October 13, 2008

Not Forgotten

Hey babe, I'm a little concerned here.

What about hon?

The Babe hadn't been around in a while, and I'm like getting a bit concerned about her.

What if she's like up and totally forgotten about us? Or, like, found some other game to play? Dude, that would be so bogus.

She hasn't forgotten us. Did you forget there have been a couple of expansion packs that have come out?

Er... yeah... I like totally forgot about that.

She's been busy with those, I'm sure. And her computer doesn't like the summer either, remember? It overheats really easily because the AC vents in her part of the house suck.

Yeah... I like forgot about that too.

I hear her dad is really ill too, so there are a few things she should be more concerned about than us.

You're right babe. Geez, I like feel bad now cuz I was kinda being selfish.

But still, like, what if she get so wrapped up with stuff with her dad or with other expansions or with what-all that she like totally forgets about us? She wouldn't do that, would she babe? I mean, like, she's disappeared for ages before. You totally weren't here yet then so you probably don't like remember. What if she abandons us and something totally bad happens?

Keth isn't going to forget about us. She's got a lot on her plate right now and writing for us isn't exactly quick and easy. She's probably taking a break from us, maybe playing some other challenges, thinking up new plots for Strangetown. She'll get back to us eventually I'm sure.

So don't worry about Keth forgetting about us or abandoning us. Besides...

You know Keth would never let anything bad happen to us.

Nope, I wouldn't, but I have been busy dabbling with some other challenges.

And yes, the pictures up top there will pop to bigger ones if you want to see things up close

Right now I'm playing the Farmer Wants a Wife challenge. There's a familiar face or two over in it...

Farmer Wants... starring Patrick Desiderata

I've got a list of other Farmer Wants a Spouse challenges over there as well, if you're interested.

If you haven't read it already, you can catch my asylum challenge over in Middlington. There are some familiar faces there too...

Wainwright Asylum for the Slightly Deranged.

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But if you're looking for a really good sorta-kinda-not-really-prosperity story, let me recommend you to Christina's Daisy Creek.