go stand with your brother so I can snap a picture. Oy, we are so sending you downtown to change that outfit.

"Aww Babe."

Behold the next generation of Holldum men. They grew up nice, didn't they? There are subtle differences between them. Kasson's face "matured" a little with the transition to adulthood; his jaw seems just a little fuller than Cleveland's. He also inherited Waylon's mouth; when he's not smiling he's got downturned corners while Cleveland's turn up just like Texas'.

So boys, you're thoughts about moving back?

"It's good to be home. Maybe things will be calmer here."

Oh, I doubt that.

"Yo, I wonder what 'Lina and everyone are up to back at Cham Annya Hoh."

Well, I have a feeling that since they've gotten cleaned up from the parties now ...

...everything is back to normal there.

"Are you all dun now? All this runnin' around and goin' ta partees and takin' pichurs has done wore me out. I hain't as young as I once were."

I know Texas, I know. That birthday is getting closer and closer everytime I look. But I've got OFB now so hopefully I can give you a nice little surprise before you transition into elderhood.

"A soo-prize, fer me? I cain't wait! Oh, but kin ya wait ta give it ta me until after my nap?"

Sure Texas. In fact, I'll even hold on to it until the next chapter, Oblivion willing.

"Cool. I'll jes ketch a lil snooze here an' wait till then."

And, after a long hardware and Oblivion inflicted hiatus, we finally move on to:
Chapter 8: Let me explain... No there is too much. Let me sum up.

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